6th Biobased Chemicals and Plastics

19-22 Jun, 2017 - Bangkok, THAILAND

19 Jun, 2017 - Monday

7th Biobased Chem Asia


Morning Registration & Coffee


Chairman’s Introduction and Welcome Remarks


Thailand Bioeconomy: Current Status, Future Direction & Latest Biochemicals Plan

Dr. Chaya Chandavasu, Senior Vice President, Science & Innovation
PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited

Bio Propylene Market and Supply/Demand Outlook

Mr. Sujit Panvongpaiboon, Vice President, Chemical Department
Toyota Tsusho (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

ChemBio Route to Produce 1, 3-Butadiene from Sugars

  • Deconstruction of biomass for glucose and xylose
  • Converting Xylose to Erythritol by using the osmotolerant yeast, Yarrowia Lipolytica 
  • Converting Erythritol to 1,3-butadiene through derivatization and chemical catalysis with a yield of > 70%

Dr. Vidhya Rangaswamy, Vice President
Reliance Industries Limited

Discussion followed by Networking Refreshments


Biobased Chemicals in Asia: Opportunities and Trends

  • Attractiveness of biorenewables in Asia
  • Important examples of projects and partnerships and challenges in industrialization
  • Asian Investments in a global context

Ms. Chommanad Thammanayakatip, Consultant
Nexant Asia Limited

Asian Markets for Biobased Chemical Building Blocks and Polymers

  • Supply & demand
  • Market share and market segment
  • Production capacity

Dr. Wolfgang Baltus, Founder
Wobaltexpedition Consultancy

Discussion followed by Networking Lunch


Afternoon Chairman’s Introduction


Biobased Materials & Chemicals: Where is South East Asia Headed?


Latest Production of CO2-based Polyols Building Block

  • Market response
  • Replacing 20% petroleum with CO2
  • Challenges of using CO2 directly as raw material

Dr. Ruijing Guo, Innovation Manager
Covestro Polymers (China) Co., Ltd

Bio-MEG – A growth driver for Bio-PET segment

  • PET/MEG – Market size and forecast
  • Conventional MEG Vs Bio-MEG – A comparison
  • Products attributes, manufacturing and end use applications
  • Renewable bio-based feedstock options
  • Future developments – Gen-2 Bio-MEG from Lignocellulosic Biomass
  • Bio-PET-Current market size, emerging trends and opportunities

Mr. Rajesh Marwaha, SBU Head (International Business)
India Glycols Limited

Discussion followed by Networking Refreshments


Plant Based Ingredients to Achieve Naturalness and Sustainability in Personal Care


E-Certification to Monitor Bio-based Materials in the Chemical Industry

  • A new online tool to track bio-based content in end-products
  • Certification for bio-based raw materials across the value chain
  • First example to track Epicerol® bio-based ECH in epoxy coatings
  • To increase transparency and encourage companies to use more sustainable raw materials

Mr. Prakit Sangthonganotai, Epicerol Growth Project Manager
Advanced Biochemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Discussion followed by End of Day One

20 Jun, 2017 - Tuesday

7th Biobased Chem Asia and 11th Bioplastics Markets


Chairman’s Introduction


Thailand Bioplastics Development & Implication

  • Industry development trends and its sustainability

Mr. Kittiphong Limsuwannarot, President
Thai Bioplastics Industry Association (TBIA)

Feedstocks for Biobased Chemicals: Which will be Competitive?

  • Analysis of individual feedstock and availability
  • Cost competitiveness 
  • Logistics and processing

Ms. Henna Poikolainen, Senior Consultant
Pöyry Management Consulting Oy

Oil Palm Biomass Waste Feedstock Potential for Cellulose, Cellulose Derivative and Bioplastic

  • Overview of oil palm biomass waste feedstock
  • Optional routes of utilization oil palm waste for biobased materiasl
  • Cellulose from oil palm empty fruit bunches in bioplastic production

Indonesian Research Institute for Biotechnology and Bioindustry

Discussion followed by Networking Refreshment


Availability and Prospects of Cassava for Bioplastics Production

  • Cassava availability and prospect
  • Regulation of plastic bag in Indonesia
  • Enviplast starch based bioplastics bag from cassava


