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13-14 Jun, 2017 - Foz do Iguaçu

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Opportunities in Starches & Derivatives Markets for the Food Sector”

“Regional Cassava & Corn - Raw Material Balance for Starch Industry”


Rise in per capita consumption and growing demand for starch products from developing nations translates into a bright outlook for the sector. With the food industry ranking as the largest end-use sector, and the sweetener applications representing the largest sub-segment worldwide, innovations in biotechnology is propelling the demand for starch. Shift in consumerism for low fat and low calorie food is driving food companies to replace fats with gums and carbohydrates such as starches and hydrocolloids.


A massive potential market, South America is a key carbohydrates export region with Brazil as a significant starch producing market alongside Mexico, Paraguay and Argentina. As demand for starches and its value-added derivatives continue to flourish, Brazil and the wider Latin and South America is becoming an increasingly important focal point for the starch industry.


From the staple Brazilian pao de queijo (cheese bread) to syrup-based products, how is demand for starch influencing the food and beverage sector? With corn and cassava as the main feedstocks, what are the market dynamics shaping this diverse region of the Americas?


Latest edition to the starch series, CMT’s Starch World Americas will bring together regional and global experts to discuss South Americas promising starch, sweeteners and derivatives market.


Key Highlights

  • Starch market analysis: Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, Nicaragua, Caribbean
  • Currency inflation and impact on local feedstock pricing
  • Competitiveness of regional production for export: corn vs. cassava
  • Cross border trade between US & Mexico: From starches and fructose perspective
  • Commercialization of cassava with new starch properties (Amylose-free starch)
  • Developments in corn and cassava varietal releases in Brazil and Colombia
  • Innovative starch-modified product launches (Lysine, Maltodextrin, etc.)
  • Commercial applications of waxy starch, cassava flour, etc. in the food and beverage sector
  • Food trends in South America: Health issues, gluten-free, cost reduction, clean label
  • Growth of the biofuel economy in South America

And more!

Why Foz do Iguazu?

Foz do Iguazu is a major city in the State of Parana. Parana is a key cassava cultivation and starch processing region, and home to many regional majors like Cargill, Indemil and Copasul. The city is also a gateway to Paraguay and Argentina, and home to the famous Iguazu Falls. Foz do Iguazu has an international airport with frequent flights from Sao Paolo, Buenos Aires and other major cities.


CMT Starch World Series


CMT’s Starch World kick-started in Asia, and today has moved to the Middle East, Europe & now the Americas.  Since 2010 the series were held in Phnom Penh, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Istanbul, recently in Vienna and next Brazil. The Series brings together players from the Starch World – leaders, professionals from agro industrial crops & plantation companies, enzymes suppliers, traders & buyers of starch & starch derivatives, raw material suppliers, ethanol producers, machinery suppliers for starch processing and many others. The Series is today vouched by many as a must attend industry meet.  


In terms of coverage, the Series has evolved to encompass a wide range of topics from – regional starch market outlook, feedstock competition – between corn and cassava, specialty starches, starches & derivatives markets, sugar market outlook, to food trends such as clean labels, gluten-free and more. 


Join us at our next 2017 Starch Series in Dubai and Foz do Iguaçu.


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News Feed

Red Stripe gets millions in IDB funding to grow cassava

Posted on : 18 Jan, 2017


United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization estimates that the global cassava production is set to accelerate over the current decade on account of demand for starch and other related products. This presents a great opportunity for millions of cassava growers to intensify production.


Project Grow – a Red Stripe's local raw materials sourcing initiative – has been awarded a US$814,417 grant by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).


The funding is expected to be used to train 1000 young people in cassava crop production as part of Project Grow. It plans to build a network of 200 SMEs.


Through this project, Jamaica can aim to reduce its high import bill of high maltose corn syrup (HMCS). Red Stripe aims to substitute 40 per cent of its HMCS imports with cassava starch by 2019. However, to achieve this mammoth target, 65,000 metric tons of tubers (roots) annually will be required. Currently, Jamaica’s national production itself stands at a meagre 17,300 metric tons.  


Once there is enough expansion in cassava production, the high maltose corn syrup (HMCS) can be replaced with locally sourced cassava starch in the brewing process.


Red Stripe aims to ensure a year-round supply of cassava, which will be industrially processed to brew its iconic Red Stripe beer.


The IDB technical agreement will be until 2018 and with Desnoes and Geddes Foundation investing US$4.01 million.


More on South America’s cassava starch prospects at Starch World Americas on 13-14 June, 2017 in Foz do Iguaçu.


Find out more from Ms. Huiyan at or call +65 6346 9113.



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