8th Biomass Pellets Trade & Power
第8回 バイオマス・ペレット会議 ~貿易と発電~

15-18 May, 2017 - Tokyo, JAPAN

Tokyo Marriott Hotel
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About our Event Speakers
We pride ourselves in presenting to you accomplished leaders, authors and advocates with strong track records of achievement and vision in a wide array of backgrounds, professional fields and life experiences. We believe you will benefit from their years of knowledge and experience and also from the latest thinking and innovative processes driving individuals and organizations forward.
Mr. Oliver Mauss

Oliver is a Managing Director and founding Partner of ARP Holding Pte Ltd. The Asia Resource Partners group was established in 2006 and is made up of a number of privately owned companies rapidly expanding into South East Asia and Japan. Headquartered in Singapore, the group's business activities focuses on the following segments:

Biomass and Coal Marketing, Export/Import - ARPH's biomass business focuses on palm kernel shells sourced via reputable and reliable business partners in Malaysia and Indonesia. ARPH is actively stocking biomass and managing stockpiles in South East Asia for marketing to Asian and European end customers via its distribution partners.

Fuels and Logistics, covering both conventional vehicle and bulk fuels; Hauling and Mine Logistics.

Oliver formerly worked at Morgan Stanley , Credit Suisse, and A.C. Nielsen in Singapore and Tokyo. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree, Magna Cum Laude from Babson College with a Major in International Business Studies/Minor in Japanese Studies.

Mr. Oliver Mauss, Managing Director
Asia Resource Partners Pte. Ltd.
Chairman’s Welcome & Remarks
Day 2 [Tue 16, May], at 09:00 AM
Japanese Biomass Demand Shift – Analysis of Increasing Japanese Biomass Demand, Requirement for a Multiple Feedstock Strategy & Solutions Required to Increase Supply Stability
Day 2 [Tue 16, May], at 03:45 PM

Panel: Oil Palm Biomass Markets in SE Asia - Supply Competitiveness to North Asia
Day 2 [Tue 16, May], at 04:15 PM

Mr. Yoshinobu Kusano

Graduated from Waseda University's Faculty of Law, joined Sumitomo Coporation in 1978, experienced two times assignments in overseas office in Saudi Arabia and South Africa. My business carrier covers pulp & paper industry, particularly woodchips procurement for paper making as well as management of overseas tree plantation project. Biomass business involvement starting from 2007 and now continuing.

Mr. Yoshinobu Kusano, General Manager, Biomass Business Team
Sumitomo Corporation
Growth of Japan’s Biomass Demand & Import Outlook
Day 2 [Tue 16, May], at 09:10 AM

Mr. Marco, Seung Hwan Kim

Hanyang Corporation, Project development

- Biomass procurement planning of Gwangyang Biomass Power Plant project

Halla Corporation, Business in biomass area

- Working with biomass suppliers in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Canada

SK Forest, New business development in forestry and landuse area

- Planning and building new woodpellet plant in Korea

Mr. Marco, Seung Hwan Kim, General Manager
Hanyang Corporation
Updates on South Korea's Biomass Power Sector & Demand/Import Requirement
Day 2 [Tue 16, May], at 09:45 AM

Mr. Kiyoshi Honda

Mr Honda graduated from the Keio University's LLB program in 1999 and joined Ushijima & Partners as Attorneys-at-Law. Mr Honda completed his LLM in Environmental & Natural Resources Law and International Business Law at Lewis & Clark Law School and University College London Faculty of Laws in 2007 and 2008, respectively.

Currently at Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu, Mr Honda's area of practice includes General Corporate, Finance, Banking, Real Estate and J-REITs and Energy and Environmental Law Practice. He has also contributed various publications related to Japan's electric power sector, including "The introduction of a feed-in-tariff for renewable power in Japan" in 2012, and "Power Purchase Agreement under Japanese FIT scheme" in 2013.

Mr. Kiyoshi Honda, Partner
Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu
Recent Development of Japanese Law regarding Biomass Power Project
Day 2 [Tue 16, May], at 10:15 AM

Mr. Weiquan Wang

Wang Weiquan is the Vice Secretary General of China Renewable Energy Industry Association.

