Algae World 2009,

27-28 Apr, 2009 - Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS

Van der Valk Hotel Ridderkerk

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"Optimising Algae Production & Profit Potentials"


CMT's Algae World 2009: Towards Commercialization; Linking up Algae Value Chain


CMT's 2nd Algae World 2009 brings together the global algae community to access key strategies adopted by successful algae businesses in integrating upcoming trends and practices into your business value chains.


At Algae World 2009, algae sector's top experts and decision makers will share their frank insights on overcoming technical, organizational and financial challenges, as well as triumphing over the uncertain years ahead.


The challenges of commercialising algae production and its applications in energy production or other product applications are numerous. Fundamental technological questions are
- Where to grow the algae?
- Which strains to choose?
- How to boost productivity?
- How to design the most cost effective production system?


"With algae, the downstream oil to fuel conversion processes are coming along nicely - the challenges lie in the growth, harvesting and oil extraction"
- Al Darzins, US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (extracted from Dec '08, Chemistry World)


Algae World 2009 is a must attend forum, dedicated to mapping the entire algae value chain, from production to application, and will give your Algae business the edge to stay ahead in this very competitive environment!

Algae World 2009 dives into critical sessions to ensure the success of your ventures:


- Managing an efficient value chain - multiple output & revenues
- Full utilization of algae's potential - markets and technology of converting to
Biodiesel, Bioethanol, Carbon Sequestration, Water Remediation, Biogas,
Biochemicals, Animal Feed
- Capabilities and limitations of Open System vs. Closed System / Hybrid

- Algae Productivity and Photosynthetic Efficiency
- How to achieve target production cost?

- Innovations & breakthroughs in algal harvesting
- Best practices in algal biomass processing
- Impact of difficult credit markets on clean-tech private equity investment


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Testimonials from Algae World 2008 in Singapore

"Real experiences to prepare for the low cost revolution and large scale roll out of Algae"
~ Managing Director, MDB Biodiesel Ltd (Australia)

"Very informative, inspiring, insightful, interactive and truly rewarding. A Quality forum and rich experience for all participants"
~ Vice President, PTT Public Co. Ltd. (Thailand)

"A great opportunity for face-to-face interaction with key players"
~ Senior Research Officer, Rhodes University (South Africa)

"Algae World provided a great overview of the field and current developments"

~ Head of Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa, The Scottish Association for Marine Science (UK)


You will network with
- Algae Technology Developers
- Cleantech Entrepreneurs
- Algal Science Research Institutes
- Aquaculturists
- Financiers and Investors (Limited partners & investment banks,
Venture capitalists, angels, corporate and institutional investors,
Hedge fund and private equity managers, Project financiers and asset manager)
- Oil Companies/Fuel Distributors
- Industrial Carbon Generators - Mining Companies,
Power Plant Operators, Cement Plant Operators
- End-users - Biofuels Producers, Animal Feed Companies, Fish, Poultry,
Pig and Cattle Farming, Nutraceutical Companies, Fertilizer Manufacturers,
Aircraft/Engine Manufacturers
- Equipment Suppliers - Centrifuge Manufacturers, Oil Extraction Machineries,
Waste Water Processing Equipments
- Civil Engineering Companies

News Feed

The Verdict on long-term Algae Biofuels outlook passed at Algae World 2008.

Posted on : 02 Oct, 2009

In a bid to drive down CO2 emissions and use non-edible feedstocks for biofuels, Algae is back under the spotlight, and over 150 participants from all over the world convened at the recently concluded Algae World 2008 summit in Singapore to discuss the commercialization of Algae Biofuels.


Algae World 2008 saw participation from the industry’s top scientists, investors, venture capitalists, algae company representatives, and individuals from a various industries who were exploring algae as an option for CO2 reduction, or even as an alternative to their existing business interests.


Panel of Experts Who Shared at Algae World 2008 in Singapore.
Panel of Experts Who Shared at Algae World 2008 in Singapore


Participants all agreed that utilizing Algae as a viable biofuel feedstock is inevitable, but acknowledged that current algae business models need to be tailored towards the nutraceutical and food sectors, which will fetch higher returns in the near future.

