14th LAPET
Latin America PET Markets, Applications & Recycling

29-30 Nov, 2016 - Mexico City, MEXICO

Marquis Reforma Hotel & Spa
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About our Event Speakers
We pride ourselves in presenting to you accomplished leaders, authors and advocates with strong track records of achievement and vision in a wide array of backgrounds, professional fields and life experiences. We believe you will benefit from their years of knowledge and experience and also from the latest thinking and innovative processes driving individuals and organizations forward.
Oguire Lubaggi
.Se graduó de Ingeniería mecánica en la Universidad Iberoamericana y trabajó de 2002 a 2006 en Dow Chemical Company, de 2009 a 2012 en SABIC Innovative Plastics en donde manejó las ventas y rentabilidad para los clientes más grandes de la industria automotriz, siendo responsable de abrir cartera de clientes estratégicos de Estados Unidos y México. Trabajó en grupo Samar México como Director General. Es Director General en México para Vinmar International desde Octubre 2013, responsable de las operaciones en México así como de Planificación y logística.

Oguire Lubaggi, General Director
Vinmar Plastichem S De R. L De C. V
Chairman’s Welcome & Introductions
Day 1 [Tue 29, November], at 09:00 AM
Resin Logistics and Trade Dynamic in a Fast Moving Market
Day 2 [Wed 30, November], at 12:00 PM

Ms. Francis Pérez Arróniz Pérez

leftFrancis Pérez Arróniz
Directora de Creación de Valor Compartido

De nacionalidad mexicana, Francis Pérez inició su carrera en Nestlé México en 1987. Colaboró durante varios años en el área de Finanzas y Control, hecho que le permitió entender las bases del negocio.

Cuenta con una maestría en Responsabilidad Social y un Diplomado en Desarrollo Sustentable. Cursó el Programa de Alta Dirección de Empresas Agroalimentarias en el IPADE y ha participado en talleres de agricultura sostenible. Tiene a su cargo el área de Creación de Valor Compartido y Sustentabilidad del Grupo Nestlé en México, que impulsa la RSC alineada a la estrategia del negocio y con impacto a lo largo de la cadena de valor. Desarrolla iniciativas que impulsan el desarrollo rural y el cuidado ambiental; así como la nutrición, salud y bienestar de los mexicanos.

Ms. Francis Pérez Arróniz Pérez, Shared Value Creation & Sustainability Director
Nestle Mexico
The Road to Success in Sustainability
Day 1 [Tue 29, November], at 09:05 AM

Jorge M Maquita Nakano
El ingeniero Maquita tiene más de 30 años de experoencia en emplaque y embalaje. Es consultor y coach en innovación en empaque. Ha lo largo de su trayectoria ha ganado premios internacionales de la WPO, IOPP, AMEE y DUPONT. Ganó en Pepsi 4 premios internos incluyendo 2 Academy of Science awards. Además de Pepsico, trabajó en Unilever, Bestfoods y Gilette. Es autor de la serie de artículos: "Como convertirse en ingeniero de empaque" en linkedin y publicados en Brasil. En conjunto con la Asociación Mexicana de Envase y Embalaje, el Ingeniero Maquita organiza las sesiones coaching en ingenieria de empaque. Actualmente es Director - Fundador de la empresa consultora Packinnovation.

Jorge M Maquita Nakano, Former Global Senior Packaging R&D
Winning Designs & Packaging Innovations in Today’s Sustainable Economy
Day 1 [Tue 29, November], at 09:30 AM
PET Recycling Round Table:
Day 1 [Tue 29, November], at 04:15 PM

Mr. David Swift
-David Swift was educated in UK studying Biochemistry at the University of Manchester and, subsequently, gained a Masters degree in Toxicology from the University of Surrey. David joined Shell's research laboratory in Sittingbourne, Kent (UK) but moved to Shell Centre in 1980. Several different assignments followed including product management and work in the Chemical Strategy and Planning unit before joining Shell's PET business unit in 1997. During this period David gained an MBA from Henley Management College, part of Brunel University. David transferred to M&G Group in May 2000 with the purchase of Shell's PET business. He worked as Global Marketing manager for the Resins Business Unit until March 2007. David is now the Managing Director of PCI PET Packaging Resin and Recycling Ltd and based in Derby, United Kingdom.