Since 2006, Weiquan has been focusing on renewable energy, including solar PV, wind power, solar heating water, biogas, biomass power, MSW project, biomass heating, bio-liquid fuel, etc. His work covers policy analysis, market study, conference and expos, study tour, etc. He has participated many studies and programs about renewable energy such as "Chinese Wind Power Development Report in2012", "New Energy Development Planning in Tibet", "Study on Financing Mechanism of Distributed Solar PV Power Project". He is also the team leader of high-level biomass conferences named as Bio-Energy China 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, respectively.

Weiquan began to work on CDM project development in 2005 on a professional level, in all matters related to CDM projects. So far, he has been involved in over 50 CDM projects, including wind power, hydro power, biogas, landfill gas, biomass, waste heat recovery, etc. He successfully developed the first biomass CDM project in China.

Mr. Weiquan Wang, Vice Secretary General
China Renewable Energy Industry Association
Challenges & Opportunities for Biomass Heating in China
Day 2 [Tue 16, May], at 11:30 AM

Mr. Matt Bovelander

Matt Bovelander, Senior Consultant Biomass Solutions, holds a Masters degree in Science (first class honours) from the University of Auckland and a Graduate Diploma in Business (Management) from Massey University.

Mr Bovelander has worked for many years in forest industry consulting bringing a wealth of experience based solutions to a broad range of client challenges from Asia to West Africa and South America. Specifically Mr Bovelander’s bio solutions focus has concentrated primarily on agricultural feedstocks for biofuels (e.g. oil palm and Jatropha for biodiesel and sugar cane for bioethanol) as well as biomass (e.g. wood chips, wood pellets and EFB pellets) for energy generation and bio based economies. This work has included investigation into the development of short rotation woody crops in support of industry initiatives.

Typical assignments undertaken by Mr Bovelander include market research, feed stock assessment, technology evaluation, due diligence and project feasibility assessment for a wide range of clients covering forest industry, investors, lenders, project developers and trading houses.

Mr. Matt Bovelander, Senior Consultant Bio Solutions
Indufor Asia Pacific Ltd
China & Taiwan: Emergent New Markets in North Asian Biomass Trade
Day 2 [Tue 16, May], at 12:00 PM
Afternoon's Chairman
Day 2 [Tue 16, May], at 02:00 PM

Introduction – From Residues to Plantation: Securing Biomass Resources
Day 1 [Mon 15, May], at 09:30 AM

Dedicated Biomass Plantations: The Current Landscape
Day 1 [Mon 15, May], at 09:45 AM

Choosing Your Biomass: Options in Wood & Non-Wood Short Rotation Crops
Day 1 [Mon 15, May], at 10:30 AM

Mr. Daichi Kamite

Mr Kamite graduated Keio University with a Master degree in Administration Engineering.  He is certified “Energy Risk Professional” of Global Association of Risk Professionals.

He has worked in the Japanese utility sector for 14years, and mostly in power marketing and risk management.  Since two years ago, he has been with eREX and involved in developing biomass power plants.  He is now in charge of energy trading dept. which is established last October.

Mr. Daichi Kamite, General Manager, Head of Energy Trading
eRex Co. Ltd.
IPP Biomass Power Operation in Japan – eRex’s Experience with Current Operation & Biomass Requirements
Day 3 [Wed 17, May], at 09:05 AM

Mr. Shuzo Watanabe

Shuzo Watanabe has been General Manager of development for Gasification technology(TIGAR) since 2007, which is applied to Biomass gacification.  In 2006, he took on the position of Guest Researcher of Tsinghua Univ.(Beijing China) , relating to Clean Coal Technology.  Between 1998-2002, he developed the Circulating fluidized bed boiler applied for waste-fuels/biomass fuels and those CFBs have been delivered for domestic customers.

Mr. Shuzo Watanabe, General Manager, Gasification Technology
IHI Corporation
Various Biomass Utilization Technologies
Day 3 [Wed 17, May], at 09:35 AM

Mr. Peter Bjorklund

Peter Björklund is responsible for development of steam explosion based fuel pellet solutions at Valmet Biomass Conversion Technology in Sweden. He has been engaged in various positions in projects for the pulp and paper industries with focus solutions related to environmental protection and energy efficiency. Mr. Björklund graduated from Åbo Akademi, Finland, with a degree in chemical engineering and he has more than 30 years of working experience.

