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3rd StarchWorld Europe

09-10 Oct, 2018 - Strasbourg, FRANCE

Confirmed Panel of Speakers as at 12th June 2018
  1. World Markets for Potato and Tapioca Starch: A Comparison
    • Evolving pattern of use and trade of tuber starches
    • How do these starches compete?
    Simon Bentley, Managing Director

  2. European Starch Market Update
    • Impact of current low sugar prices on starch based sweeteners
    • Product reputation
    • Challenges & opportunities for EU Starch industry post Brexit and new trade arrangements
    • Pesticide use
    Jamie Fortescue, Managing Director
    European Starch Industry Association

  3. How to Identify and Release High Value Food and Feed Ingredients Imbedded in Under-Utilized Protein Side Streams
    Prof Egon Bech Hansen, Professor of Microbial Food Ingredients
    Technical University of Denmark

  4. Bio-Based MEG as an Added Value Opportunity for Carbohydrate Feedstocks
    Eelco Blum, Vice President of Business Development - Renewable Chemistries

  5. Maximising the Commercial Potential of Bean Starch in Distilleries & Breweries
    Kirsty Black, ‎Distillery Manager
    ‎Arbikie Highland Estate

  6. New European Regulations on Acrylamide and Iinnovations in Acrylamide Reduction Efforts for Potato and Cereal Based Snacks
    Andrew Curtis, Deputy Director General, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager,
    European Snacks Association

  7. Culinary Innovations in Balancing Healthier Nutritional Contents with Taste & Texture
    Prof. Claire Rossi, Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Engineering/Head of Innovation in Food and Agroressources,
    Université de Technologie de Compiègne

  8. Organic Potato Starch Production in Finland
    Erkki Pöytäniemi, Owner
    Organic Food Finland

  9. Replacing Modified Starch for Baking Solutions
    Jos Vast, Senior Bakery Consultant
    Bakery Academy

  10. Working with Organic Starches & Challenges
    • challenges involved in fulfilling the organic regulation to produce starches and starch derivatives
    Dr. Catherine Cunin, CEO
    Blattmann Schweiz AG

  11. Natural Specialty Flours & Functional Applications
    Marcin Pacholak, CEO
    Silesian Flour

  12. Tailoring Food Properties: The Process Design Toolbox for Foods Rich in Starch and Protein
    Dr Beatrice Conde-Petit, Group Expert & Food Safety Officer

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