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8th Biomass Pellets Trade & Power

第8回 バイオマス・ペレット会議 ~貿易と発電~

15-18 May, 2017 - Tokyo, JAPAN

Tokyo Marriott Hotel

15 May, 2017 - Monday

Pre-Conference Workshop 1

Experience in Large Scale Co-Firing & with Various Biomass Types

(09:00 – 17:00 hrs.)

Biomass co-firing expert speakers from ECN, RWE & etc


Workshop Agenda


09:00 Workshop Registration & Morning Coffee
09:30 EU/Dutch Biomass Co-Firing Policies: Driver, Implementation, Policy Shift, Future Outlook, etc
• Outset:  Strategic policy  framework for biomass co-firing; Company  RE ambitions, 
• The Beginning:  timeline  of  implementation, operations  
• Mid-way: feedstock diversification;  revisions of hardware; new technologies;  stop of subsidies; 
• Current situation: Co-firing revitalized; 
• The Future: Black pellets;  biorefinery
10:00 Insights for Japanese Policy Makers & Utilities
11:00 ECN’s Joint Experience with SIX Trialled & Tested Co-Firing Strategies: Insights from Experience, Dos & Don’ts, etc
• Transport: taking in of the biomass/ logistics/ trader insights?
• Handling+ storage on-site
• Grinding/milling + feeding
• Challenges in combustion processes: slagging, fouling, emissions
• Combustion optimization
• Post Combustion Processes (Gas Treatment, Emissions & etc)  
• Health, Safety & Security
12:30 Lunch Reception & Refreshments
13:30 Co-Firing Experience in Smart Blending & Biomass Feedstock Diversification
• Residues (PKS, EFB, etc), Wood Pellet, Wood Chip, Black Pellet
15:30 New Developments
• Gasification/Indirect Co-Firing
• Update on Black Pellet market developments
16:45 Conclusion & Final Discussion
17:00 End of Workshop

15 May, 2017 - Monday

Pre-Conference Workshop 2

From Residues to Plantations: Changes in Biomass Supply & Sourcing

to Meet the North Asian Demand

(09:00 – 17:00 hrs.)

Regional biomass & forestry management expert speakers from Indufor AP, Ata Marie Ltd & more.


Workshop Agenda


09:00 Workshop Registration & Morning Coffee
09:30 From Residues to Plantations - Securing Biomass Resources
10:15 Dedicated Biomass Plantations: The Current Landscape
11:00 Choosing Your Biomass: Options in Short Rotation Crops  (Woody Crops & Non-Woody Options, Eg. Grasses & etc)
11:45 Managing the Biomass Plantation: Asset Management & Operational Considerations
12:30 Lunch Reception & Refreshments
13:30 Sustainability and Certification of Biomass based Products
14:15 Investment options for energy dedicated biomass plantations
15:15 What about Buyers? Users Perspectives & Matching Biomass with Specific Energy Configuration
16:00 Panel Discussion & Conclusion
17:00 End of Workshop

16 May, 2017 - Tuesday


Registration and Coffee


Chairman’s Welcome & Remarks


Growth of Japan’s Biomass Demand & Import Outlook


Updates on South Korea's Biomass Power Sector & Demand/Import Requirement

Mr. Marco, Seung Hwan Kim, General Manager
Hanyang Corporation

Senior Representative

Korea Midland Power (KOMIPO)


Networking Refreshments @ Biomass Pellet Trade & Power Exhibition


Japan’s Renewable Energy Policy Updates, with focus on Biomass Power


China Biomass Energy Policy & Implication on Biomass Demand & Imports

China Renewable Energy Industry Association

China & Taiwan: Emergent New Markets in North Asian Biomass Trade


Discussion followed Networking Luncheon Reception


Growth of Biomass Power Capacity in the Asia-Pacific Region & Corresponding Demand Expansion for Biomass

  • Power projects in the pipeline – focus on South Korea, Japan & China
  • Subsidies & incentives driving growth in the region
  • What will the new projects mean for wood pellet & other biomass demand in the region?


Sustainability Requirement & Cost Efficiency of Oil Palm Biomass (PKS, EFB, Palm Pellets & etc) for Biomass Power

Mr. Michael Sew, Secretary-General
Malaysia Biomass Industries Confederation
Ms. Satomi Funahashi, Senior Researcher, Environment & Renewable Energy Manager
Fuji Keizai Co.