Mr. David Swift, Managing Director
PCI Wood Mackenzie
PET Global Outlook and Latin America
Day 1 [Tue 29, November], at 10:00 AM
Feedstock Market Outlook of PX-MEG -PTA - Production and Demand Supply Balance, Trade and Pricing Concerns
Day 2 [Wed 30, November], at 09:35 AM

Ernesto Fonseca Rivera
.Ernesto Fonseca is Managing Director for Piovan Mexico. He graduated from Tecnologico de Monterrey as Chemical Engineer and later obtained a degree on Global Adminitration by Thunderbird. His profesional experience is mostly in the PET field. He worked for 15 years at Eastman and DAK Americas performing several positions: manufacturing, engineering, quality, technical service, marketing and sales. He joined Piovan 5 years ago.

Ernesto Fonseca Rivera, Managing Director
Piovan Mexico S.A. de C.V.
Integrated PET Processing: Technological Advancements and Solutions Innovation
Day 1 [Tue 29, November], at 02:45 PM

Ms. Tetiana Pronikova

Tetiana Pronikova is Market Development Manager at PET Technologies, leading European manufacture of PET bottles stretch blow molding equipment and blow molds. The company has wide sales and service network. With the University degree in Spanish and English languages and experience in brand development at foreign markets Tetiana is responsible for sales and marketing in Latin America


Ms. Tetiana Pronikova, Marketing Development Manager
PET Technologies Ukraine Ltd.
Unique Solutions for Large PET Kegs and Water Bottles in Latin America Market
Day 2 [Wed 30, November], at 11:30 AM

Jose Manuel Diaz
-José Manuel Díaz is Industrial Engineer from the University of Mexico (UNAM) and has to MBA's: one in Finance and the other one in International Businesses from The Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM). He worked for Industrias Wheaton de Mexico during 12 years, since 1977, in different manufacturing areas in the glass and the plastic plants, and finally became the Plant Manager, then for the next 4 years he worked in PYNSA as Plant Manager. Jose started to work in Graham Packaging Company de México in 1993 as Operations Director in the Pachuca plant; where he was responsible of Manufacturing, Quality, Purchasing, Human Resources and Finance during ten years, then, in 2002, Jose was transferred to the United States as Technology Licensing Manager. Since 2007 is Director of Business Development in Latin America for Graham Packaging Company. He resides in York, Pennsylvania, USA.

Jose Manuel Diaz, Director, Business Development Mexico & Latin America
Graham Packaging Company LP
Light PET Containers: Technology, Barrier Materials and Process
Day 2 [Wed 30, November], at 10:05 AM
Chairman’s Introductions
Day 2 [Wed 30, November], at 09:00 AM

Thomas A. Herkert


Mr. Thomas A. Herkert graduated from the University of Darmstadt, Germany with a degree in Plastic Technology in 1992.
Afterwards he started his business career in the plastic machine building industry at Krauss Maffei in Munich, Germany as a Sales Manager for RIM (Polyurethan reaction injection moulding) machinery and plant responsible for Asia Area at the automotive group Audi and BMW.
In 1997 he starts working in the beverage industry as a Sales Manager for PET strech blow moulding machines at Krupp Corpoplast which is today well known as KHS company.
Since 1999 he is the Sales Mananger at Netstal-Maschinen AG, Switzlerland for the PET business unit.
In his approximately 25 business years in the indistry he has been responsible for several areas in Asia, Middle East, Europe and a couple of Key Accounts worldwide.
Today his focus is on PET Systems for Preform Production for some Key Accounts in the Americas and Europe.

