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Food Proteins Asia

09-10 Nov, 2017 - Bangkok

Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok

PLEASE CLICK HERE to view upcoming event. Information here is outdated
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DuPont Introduces New Soy Protein Isolate for Ready to Drink Beverages

Posted on : 26 Jul, 2017


Plant-based protein – soy has a growing demand across food and beverages given its health and wellness benefits as well as economic value compared to dairy proteins. It not only offers direct cost savings, but also more stable pricing over time.
To capture this demand in the fast growing Ready to Drink Beverages sector, DuPont Nutrition & Health has launched its new SUPRO XT55 Isolated Soy Protein, that is designed specifically to improve the profitability of RTDs and high protein beverages. 
The solution is a more cost-effective protein ingredient for beverage manufacturers.
Dairy and soy proteins formulations are common in a variety of beverages – not just for controlling costs but also to improve flavours. However, in certain RTD beverage formulas, traditional soy proteins would build too much viscosity or tend to be less stable over time – that limits the amount of dairy protein being replaced. The New SUPRO XT55 from DuPont addresses these obstacles. 
DuPont claims that the new soy protein isolate can replace up to 50 percent of the dairy protein in beverage formulations without compromising sensory performance or protein nutrition. Plus, it also enables perfect balance of viscosity and protein stability, and is cost-effective. Moreover, given that it is a plant-based protein, it is sustainable and provides the nutrition and health benefits of soy protein.
When replacing dairy, New SUPRO XT55 will have no impact on the protein quality of the finished formula. Like DuPont’s other SUPRO Proteins, New SUPRO XT55  demonstrates its value for heart health, muscle building and maintenance, weight management and healthy growth and development.
For more information on soy protein markets, attend CMT’s Food Proteins Asia 2017 on 9-10 November in Bangkok.
Contact Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9113 for more details.

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• Food ingredients companies
• Companies that produce proteins from plant-based sources - peas, pulses, wheat, rice, soy, from animal protein dairy – eggs, whey, meat, and novel ingredients - insects
• Food manufacturers & processing industries investing into protein markets, nutritionists, private retail manufacturers, retail & food services channels
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