Networking Refreshments @ Biomass Pellet Trade & Power Exhibition


Japanese Biomass Demand Shift – Analysis of Increasing Japanese Biomass Demand, Requirement for a Multiple Feedstock Strategy & Solutions Required to Increase Supply Stability

Asia Resource Partners Pte. Ltd.

Panel: Oil Palm Biomass Markets in SE Asia - Supply Competitiveness to North Asia

Mr. Allan Yek, Managing Director
Fuji Biomass Energy Sdn. Bhd.

Asia Resource Partners Pte. Ltd.

Mr. Tony Wood, Partner
Ata Marie Group Ltd

Discussion followed by End of Day 1


Networking Cocktail Reception @ Biomass Pellets Trade & Power Exhibition

Sponsored by


17 May, 2017 - Wednesday


Chairman’s Remarks


IPP Biomass Power Operation in Japan – eRex’s Experience with Current Operation & Biomass Requirements


Various Biomass Utilization Technologies

  • Development & future perspective on IHI Biomass Gasification  technology
  • Actual project introduction on IHI Biomass combustion technology (Kagoshima’s Project)


Mass-Yield Loss & Heating Value Uplift during Steam Explosion Treatment of Hard Wood

Mr. Mattias Erixon, Senior Sales Manager Biofuels, Biotech and Environmental Systems
Valmet AB

Networking Refreshments @ Biomass Pellet Trade & Power Exhibition

Sponsored by


Regional Wood Chips Market Development & Demand Growth for Electricity Generation Purpose

Mr. John Bingham, Research Director
Hawkins Wright Ltd.

Thai Wood Pellet Market Update & Supply Outlook for North Asia

  • Thailand wood pellets situation: Past & Present 
  • Thailand can be one of the big player on the market for North Asia
  • Market Expectation from North Asia for Thai wood pellet

BioPellets Thailand Co Ltd

Pathways for the US to Provide Secure, Sustainable Supply of Pellets to Asian Markets

  • Overview of the US pellet market, including sustainability aspects, available wood fiber, current market demands, and export capacity
  • Discussion on long-term contracts and securing a sustainable renewable fuel supply

US Industrial Pellet Association (USIPA)

Networking Luncheon Reception


Review of the Western Canadian Wood Pellet Supply Chain to Asia

  • Identify main companies, their financial stability
  • Review how fibre supply is obtained and delivered to the plant
  • Plant operations
  • Environmental and labour laws
  • Transportation from plant to port using rail
  • Review of port operations and capacity at each port
  • Shipping - bulk and container
  • Destinations


Key Asian Trading Routes & Competing Pellet Pricing from North America, Russia & South East Asia

Mr. Brodie Govan, Biomass Broker
Voyage Power

Global Wood Pellet Producers Panel

  • Discover which regions have supplied the most pellets to Asia in 2016
  • Insight into the pellet pricing from supply hubs in several continents
  • Analysis of pellet pricing and projections for the year ahead

Moderated by:

Mr. Brodie Govan, Biomass Broker
Voyage Power




Mr. Raul Kirjanen, CEO
AS Graanul Invest


Mr. Andy Bui, International Sales Director
An Viet Phat Energy Co., Ltd



Final Discussion followed by End of Conference

17 May, 2017 - Wednesday

(Separately Bookable)

Post Conference Networking Dinner

(17:00 – 21:00 hrs.)

(Dress code – Casual)


Adjourn to Kirin Beer Village at Yokohama


BBQ Dinner & Drinks


End of Dinner, Depart for Hotel

18 May, 2017 - Thursday

(Separately Bookable)

Site visit to Biomass Power Plants & Biomass Storage Facilities

in Nagoya & Handa, Aichi Prefecture

(07:30 - 19:30 hrs.)


  • Visit to Gas & Power’s Nakayama-Nagoya No. 1 & 2 Power Stations, Summit Energy’s Handa Power Station and woodships & PKS storage facility
  • Overview at Ise Wan Bay area of Gas & Power, Summit Energy, Chubu Hekinan & Taketoyo’s Power Stations (Brief introduction of all the facilities & Q&A) 
  • This field tour includes lunch and transportation by buses and shinkansens

It may be necessary for reasons beyond CMT's control to alter the content, timings, dates or venue of an event. CMT will not accept liability for any kind of disruptions or any claims whatsoever and in such circumstances CMT's normal cancellation terms apply.
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