Thomas A. Herkert, Area Sales Manager PET Systems
Netstal-Maschinen AG
Netstal's Mulituse System - Flexibility in Today’s Preform Production
Day 1 [Tue 29, November], at 11:50 AM

Mr. Santiago Garcia Gonzalez

-Santiago graduated as Chemical Engineer from National University of Mexico in 1974. Scholar of the Confederation of British Industry for training in food technology 1975 and 1976, he joined Industrias Penoles, Mexico's largest mining group, as Sales Manager for Chemical Division 5 years in Mexico, 4 in the New York office, then became New Project Manager until 1988. In 1989 he moved to Continental Can Company, to lead the project to produce PET containers in Mexico, with new technology for reusable returnable bottles. After the break-up of the company Santiago started the project with new ownership and was Sales Director for Latin America for Continental PET Technologies until 2001.
During this time he lead a group of companies to form APREPET, an industry association devoted to promote recycling and responsible use of PET, and became first chairman in 1995. After leaving Continental PET, Santiago moved to be APREPET's General Manager until the association was shut-down in 2008. Since 2009 he is an independent consultant in the area of sustainability and PET recycling, mostly as a Senior Consultant for PCI PET packaging and recycling of the UK, and with ECOCE, an association of the most important PET recyclers in Mexico.

Nació en la Ciudad de México, Ingeniero Químico por la UNAM, becario en tecnología de alimentos en Gran Bretaña, laboró 10 años en la industria química y metalúrgica en Industrias Peñoles, en México y Nueva York
En 1989 inició el proyecto de una de las primeras empresas fabricantes de envases de PET en México, y fue director de Continental PET Technologies para América Latina hasta 2001.
En 1995 encabezó el grupo que formó APREPET A.C. la primera asociación de la cadena productiva de envases de PET, y fue su primer presidente.
De Noviembre de 2002 a 2008 se desempeñó como Gerente General de APREPET A.C.
Desde 2009 es Consultor Senior de PCI-Wood MacKenzie de Gran Bretaña. Adicionalmente desde 2012 es coordinador del Comité de Reciclado de Ecoce A.C.

Mr. Santiago Garcia Gonzalez, Recyling Committee
Ecoce AC
PET Recycling Round Table:
Day 1 [Tue 29, November], at 04:15 PM
Afternoon Chairman’s Introduction
Day 1 [Tue 29, November], at 02:10 PM

Ing. Jaime Camara Creixell

-Ingeniero Industrial egresado de la UNIVERSIDAD ANAHUAC de la Ciudad de México con Diplomado en Comercio Internacional por la misma Universidad así como un Diplomado en Plásticos por el INSTITUTO MEXICANO DEL PLASTICO INDUSTRIAL.

Fundador y Director General de PETSTAR y AVANGARD MEXICO.

Presidente de APREPET en 1999-2000, que es la Asociación para Promover el Reciclado de PET en México.

Actualmente es miembro del Consejo de ANIPAC que es la Asociación Nacional de la Industria del Plástico así como de la APR que es la Association for Plastics Recycling con sede en Washington.

Orador en múltiples foros en México y el Extranjero en los temas de Acopio y Reciclado de Plásticos y de cómo hacer Negocios con México.

PETSTAR es la Planta de Reciclado de PET Grado Alimenticio más Grande del Mundo.

AVANGARD MEXICO es subsidiaria de PETSTAR y es el Acopiador de Plásticos de Origen Post-Consumo más Grande de América Latina.

Ing. Jaime Camara Creixell, CEO
PetStar, S.A. de C.V
PET Recycling Round Table:
Day 1 [Tue 29, November], at 04:15 PM

Mr. Lic. Julio Lopezlena


Nació en Tapachula, Chiapas (México). Es Licenciado en Relaciones Comerciales por la Universidad del Valle de México, posteriormente obtuvo el grado de Maestría Ejecutiva en Negocios por el Tecnológico de Monterrey y la Universidad de Texas en Austin. Cuenta con varios diplomados de negocios por la North Western University, y el ITESM en México.

En los últimos 39 años, ha ocupado diversas posiciones comerciales y de Dirección General, representando entre otras marcas a Seven Up; Pepsi; Sabritas; Sonrics; Tequila Cuervo; Videovisa; Evian; Cerveza Miller; tapa roscas CSI , Condones Trojan y ahora para fibras Smootek y No Tejidos Geotech.