Mr. Peter Bjorklund, Senior Process Engineer
Valmet AB
Mass-Yield Loss & Heating Value Uplift during Steam Explosion Treatment of Hard Wood
Day 3 [Wed 17, May], at 10:00 AM

Ms. Rachael Levinson

Rachael Levinson joined Argus Media in 2014 to cover the biomass markets. She currently leads the biomass editorial team at Argus and edits the Argus Biomass Markets weekly report.

Argus Biomass Markets is the leading publication for the international wood pellet and wood chip sectors, covering premium pellets, industrial pellets and chips. The service includes full market coverage, news, and analysis, as well as publishing weekly wood pellet and chip prices.

Rachael has been a financial journalist for 8 years.  

Ms. Rachael Levinson, Acting Editor, Biomass Markets
Argus Media Ltd
Growth of Biomass Power Capacity in the Asia-Pacific Region & Corresponding Demand Expansion for Biomass
Day 2 [Tue 16, May], at 02:10 PM

Dr. Takanobu Aikawa

Takanobu Aikawa obtained his Master degree in forest ecology from the Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University.  He joined Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co., Ltd. and was involved in investigations and consulting activities on forest sector. Spurred by the Great East Japan Earthquake, he began to engage in a variety of bioenergy projects, mainly focusing on woody biomass, and has been in his current position since June 2016. In March the same year, he completed his doctorate in agricultural studies on the theme of human resources development policy in the area of forest management. His publications include Conditions for Success in Woody Biomass Projects in Forestry Regions and Investigating the Laws of Forestry in Advanced Countries, both published by Zenkoku Ringyo Fukyu Kyokai.

Dr. Takanobu Aikawa, Senior Researcher
Renewable Energy Institute
Chairman’s Remarks
Day 3 [Wed 17, May], at 09:00 AM
Sustainability & Certification of Biomass Based products
Day 1 [Mon 15, May], at 11:50 AM

Mr. Michael Sew

Mr. Michael Sew is serving as the Secretary-General for Malaysia Biomass Industries Confederation, a national industrial association that representing the biomass stakeholders in Malaysia. He is also the Managing Director for BlueBio Matrix Sdn Bhd. Mr. Michael has been involved in Malaysia Palm Oil Board JV Palm Biomass Briquetting research & development plant which also lead him to be involved in Palm-based Pelletizing Plant as well as a Palm Bio-Coke Pilot Plant in Malaysia.

Mr. Michael Sew, Secretary-General
Malaysia Biomass Industries Confederation
Sustainability Requirement & Cost Efficiency of Oil Palm Biomass (PKS, EFB, Palm Pellets & etc) for Biomass Power
Day 2 [Tue 16, May], at 02:40 PM

Mr. Allan Yek

Allan Yek is graduate in Computer Engineering in Malaysia since 1992.
Prior to joining TSCH International Trading Sdn Bhd he was the Director for the TSCH International Trading Co. in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. 
He has 5 years of experience in the field of Palm Kernel Shell (PKS).

Mr. Allan Yek, Managing Director
Fuji Biomass Energy Sdn. Bhd.
Panel: Oil Palm Biomass Markets in SE Asia - Supply Competitiveness to North Asia
Day 2 [Tue 16, May], at 04:15 PM

Mr. Tony Wood

Born in New Zealand, Tony went on to complete a Batchelor of Forestry Science degree from Canterbury University achieving honors level accreditation.

In 1993 Tony took up an opportunity to move to Indonesia for the development of tropical hardwood plantations. Tony was in direct management roles within Indonesia for over 15 years. The last three positions held were at the General Manager level for large Pulp & Paper producers.

In July 2008 Tony left the direct management roles to become the country manager for the Poyry international consulting group. While with Pöyry, Tony was involved in projects across Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Congo and Brazil. His work resulted in stock exchange regulation fulfillment, major investment into forestry, palm oil and biomass projects.

Tony now works with the Ata Marie Consulting Group as the senior specialist in forest operations, contract management and bioenergy development. Current work mainly focuses on feasibility studies and project development for bioenergy within Indonesia. This involves land searches, site suitability studies, biomass resource studies, and full financial analysis for project investment.