Strategies and Sources to Attract Private Equity for Bio-Based Projects


Discussion followed by Networking Lunch

11th Bioplastics Markets


Afternoon Chairman’s Introduction


Role of Bioplastics in the New Plastics Economy

  • Bioplastics industry overview 
  • Strategies to achieve New Plastics Economy 
  • New Ingeo application including 3D printing

Mr. Ian Toh, Commercial Director, APAC
NatureWorks LLC

Market Demand for Bioplastics in India

  • Regulations and drivers for bioplastics in India
  • Plastics waste management
  • New applications and markets
  • Natur-Tec latest innovation and technology

Dr. Sunder Balakrishnan, Director
Natur-Tec India Pvt Ltd

China’s Emerging PLA Production & an Update on Total Corbion Project in Thailand

  • China’s corn surplus and opportunity
  • China PLA commercial plants capacity and update
  • Total Corbion’s plan and production in Thailand
  • Latest conversion technology

Dr. Jim Jem, Greater China GM
Total Corbion PLA Ltd.

Discussion followed by Networking Refreshments


PEF Polymer and PEF Film - 100% Bio-based Gas Barrier Material

  • 100% Bio-based polyester
  • PEF Improved gas barrier properties
  • Latest and innovative applications
  • Toyobo's collaboration with Synvina & Mitsui and future plans

Mr. Shoichi Gyobu, Manager, Planning Group, Corp R&D Administration Dept
Toyobo Co., Ltd.

Dr. Katsuya Ito, Senior Chief Researcher of Films Technology Center
Toyobo Co., Ltd.

Latest PBAT Trends and Application in Courier Delivery

  • China booming market and demand for biobased courier packaging
  • China’s adoption of bioplastics, penetration level and challenges
  • Prospect and demand in Asia region

Ms. Janice Li, President
JinHui ZhaoLong High Technology Co. Ltd.

Discussion followed by End of Day Two

21 Jun, 2017 - Wednesday

11th Bioplastics Markets


Chairman’s Introduction


Prospects of Bamboo Fiber-PP Composites for Automotive & Construction Applications

  • Environmentally friendly process for natural bamboo production
  • Bamboo fiber-PP composite for package tray production
  • Bamboo fiber composite for acoustic insulation applications
  • Prospects of bamboo fiber and other natural fiber composites


Nestle’s Packaging Innovation and Materials Optimisation

Ms. Kasma Torrarit, Head of Packaging
Nestle Thai Ltd

Brand Owner's Perspective on the Next Level of Sustainable Packaging

Mr. Marcel Keuenhof, Packaging Manager
Wessanen Nederland Holding BV

Discussion followed by Networking Refreshments


BioPBS Drop in Polymer Applications Growth Potential

  • Key Applications
  • Market share and demand in the region
  • PTT MCC’s production capacity


Packaging Material, Recycling Potential and End of Life Options

  • Demand and opportunity of Bio-Plastics in packaging
  • Special challenges in the home care packaging market
  • Bioplastics end-of-life challenges
  • How to incorporate bioplastics into existing recycling stream?

Mr. Stefan Barot, Business Director Bio-Plastics Asia-Pacific
Total Corbion PLA BV

Discussion followed by Networking Lunch


End of Conference

22 Jun, 2017 - Thursday

Site Visit to Total Corbion PLA Plant


PLA is made from the monomer Lactide, which in turn is made from lactic acid, Corbion’s core product. Total-Corbion is modifying the existing Lactide plant in Rayong to make the full range of PLA grade polymers. Secondly a PLA polymerization plant is being added to the production train so Total-Corbion can also supply PLA polymers to the market by 2018. The capacity of the PLA polymerization is 75.000 Mton per year. Finally Total-Corbion also install a PLA development plant with a capacity of 1.000 Ton per year for process optimization and product development. This development plant will be operational in 2017.


In total Total-Corbion invests about $100 million, on top of earlier investments in the Lactide plant, to make Thailand the second producer in the World of PLA biopolymers.


Depart from hotel to Total Corbion PLA plant






Bus tour of the production area


Depart back to hotel


Arrive at hotel

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