Algae World 2008 participants expressed strong views on the current cost of microalgae production, which they agreed is too high to justify its use as a biodiesel feedstock, and calling on researchers and market players to drive down costs to make it a viable option in the next 5 years.



They also emphasised the need to get together to share and exchange updates on the industry to ensure that Algae Biofuels remain on track. And most Algae World 2008 participants felt that Algae World offers them the best platform for this.


Mr. Usanee Chatranon, Vice President of Thailand’s PTT Public Company Ltd echoed sentiments when he commented, “Algae World 2008 was very informative, inspiring, insightful, interactive and truly rewarding. A Quality forum and rich experience for all participants.”


His views were echoed by Noor Irma Nazashida from Sime Darby Research, who said, “Algae World 2008 was a very good platform to gain technical knowledge, exchange information and network with people from various industries with the same business interests.”


That’s why so many of them are already confirming their participation at Algae World Europe, and more importantly, inviting their business partners to join them.


As one delegate remarked, “Algae World is a well arranged conference with knowledgeable speakers,” summing up in one sentence, why you should be joining us at this critical conference!


Algae World Europe will be held on 6-7 April in Rotterdam, so mark these critical dates on your calendars for this critical event, and drop us an email right away to confirm your participation!


Watch this space for all the latest updates on this critical conference, and in the mean time, if you wish to come on board as our sponsors, media partners and/or exhibitors at Algae World Europe, do contact Ms. Cynthia at +65 6346 9132 or email at


Algae Opportunities, Production Challenges & Applications Webinar Recording Online for Immediate Access.

Posted on : 02 Oct, 2009

The Algae World 2009 webinar, “Algae Opportunities, Production Challenges & Applications” went live on 14 April 2009 at 12PM GMT, 2.00PM CEST (Central European Summer Time) & 8.00AM New York and was an intensive 1 hour discussion.


The level of interaction and discussion at “Algae Opportunities, Production Challenges & Applications” made it one of the most informative, and useful discussions on the Algae value chain that you cannot afford to miss. We had over 150 people tuning in from all over the world, and included researchers, algae business owners, investors, entrepreneurs & scientists.


At the webinar, Mr. Carel Callenbach, MD of Ingrepro BV and Mr. Marc Van Aken, CEO of SBAE Industries NV shared some candid insights and relevant answers to key questions submitted by participants. Some of the questions they addressed include:

  • What is a Continual Harvesting regimen?
  • What is the latest progress in non-chemical microalgae flocculation & harvesting technology?
  • What is the most effective & economical algal oil extraction method?
  • What are the scale-up issues for pond & reactor based systems?
  • Is it feasible to start an algal industry near a coal plant to capture CO2?
  • Is it commercially viable to cultivate algae in cold climates?
  • What are realistic algae oil production volumes with existing or near-term technologies?


… Plus many more technical, scientific, and business model related questions and answers.


Alan Schaefer, CEO ofSchaefer Bio-Engineering summed up participants’ sentiments at the webinar when he commented, “I just finished listening to the algae webinar.  I thought that is was very worthwhile.  I knew most of what they were talking about already but the webinar broadened my outlook on certain industry aspects. One can become so focused on certain channels of development such as CO2 supply, algae growing systems, harvesting, oil extraction, oil marketing, etc. I enjoyed the seminar and my thanks to all who made it possible.


If you missed the Algae Webinar, just provide your details in the form below for instructions on how you can download the webinar recording free.


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In the mean time, do not forget to sign up for Algae World 2009, and join over 150 participants from over 40 countries in Rotterdam on 27-28 April 2009.




Origin Oil's "Light" approach in Microalgae Cultivation! CTO Dr. Vikram Pattarkine Shares insights in Algae World 2009-Rotterdam.

Posted on : 13 Mar, 2009


Origin Oil- Helix BioreactorOrigin Oil was identified as one of the “Hottest 50 Companies in BioEnergy” by the Biofuels Digest in 2008. This Los Angeles start-up is blazing a trail in the Algae industry with their innovative, closed-environment cultivation system that aims to be more ‘cost-effective’ and ‘high-speed’ for manufacturing microalgal oil.