Mr. Tony Wood, Senior Forestry Experts
Ata Marie Group Ltd
Panel: Oil Palm Biomass Markets in SE Asia - Supply Competitiveness to North Asia
Day 2 [Tue 16, May], at 04:15 PM
Introduction – From Residues to Plantation: Securing Biomass Resources
Day 1 [Mon 15, May], at 09:30 AM

Managing the Biomass Plantation: Asset Management & Operational Considerations
Day 1 [Mon 15, May], at 11:10 AM

Mr. Kitti Chulasamaya
In 2012, BioPellets started developing energy plantation for power plant by co-ordinating with local farmers under the concept of OTOM (One Tambon One Megawatt; Tambon in Thai mean District which is averaged for 2,000 house hold). In 2015 their pellet plant came on-stream by using sawdust and wood shaving from wood industry.

Mr. Kitti Chulasamaya, CEO
BioPellets Thailand Co Ltd
Thai Wood Pellet Market Update & Supply Outlook for North Asia
Day 3 [Wed 17, May], at 11:10 AM

Mr. Scott Bax

As Senior Vice President of Operations for Pinnacle Renewable Energy, Scott is responsible for the safe and productive operations of Pinnacle’s seven pellet plants located throughout BC, Canada. Scott is also Chair of the Wood Pellet Associations of Canada’s Safety Committee and is active in driving safety conversations across the entire pellet supply chain.  Before joining Pinnacle, Scott acquired over 20 years of forestry experience in wood manufacturing facilities and logging operations throughout Canada and the USA. Scott holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Forestry (MF) both from the University of Alberta.

Mr. Scott Bax, Senior Vice-President, Operations
Pinnacle Renewable Energy
Review of the Western Canadian Wood Pellet Supply Chain to Asia
Day 3 [Wed 17, May], at 12:05 PM

Mr. Seth Ginther

Seth Ginther is Executive Director of the U.S. Industrial Pellet Association and co-managing partner of Hirschler Fleischer's renewable energy group. Seth represents the interests of the US based industrial pellet industry with a focus on issues such as specifications, certifications, sustainability, uniformity of contracts, shipping and other exporting issues such as port infrastructure and transportation. Seth earned a bachelor of arts degree in political science from Virginia Tech and a J.D. from the University of Richmond T.C. Williams School of Law.

Mr. Seth Ginther, Executive Director
US Industrial Pellet Association (USIPA)
Pathways for the US to Provide Secure, Sustainable Supply of Pellets to Asian Markets
Day 3 [Wed 17, May], at 11:40 AM
Breakfast Talk
Day 3 [Wed 17, May], at 08:00 AM

Mr. Thomas Meth

Thomas Meth is the co-founder and Executive Vice President of the Sales and Marketing team of the Enviva family of companies. Thomas has led Enviva’s global Sales and Marketing team since the company’s inception, developing strategies and contracts for utility, industrial and commercial customers in the US, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. He is also responsible for Enviva’s sustainability and public affairs initiatives. Enviva Partners, LP (NYSE: EVA) completed its initial public in April 2015, becoming the first publicly traded, master limited partnership that focuses on renewable energy production. The publication Environmental Finance named Enviva’s IPO its “Bioenergy Deal of the Year”.  He has been with Enviva for over 12 years.


Mr. Thomas Meth, Co-Founder & Executive VP, Sales & Marketing
Enviva LP
Global Wood Pellet Producers Panel
Day 3 [Wed 17, May], at 02:30 PM

Mr. Ian Sandeman

Ian Sandeman has been Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Altus since 2007. Ian has held senior executive positions in both the public and private sector including State Forests of New South Wales, Mondi Limited and Hancock Victorian Plantations. Ian has had more than 30 years of international experience working with companies in Japan, the USA, Australia, Europe and South Africa. Ian holds a Bachelor of Science (Forestry), Honours B. (Business & Administration) and a Master of Business Administration all from the University of Stellenbosch.