Actualmente es Director General de Tecnología de Reciclaje, S.A. de C.V., empresa ubicada en Tecámac Estado de México, dedicada a reciclar las botellas de PET, cuyos productos se utilizan en la industria automotriz, Ingeniería Civil, mueblera, juguetera, textil y de blancos.

En ella se generan 240 empleos directos, y se reciclan 1.5 millones de botellas diariamente, mismas que se retiran de las calles y así se evita que contaminen el medio ambiente. De allí su Slogan " Ganamos salvando al Planeta".


Was born in Tapachula, in Chiapas State. His mayor was marketing from Universidad del Valle de Mexico. He got his MBA from University of Texas at Austin & Tec de Monterrey.

He has also several Graduated Programs from Northwestern University and Tec de Monterrey in Mexico City.

He has grown from commercial positions starting as salesperson up to General Manager working for some brands as Seven -Up, Pepsi, Frito Lay, Sonric's, Tequila Cuervo, Evian, CSI Closures, Trojan Condoms and lately for Geotech Geosynthetics and Smootek Fibers.

He is General Manager of TECNOLOGIA DE RECICLAJE, located in Tecamac, Mexico State. They recycle PET Bottles to convert them into Polyester Fibers, Non Woven, and carpets for Automotive, Furniture and Textile Industries as well as for Infrastructure projects.

More tan 230 persons work directly there, recycling an average of 1.5 millions of bottles every day to fulfill their slogan "

Mr. Lic. Julio Lopezlena, General Director
Tecnologia De Reciclaje S.A. de C.V.
PET Recycling Round Table:
Day 1 [Tue 29, November], at 04:15 PM

Ing. Saúl Solaeche
-- Ingeniero Químico por la Universidad Nacional de Asunción, Paraguay.
- Postgrados en Administración y Finanzas por la Universidad del Pacífico
y en Dirección Financiera por la Universidad Americana de Paraguay.
- Experiencia de 16 años en Montaje e Implementación de Sistemas de Gestión de Plantas de Reciclado de PET.
- Desde Paraguay ha atendido los mercados de consumo de hojuela de Brasil y Chile dirigiendo las compañías Reciclajes del Paraguay S.A. y CORESA respectivamente
- Director General de GREEN MIND, Recicladora de PET ubicada en Guadalajara, Jalisco Compañía con 4 años de antigüedad y una capacidad de procesamiento de 65.000 Tn/año.

Ing. Saúl Solaeche, General Manager
Green Mind
PET Recycling Round Table:
Day 1 [Tue 29, November], at 04:15 PM

Jose Lelo de Larrea
.José Lelo de Larrea has a Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana as well as a Diploma on Corporate Finance from IBERO. At the start of his career, he collaborated with Coca-Cola FEMSA as an internal auditor for ISO-9000 Certification of their bottling plants. Since 1997 till 2005, José worked for Husky Injection Molding Systems México where he scaled up to different positions, from technical service coordinator, project engineer, Sales area Manager and from 2002 till 2005 as PET Business Manager. In 2005 he took the challenge to join Dosicolor México as General Manager, position he held until 2007 when Colormatrix Corporation acquired Dosicolor. Under Colormatrix management, he was Commercial Director for Latin America. In 2010 together with 3 expert partners in the industry he decided to form iTech Latinoamérica, an independent company dedicated to provide services and consulting for Injection Molding factories with specialty on bottles and closures mainly. Their services include assessment on machinery purchases as well as mold and spare parts sales, training, process optimization and productivity audits

Jose Lelo de Larrea, Commercial Director
iTech - Milacron
Innovative Packaging Barrier for Food
Day 1 [Tue 29, November], at 11:20 AM