Origin Oil’s three-stage production system begins with a process they call ‘quantum fracturing’; where water, CO2 and nutrients are mixed under high pressure to create a “slurry” of “micron-sized nutrient bubbles”.


The “slurry” is then channelled into an algae culture set within their proprietary low-pressure “Helix” photobioreactor. (As pictured above). Within the photobioreactor, the algae are treated with low energy light cast by a rotating vertical shaft in a spiral pattern, aimed at stepping up production.


In an interview with Recharge News, Origin Oil CTO Dr. Pattarkine said, “The process achieves efficient distribution of nutrients to the algae culture without much agitation or aeration.


The company’s ambitions for its “Helix” photobioreactor took its place in the spotlight in December last year when the unit was automated, allowing Origin Oil real time control over all stages of the algae production process.


Once a batch of algae has matured, most of the algae is skimmed for harvesting, and the remaining ‘green water’ is purified and returned to the “Helix” photobioreactor to repeat the growth cycle.


By using this ‘cascading’ system, Dr. Pattarkine added, there was “no need to re-incubate” successive batches of algae, as the algae which was not transferred out for the oil extraction stage would already be mature, and can continue growing within the Helix Bioreactor until the next harvest.


However, even Dr. Pattarkine acknowledges the challenge in extracting oil from the harvested algae. In the same interview, he says mechanical lysing methods are energy-intensive and “often ineffective”, and commonly used chemical solvents likes benzene, ether or hexane called for careful handling and increased operating costs.


At Algae World 2009 Dr. Pattarkine shares frank insights on the topic “ALGAE FOR FUEL: PROMISES & CHALLENGES,” touching on specific technology issues and solutions to overcome technology challenges for algae production and commercialization.


"We are continuing to interact with key players in the fast-growing algae-to-oil field,” said Dr. Pattarkine about sharing at Algae World 2009.


As we continue to grow, events such as Algae World 2009 allow us to educate even more people on the promise of algae so that we can work together on utilizing this biofuel to its fullest potential.


Don’t miss out on this hearing from Dr. Pattarkine, the brains behind one of the Hottest Algae start-ups, Origin Oil at Algae World 2009 in Rotterdam on 27-28 April 2009!


>>CLICK HERE to confirm your participation at Algae World 2009 to hear from TOP Algae players like Origin Oil. <<

Ingrepro's Algae Production & Harvesting Facility rolls out welcome carpet for Algae World 2009 site visit.

Posted on : 02 Mar, 2009

Ingrepro's Facility in Borculo, NETHERLANDS

Ingrepro's Facility in Borculo, NetherlandsSet amid the placid fields and farmland in Borculo, in the eastern part of the Netherlands, a 21,500 square foot pool is rapidly turning green with Algae in Ingrepro’s Algae production facility.

The algae is harvested and processed and the carbon exhaust from the steam engine used to dry the algae is once again pumped back into the pool.


Ingrepro BV is Europe’s largest Industrial Algae producer and boasts in-depth knowledge of cultivating algae under extreme (stress) conditions in order to obtain Enriched Algal Biomass (EAB).


Ingrepro B.V will welcome a select group of Algae World 2009 participants to tour their facility as part of the Algae World 2009 Site Visit.


This optional BONUS site visit is open to all Algae World 2009 delegates for a NOMINAL fee of 100 Euros ONLY.


Held on 28th April after the conclusion of the conference, the site visit group will depart after lunch at 1.30PM and return to the hotel by 6.30PM that evening.


Participate in this site visit for a golden chance to view Ingrepro’s facility, which has adopted both photobioreactor and open pond systems for algae production. Get a first-hand view of the running of an efficient production system, as well as harvesting and drying.


Most importantly, don’t miss out on this opportunity to quiz Ingrepro on their experiences in managing a commercial Algae facility to pick up some helpful pointers for your own business.


There are only a limited number of places available for the Algae World 2009 site visit!


Make sure you CONFIRM your participation at Algae World 2009 today, and block your seats for the site visit early to avoid disappointment.


>CLICK HERE<< to access our Algae World 2009 registration page to sign up for Algae World 2009 and this bonus Site Visit!


We look forward to meeting you in Rotterdam for Algae World 2009!

Algae World 2008 Participants share why Algae World 2009 in Rotterdam can't be missed.