Mr. Ian Sandeman, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
Altus Renewables Limited
Global Wood Pellet Producers Panel
Day 3 [Wed 17, May], at 02:30 PM

Ms. Satomi Funahashi

Ms. Funahashi Satomi is the Chief Consultant from Fuji Keizai Co. Ltd. (Energy & Environment Division). Her main research field is on solid / liquified / gaseous biomass including Municipal Solid Waste. Ms. Satomi has been involved in biomass related projects and research as a consultant and a market information provider for both public and private sectors for many years. Some of the projects involved are oil palm biomass unutilized in Malaysia.

Ms. Satomi Funahashi, Chief, Energy & Environment, Osaka Marketing Div.
Fuji Keizai Co.
Sustainability Requirement & Cost Efficiency of Oil Palm Biomass (PKS, EFB, Palm Pellets & etc) for Biomass Power
Day 2 [Tue 16, May], at 02:40 PM

Ms. Jennifer Jenkins

As VP and Chief Sustainability Officer, Dr. Jennifer Jenkins leads the team responsible for Enviva’s environmental stewardship, from ensuring the sustainability of the fibre supply chain to interacting with policymakers on regulatory matters.

Dr. Jenkins holds an MBA from the University of Maryland’s RH Smith School of Business, a PhD in ecosystem ecology from the University of New Hampshire, a master of forest science from Yale University, and a BA in biology and environmental studies from Dartmouth College.

Ms. Jennifer Jenkins, VP. & Chief Sustainability Officer
Enviva LP
Pre-Cocktail Sponsor's Address - Sustainability & Transparency Key to Long-Term Biomass Adoption
Day 2 [Tue 16, May], at 05:00 PM

Dr. William "Bill" Strauss

William Strauss is the President and founder of FutureMetrics.  FutureMetrics provides analysis and strategic guidance ot many of the world's leading companies in the wood pellet sector.  Bill continues to be a thought leader in the sector and has published numerous papers on a variety of subjects relevant to the wood pellet sector.  Bill is the 2012 recipient of the International Excellence in Bioenergy award and has been named as one of the most influential leaders in the biomass sector in 2016 and again in 2017 by Argus Media.  He has an MBA (specializing in finance) and a PhD in economics and earth systems science.


Dr. William "Bill" Strauss, President & Founder
FutureMetrics, LLC
Sustainability & Certification of Biomass Based products
Day 1 [Mon 15, May], at 11:50 AM

Mr. David Gardner

Mr. Gardner is a seasoned forestry professional with 25 years’ experience in Europe, Africa and Asia. After graduating with a Masters in Forestry, he worked in the private forestry sector in the UK before joining Sappi in South Africa for 7 years with a key role in productivity improvements in the harvesting and transport operations. Following a 2 year contract with a startup pulp and paper project in Malaysia, Mr. Gardner worked for Pöyry Forest Industry Consulting for 12 years, most recently in their Singapore office as Vice President and then President for the Asia Pacific region. In 2009, Mr. Gardner joined Global Forest Partners and is currently a Partner with the role of  Director of Asian and African Investments. Mr. Gardner is responsible for new deal sourcing throughout Asia and Africa. He is also responsible for developing GFP’s carbon and bio-energy strategies. Mr. Gardner holds an MSc in Forestry from Aberdeen University as well as an MBA from Cranfield University (UK).

Mr. David Gardner, Director of Asian & African Investments
Global Forest Partners LP
Investment Options for Dedicated Energy Biomass Plantations
Day 1 [Mon 15, May], at 02:00 PM

Mr. Michael Barbara

Michael Barbara has a lead role in originating deal opportunities and managing the investment of capital for New Forests’ funds in the Australia-New Zealand region. He has led or contributed to the investment of New Forests’ timberland funds in the region totalling more than AUD 2 billion. Michael is currently leading an investment proposal to construct and operate an Australian black pellet plant, sourcing certified plantation fibre from an integrated supply chain to supply 250,000 tonnes per annum into the Japanese market. Since joining New Forests at its inception in 2005, Michael has worked for the company’s Australian and US businesses in roles spanning asset management, investment analysis and development of commercialisation strategies for environmental assets.

Mr. Michael Barbara, Associate Director, Investments
New Forests Asset Management Pty Ltd
Investment Options for Dedicated Energy Biomass Plantations
Day 1 [Mon 15, May], at 02:00 PM