Mekong Power Summit,

04-05 Jun, 2009 - Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM

Mövenpick Hotel Saigon

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An Emerging Horizon in Power Investments

"Janakuasa which won a US$1.5 Billion job in Vietnam, is in talks to build a second power plant there..." ~ Source: Malaysia Business Times, Jan 2009


" Solutions AG is promoting a wind power project in the central province of Ninh Thuan, with capital of US$110 Million and generation capacity of 70 MW." ~ Source: Saigon Times, Dec 2008


"Ch Karnchang expects to reap windfalls from the Xayaburi hydropower plant in Laos, as the Bt90 Billion project will entail construction work worth over Bt80 Billion." ~ Source: The Nation, Nov 2008


From East to West, the Mekong region has become the focal point in power investments! The region's thriving natural resources and acute demand for power is a driving combination that has led to more & more projects to be developed from Laos to Vietnam to Cambodia and Thailand.


CMT's Mekong POWER Summit brings together top panel of experts to focus on key issues.

- Government's policies to optimize private sector participation
- Investments opportunities & challenges facing IPPs in Vietnam & the Asian region.
- Power purchase agreement & legal requirements for energy export within the Mekong
- Security of fuel supply from gas to coal to renewable energy.
- Options in project financing and closing one in light of the credit crunch
- Alternative financing method such as private equity investment funds
- Role of Laos as "Battery of Asia" in meeting the GMR power trade project
- Project developments of the Xayaburi hydropower plant in Laos
- Legal perspective towards a bankable power project
- Cost competitiveness of developing biomass/biogas to power projects
- How to reap the benefits of carbon credits as alternate source of revenue
- Perspectives from renowned players: Petrovietnam to Sumitomo to Ministry of Industry


Mark your calendar & enjoy a discounted fee for a group of 3 or more!


You Will Network With
- Independent Power Producers & Investors - National Power Generation Companies - Power Grid Operators - EPC Companies & Developers - Coal and Gas Producers/Traders - Renewable Energy Power Companies & Consultants - Technology/Equipment Suppliers - Carbon Management Consultants - Legal Advisors - Project Financiers & Asset Managers - Policy Makers & Government Regulators - Biomass Processing Companies/Traders

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Southeast Asia Improves Power Supply with Renewable Energy Growth

Posted on : 14 May, 2009


“Despite the economic downturn and contracting power demand, GE Energy in Indochina still hopes to see business growth across the region thanks to the strong support of governments on renewable energy.


Kovit Kantapasara, GE Energy's country executive for Thailand and Indochina, said demand for renewable energy is growing strongly as countries in Indochina have all committed to developing renewable energy to cut their reliance on mainstream fuels.  He also commented renewable power projects such as biogas, biomass and wind power do not require much money for investment as most of them are small.


Last year GE Thailand recorded double-digit growth from its operation, thanks to orders from new IPP projects and biogas projects, he said.


Most power plants in Thailand still have inefficient fuel consumption at 40-50 percent on average. GE foresees the total power generation market in Thailand this year will be worth US$1.5 billion, with $1 billion from new small power producers and the rest from maintenance services.


Under Thailand's power development plan, starting from 2009, new small power generators would be built totalling 900 megawatts. GE sees this as its main target.


In Vietnam, where the economy has started to rebound, its government will likely upgrade

"Over the past several years, Vietnam suffered from frequent blackouts because of inadequate power supply, so we are quite confident that the government will not let it happen again," he said. "Power operators have to keep upgrading technology and equipment as it is the key to reducing fuel consumption, which is the major cost for operations," he said.


GE Energy, the world's leading energy and infrastructure technology supplier, said its products and services for sizable projects would also have growth, adding that aging generators in existing power plants need upgrades.

Source: Bangkok Post, 27 Feb 2009


For more information and opportunities in Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos power sectors, renewable energy options and developments, sign up for CMT's Mekong Power Summit, 4-5 June 2009 in Ho Chi Minh City today! Visit for the latest updates.

Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) announced huge investment in power project plans for 2009

Posted on : 14 May, 2009


Hanoi - The Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) has reported that it is to invest almost 50 trillion VND in electricity generation sources during 2009, including nuclear power plants.

The State-run business revealed that it has raised 44.39 trillion VND so far and is actively seeking the remaining 5.6 trillion VND.

To make up the shortfall, the national group said that it would make full use of official development assistance (ODA) and preferential credit sources, seek commercial loans, and ensure the smooth progress of an approved plan to issue 4 trillion VND worth of bonds.