Alirio Andueza
-Se graduó de Técnico Superior Universitario en Tecnología de Alimentos. Con la mención de graduación de promedio sobresaliente Cum Laude.
Es especialista en Calidad y Productividad - por parte de la Universidad De Carabobo
Además es Auditor Interno Certificado y Auditor líder Certificado en Sistemas de Gestión ISO 9001:2000 e ISO 9001 2008
Trabajó como jefe de Laboratorio de Materiales Envases y Empaques en Licorerías Unidas en Venezuela. Como Gerente de Control de Calidad en Plásticos las Vegas. Venezuela, como Jefe Aseguramiento Calidad PET en Products International del Perú Sucursal Venezuela. Fue Jefe de Operaciones de Inyección en Amcor PET Packaging Latín América en Venezuela del 2003 al 2007 y posteriormente fue Gerente de Operaciones en Totalplastic, Venezuela y Director de Investigación y Desarrollo en el Grupo Totalplastic de Venezuela incluyendo PETPACK en Medellín, Colombia y Packsol en Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana
Actualmente es Gerente General en Zuliana del Pet.
También es asesor en Calidad y Producción e imparte capacitaciones en diversas empresas relacionadas con la industría del PET en Venezuela, Colombia y Ecuador desde 2007.

Alirio Andueza, General Manager
Zuliana del PET C.A.
PET Bottle for Artisan Beer in Venezuela and LATAM
Day 2 [Wed 30, November], at 11:00 AM

Mr. Alejandro Copley

.Mr. Copley holds a University degree in Business Administration, from the J.F. Kennedy University in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

His background includes over 22 years of experience in FOOD, PET and Beverages industries.

Between 1994 and 2005 He has been in charge of PET preforms sales, also blowing machines, blowing molds, injection molds and air compressors.

From 2005 to 2013, He was responsible for Tormysol´s LATAM complete technical development, based in Mexico.

Since 2013, he acts as LATAM´s Commercial Director for FRIGEL PET, Food and Beverages.

In 2016 he has co-funded ALTA Eco, Providing Eco Friendly and Renewables Energies solutions for PET, Food & Beverages industries.

His current area of specialization is the Energy Efficiency and Plant Reengineering. Mainly focused on cooling systems, compressed air solutions and energy consumption Management.

Mr. Alejandro Copley, Commercial Director PET, Food & Beverages
Frigel Firenze SpA
Technological Restructuring of Existing Cooling Plants in Processes of PET and Beverages
Day 1 [Tue 29, November], at 12:15 PM

Mr. Juan Carlos Camargo
-Mr Camargo graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana with a Degree in Chemical Engineering. He has a Master of Science degree in Environmental Management and Policy from Lund University . He has 20 years experience in sustainability and environmental issues. He has worked with Walmart Mexico and Central America for over 10 Years.

Mr. Juan Carlos Camargo, Sustainability Deputy Director
Walmart de Mexico
Role of Retailers in Improving Packaging Sustainability. The Case of Walmart
Day 1 [Tue 29, November], at 03:15 PM
PET Recycling Round Table:
Day 1 [Tue 29, November], at 04:15 PM

Matt Zimmer

Matt ZimmerEntrepreneur, engineer and design guru Matt Zimmer had a vision that would revolutionize the way we drink wine: unique, single-serve wine glasses that could snap together for easy storage. He made his innovative design a reality when he founded StackTek in late 2010. Modern and stylish, StackTek offers a completely integrated solution to brands looking to deliver top-quality taste and ultra-convenience for the home, the park or the arena.

Matt boasts seven years in the plastics and bottling industry, and brings his experience in product design and manufacturing equipment selection to the company. He worked for Niagara Bottling, one of the largest bottlers in the United States, before his entrepreneurial spirit led him to found StackTek. Matt manages all aspects of technology, production and strategic positioning for the company.

Matt earned his Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan. He then earned a Master of Business Administration in Strategy from University of California, Irvine, during which he developed the novel, refreshing concept that makes wine more fun and accessible to a wide variety of consumers.

Matt Zimmer, Founder, President Manufacturing
Packaging Supply Chain Innovation with PET
Day 1 [Tue 29, November], at 02:15 PM

Alejandro Saúl Sosa Muñoz

-Mr. Sosa studied a Master of Business Administration at Georgia Tech. Institute Atlanta, GA, USA and Textile Engineer atNational Polytechnic Institute in Mexico City.