Posted on : 25 Feb, 2009

Algae World 2009 in Rotterdam is just around the corner, and many key players in the community have already pencilled in the dates and confirmed their participation as speakers, sponsors and delegates with us already.


But for those of you still wondering why you should come to Rotterdam on the 27 & 28 of April for Algae World 2009, we have a special message from our Algae World 2008 alumnus.


Don't Miss Algae World 2009!


Last year’s Algae World conference attracted over 150 key players in the sector, many of whom gave the event a two thumbs up rating.


As one reviewer said, “Algae World was a well arranged conference with very knowledgeable speakers.


Others like the president of Thailand’s PTT Public Company Ltd described the Algae World 2008 conference as, “A quality forum and rich experience for all participants.


Another top Algae Scientist from The Scottish Association for Marine Science who attended Algae World 2008 said, “Algae World provides a great overview of the field and current developments.


But if you’re looking for the answer to the question, “Why attend Algae World?” then the answer was provided by this representative of Sime Darby Research, who summed up the Algae World experience as, “a very good platform to gain technical knowledge, exchange information and network with people from various industries with the same business interests.


So don’t wait anymore to sign up for Algae World 2009 in Rotterdam. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind chance to form productive connections with key industry players lay the groundwork for potential future contracts, joint ventures and investment.


AlgaeWorld 2009 will be time well spent out of the office!


>>Click Here<< to sign up with your team for AlgaeWorld 2009 right-away.


TOP Algae Expert Looks Beyond Hype, Hope & Hyperbole to uncover Facts & Hard Science behind Algae Production & Commercialization.

Posted on : 30 Jan, 2009


"Growth Rate and Productivity in Large Scale Algal Cultures: Facts, Fictions & Everything In-Between" is an insightful video presentation by Dr. Avigad Vonshak, Director of the Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research (BIDR), the research arm of Ben-Gurion University and the only non-US laboratory involved in the US Department of Energy's Aquatic Species Program.

Hear from Dr. Vonshak as he looks beyond the hype of Algae production for biofuels and other applications and scrutinize KEY issues and claims central to the commercial cultivation of Micro Algae in this highly rated presentation made at the Algae World 2008 conference in Singapore last November.


The AlgaeWorld Video will make you question some of the MOST FUNDAMENTAL ASSUMPTIONS in Algae Production, and aims to provide objective insights and realistic snapshot of the potential for Algae and the entire Algae value chain. This video is presented as a prelude to the upcoming AlgaeaWorld Europe 2009 to be held on the 27 & 28 April in Rotterdam.


Watch & find out if the following statements are Fact or Fiction:

- Algae really has a Superior oil yield compared to other biodiesel feedstock.
- Algae are the Fastest Growing Organisms on the Planet
- Fast Growing Algal Strains are the Most Productive Strains for Biofuel Production.
- I can produce 10,000 barrels of Algae Biofuel per hectare annually.
- Photo-bioreactors are the most efficient method of producing Algae.
- Growing Algae in closed systems ensures that there will be no contamination.
- Algae thrives in lots of light; the more the better.
- Algae are specialized organisms that convert biomass more efficiently than any other life form.

...Plus Many More...

Why you can't afford to miss out on this opportunity to tap Dr. Avigad Vonshak's expertise!

Dr. Avigad Vonshak is the Director of the Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research (BIDR), the research arm of Ben-Gurion University and the only non-US laboratory involved in the US Department of Energy's Aquatic Species Program.
Dr. Vonshak, who has been studying algae for over 30 years, has "seen it all" and strongly advocates the importance of knowledge over hype and hyperbole. In this video presentation, he calls on the Algae community to understand the facts and the science of Algae cultivation and processing before embarking on complicated business plans.

As Dr. Vonshak himself says, "Friends and Phycologists, I have not come to bury Micro-Algae for Biodiesel, neither do I want to Over-Sell it."

Don't miss out on the AlgaeWorld Video Presentation by Dr. Avigad Vonshak, where he reveals new research being carried out by his organization that could provide the first steps towards selecting a strain for commercial biofuel production.

For your Instant Access to this FREE Video, simply provide your first name and email in the form below.


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