With the planned investment, EVN will strive to put into operation nine electricity plants with a combined capacity of 2,696 MW and commence construction of four thermal-electricity plants, capable of producing 3,800 MW in total, this year.

The group is also finalising reports regarding investments in two nuclear power projects, Ninh Thuan 1 and 2, to be submitted to the National Assembly before April this year.


Join Mekong Power Summit to leverage on the enormous potential in Power developments within this region. Check out our agenda

EU Firms Show Interest in build-operate-transfer (BOT) electricity generation projects in Vietnam

Posted on : 05 May, 2009


Companies from the European Union (EU), speaking at a meeting in Hanoi on Monday with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, expressed keen interest in build-operate-transfer (BOT) electricity generation projects in the country.

Erdal Elver, chief executive officer of Siemens Ltd. Vietnam, and representatives of 30 EU enterprises asked for more information about BOT projects and bidding procedure reforms for quickened project implementation.

The Government has made efforts to foster a competitive energy market in Vietnam, Elver said, and the improvements have helped push up Nghi Son 2 thermo power project.

The participating firms also asked the ministry to announce power projects so that investors can consider them.

The output capacity of Vietnam’s electricity industry was designed to be 15,000 megawatts last year and is expected to rise to 18,500 megawatts this year thanks to the launching of new power stations, said Minister of Industry and Trade Vu Huy Hoang.

“The risk of power shortfall has prompted the Government to speed up power projects and open up the market (to the private sector),” he said. This policy is aimed at reducing the supply and demand imbalance within the next two years.

Companies from the EU have pledged nearly US$12 billion in nearly 770 power, infrastructure and financial projects in the country.


Source: Apr 29 2009. Location: Vietnam


For more details on the Vietnamese government incentives for private power project developers, attend the Mekong Power Summit, 4-5 June 2009, Ho Chi Minh, and hear from Mr. Le Tuan Phong from Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Vietnam: 15 more power plants to fire up in 2009

Posted on : 05 May, 2009




Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) announced that extra 15 new power plants with total capacity of 3,570 MW would be operational in 2009. Nine of which with total capacity of 2,696 MW will be put into operation by EVN.


Image source:


Nine include Pleikrong, Se San 4, Buon Kuop, Buon Tua Srah, Ba Ha River power plant, Ban Ve, Hai Phong 1, Quang Ninh 1 and O Mon 1.

EVN urged the EPC contractor to complete the expanded Uong Bi 1 plant and tried to break ground on four fed power plants with total capacity of 3,800 MW.  

Source:, 22 April 2009


Attend Mekong Power Summit, 4-5 June 2009, Ho Chi Minh City to reap business opportunities from the thriving power sector in Vietnam as well as other Mekong region (Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos)!

Mekong Countries' Power Sector Investments Outlook & Regulatory Environment shared by top Energy & Utilities Lawyer.

Posted on : 22 Apr, 2009

Mr. Robert Fitzgibbons, Senior Counsel at DFDL Mekong and Mekong Power Summit panellist sat down with team for a frank discussion on the region’s power sector and current regulatory developments.

As an electric utility and power sector lawyer for almost thirty years, Rob’s key expertise is in drafting laws and subsidiary legislation for governments. In fact, Rob assisted both the Vietnamese and Cambodian government craft their respective electricity laws and reforms.


At the interview, Rob pinpoints the complexity of the Mekong power sector.

Systems in each country are quite different. Vietnam is trying to disaggregrate the vertically integrated power system sturcture. Cambodia, although a small market, has already taken that step and permits power investment in virtually any kind of power project. In Thailand, they still embrace the system of a vertically integrated utility. How you work your way around these systems for your power projects is an intriguing and challenging question.


Due to his close involvement with governments and private investors in developing power projects in the region, Rob’s insights were holistic and covered both the regulatory and business point of view. 

This insightful session addressed key issues shaping the region’s power sector growth including:

  1. The fallout of the global economic downturn on power investments in the Mekong countries.
  2. Latest policy changes and reforms in the region & their impact on private power investments.
  3. Key challenges associated with investment in the sector’s power markets.
  4. A Mekong regional power grid- pipe dream or in the cards?
  5. Developing Nuclear Power, Hydro Power & Renewable Power (Biomass) in the region.

During the interview, Rob constantly referenced the many opportunities for power sector investment in the region.

He says, “There’s obviously a great market for power sector projects. The Thai market will rebound, and the Vietnamese market is still strong. There will be tremendous opportunities in not only power projects, but also transmission facilities.”


We are releasing the recording of this interview for you to listen in to Rob’s insight into the sectors. Just provide your details in the form below, and watch out for our email with further instructions on how you can listen in!

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