He has been working at MORPHOPLASTSA CV for 8 years but has 20 years of management experience in the textile industry.

Previous to his current job, he worked at Celanese Mexicana in Mexico City as Senior Acct. Exec.& purchasing staple fibre product and as Tech Sales Rep. polyester staple fibre, flame retardant & specialty products for industrial end uses, etc., same group Hoechst Celanese Corp. at Spartanburg, SC, USA.
He also worked 4 years in Tech Sales, Purchasing & Manufacturing Manager for USA, Recycling PET Mex & L.A, group KOSA, joint venture Koch Industries & SabaS. rL, Mexico and 2 years Sales & Purchasing Manager for import goods Mexican market, same group INVISTA at ServiciosCorporativos Arteva sub. Koch Industries.

Alejandro Saúl Sosa Muñoz, Sales Manager
Morphoplast, S.A. de C.V
News on PET recycling and its applications in the textile industry
Day 2 [Wed 30, November], at 09:05 AM

Mr. Karel Wendl

.Karel Wendl is WEKA Plastics Recycling Consulting LLC President since 2013, a company specialized in Plastics Recycling Consulting in the American Continent, who has assisted several recycling companies to improve their efficiencies and quality, like Clodam do Brazil, San Miguel Industrias (SMI) Perú, Plastipak France, and others. His company assists in marketing, technical and commercial efforts sorting companies like PELLENC ST - bottle sorting leading company- and Unisensor GmbH -flake sorting leading company-.

His professional activities include: Chairman of PETCORE ( PET Container Recycling Europe) Technical Committee from 2003 until 2005; represented The Coca-Cola Co. in the US Delegation preparing the ISO standards for packaging recycling as a recycling expert; and since 2006 represented The Coca-Cola Company and then since 2014 to date PELLENC ST in the Technical Committee of the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) that covers the USA, Canada and Mexico.

He used to be Sustainable Packaging Manager, at the Global Packaging Research and Innovation Department for The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta, USA, until 2013.

His job encompassed global responsibility for PET bottle-to-bottle recycling materials approvals, technologies approvals, technologies developments, technologies upgrades, and commercialization for the Coca-Cola System globally, as well as other plastics recycling.

During his 21 year tenure at The Coca-Cola Company he has held a variety of positions in new packaging commercialization and implementation at Coca-Cola Mexico, in Mexico City, Mexico; bottling plants engineering support, and design at Coca-Cola Italy/ Central Mediterranean Coca-Cola Division in Milan, Italy; Packaging Development at Coca-Cola Europe, in Brussels, Belgium, and since 2005 and until 2013 at The Coca-Cola Company Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

He has been intimately involved with plastics recycling technologies for the past twenty years, in Europe, in the American Continent, and in other regions of the world, and has worked with many governments around the world, in establishing criteria for food contact applications of post consumer plastics.

Ing. Wendl holds a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Czech Technical University ( CVUT - Ceske Vysoke Uceni Technicke) in Prague, Czech Republic.

Mr. Karel Wendl, President
WEKA Plastics Recycling Consulting
PET Recycling Round Table:
Day 1 [Tue 29, November], at 04:15 PM

Andres Jensen
.Andres Jensen is Vice President of Sales for Canada at Petainer, a world leader in high performance and sustainable PET packaging. Petainer is a truly Global Company with headquarters in the UK and manufacturing plants in Czech Republic, Swede, Russia, India and the USA. These are supported by extensive R&D capabilities in both Sweden and the Czech Republic.

With degrees in Marketing, Finance and E-Commerce from Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia and York/Sheridan University in Toronto, Canada; Andres has developed and continued to build the Canadian market with petainerKeg and petainerCooler.

Andres Jensen, Vice President of Sales for Canada
Petainer UK Holdings LTD
Unique Solutions for Large PET Kegs and Water Bottles in Latin America Market
Day 2 [Wed 30, November], at 11:30 AM