2nd Algae World Asia 2009,

29 Sep-01 Oct, 2009 - Bangkok, THAILAND

Swissotel Nai Lert Park Bangkok

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Expanding Algae Markets with Technology Advances


Flow Chart for Algae



CMT's 2nd Algae World Asia addresses the pertinent issues relating to large-scale commercialisation of algae production. Top international panel of experienced cultivators and renowned algal biotechnology scientists to address technical, commercial and financial challenges of algae production.


2nd Algae World Asia looks at a broad-range of algae applications including the high value products for human and animal nutrition, algae's role in carbon capture and recycle, and bioremediation, to highlight the opportunities in these areas. The conference also looks beyond the hype around algal biofuel and offer realistic approaches on making it happen.


2nd Algae World Asia explores upcoming opportunities in Asia and spotlights Asia's successful Algae businesses to give you the necessary edge to maximise the potential of your algae business.


Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for new investment opportunity, or existing algae stakeholder who wants to expand your business horizon, attending 2nd Algae World Asia equips you with essential knowledge and the latest industry update.


With over 6 hours of networking time built into the program, you will meet influential people that can advance your algae venture.


Attend 2nd Algae World Asia and benefit from the following sessions:

  • Focus on Algae's commercial viability and applications in: Health & Nutrition, Aqua & Animal Feed, Biodiesel, Bioethanol, Power Generation, Carbon Capture & Recycle, Waste Water Treatment
  • Case Studies of Algae Production in Asia
  • Viable business model for mass algae production
  • Adoption of best practices in Production, Harvesting, Downstream Processing
  • Technical and Financial constraints, and new Solutions to overcome them
  • Pathway to commercialization of Algal Biofuel
  • R&D in
  • - Cultivation Facility Design and Operation
  • - Increasing Productivity and Lowered Cost
  • - Algal Harvesting, Extraction & Processing

OPTIONAL Site Visit to Green Diamond-1 Spirulina Farm in Chiang Mai, THAILAND. Insights on running a commercially viable Algae business!


WHEN? On 1 October 2009
– (additional US$50 per person fee applicable)

NOTE: Delegates are required to make their own travel arrangements to Chiang Mai. On-land itinerary as per below. For daily flight information from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, please visit Thai Airways: www.thaiair.com or Bangkok Airways: www.bangkokair.com


12.00  Pick up from  Royal Princess Chiangmai (see details below)

13.00  Arrive at Boonsom Spirulina Farm followed by Lunch

14:00  Tour of farm

15:00  Q&A

15:30  End of Site Visit

15:35  Depart for Royal Princess Chiangmai


For delegates who are participating in the site visit and wish to stay overnight in Chiang Mai, CMT has arranged special discounted room rate at THB 1413 nett (Single) per room per night only (subject to room & rate availability) at Royal Princess Chiang Mai (Pick-up Point). Please reserve your room with the hotel directly, providing full credit card number & expiry date to: 

Royal Princess Chiangmai

112 Chang Klan Road

Chiang Mai 50100


Tel: 66 53 281033

Fax: 66 53 253989


Mr Kraiwit, Manager




Sign up today with your team and secure seats at Asia's premier Algae conference. You can >>register online<< or contact sasha@cmtsp.com.sg.


CMT's Algae World - Premier Algae Forum in Asia, Proven Record of Excellence


If you have missed the previous events in Singapore and Rotterdam, be sure to join us this year in Bangkok and become part of the privileged Algae World alumnus who has benefited from the

Highly Rated Algae Forum!


"Very informative, inspiring, insightful, interactive and truly rewarding. A quality forum and rich experience for all participants"
~ Vice President, PTT Public Co. Ltd. (Thailand)


"An exceptional broad view of algae diversity and end-products"
~ POS Pilot Plant (Canada)


"A first-class networking event, with highly relevant insights from leading experts in the field"

~ Renewables East (UK)


"For a newbie in the Algae Industry, Algae World provided technical information needed and the business experience of other experts"
~ Sales and Marketing Director, National Feedlot Corporation (Malaysia)







News Feed

Algal Fuels Consortium (AFC) Wins US$2.26 million Australian Grant. Chairman Rob Thomas shares perspectives at 2nd AlgaeWorld Asia…

Posted on : 07 Sep, 2009


The Algal Fuel Consortium (AFC) won a US$2.26 million research grant under the Department of Resources Energy and Tourism’s Second Generation Biofuels program in Australia. The grant will support the development of microalgal mass cultivation systems to generate biomass from captured CO2 emissions.


AFC comprises the Sancon Recycling Pty Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of Sancon Resources Recovery Inc.); Government of South Australia; South Australian Research & Development Institute (SARDI); Flinders University; Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO); and Flinders Partners.


This truly collaborative research project will produce biomass from native strains of microalgae, from which biodiesel will be produced on a scale that is commercially viable. At the same time, the project will produce high value by-products including Omega-3 fatty acids, bioactive peptides and carotenoids used by the nutraceutical industry.


In a recent interview, Rob Thomas, Chair of the Algal Fuels Consortium said about the AFC, “This renewable energy project is a step forward from the small-scale research conducted to date by the AFC partners. Under this project, the consortium partners will improve native microalgal strains to be grown in ponds optimized for productivity, with carbon and nutrient delivery. The AFC will also develop low-cost and efficient harvesting, dewatering, and oil extraction technologies and perform subsequent bioprocessing to produce high value co-products alongside biodiesel.


Rob will be sharing his perspectives on the Algal Fuels Consortium at the 2nd Algae World Asia summit in Bangkok. In his speech, “Biorefinery Approach for Algal Biofuels and High Value Co-Products”, Rob will provide an update AFC’s research and development into their Algae project.


>>Attend 2nd Algae World Asia to hear from Rob Thomas, and other leading Algae industry experts. Confirm your participation here!<<


Chinese Firm ENN develops Groundbreaking Carbon Capture Technique utilizing Algae! ENN scientist shares update at 2nd Algae World Asia in Bangkok.

Posted on : 01 Sep, 2009


China is one of the world’s biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, mainly because it relies on coal for 70% of its power generation. Almost none of the carbon dioxide is captured, but more than one new 500MQ coal-fired plant is built every week.  


One Chinese firm’s recent breakthrough puts the spotlight on Algae as the answer to carbon emissions in China and the rest of the world. The company ENN, headquartered in Langfang, China is a vertically integrated supplier of energy, committed to the development and utilization of clean energy.


ENN’s research has culminated in the creation of a bioreactor, specifically tailored to grow micro-algae using carbon captured from gasified coal. The micro-algae passes through a greenhouse filled with transparent pipes multiplying rapidly as it flows through tubes, stacked 14 high in four long rows.


ENN Scientists are currently testing different types of micro-algae to determine which one is more effective in cleaning up CO2 wastes from burning coal.


ENN’s Carbon Capture process involves a series of steps. First, coal is gasified in a simulated underground environment. The carbon dioxide produced is extracted using solar and wind power and "fed" to the algae encouraging their multiplication and growth. The algae can be harvested daily, and converted into bio-fuels, fertilisers or animal feed.




Over the next three years, researchers at ENN plan to scale up the trial to a 100-hectare (247 acre) site. If this proves commercially feasible, coal plants around the world could one day be using carbon-cleaning algae greenhouses or ponds.


Algal Carbon Capture is taking also off in other locations around the globe. In May 2009, the Obama Administration provided $2.4 billion in Funding for Carbon Capture and Storage Projects including research into carbon capture using algae. In India, leading Cement producer Holcim has initiated a project to sequester CO2 generated by cement kilns to produce high-energy algal biomass, which will then be reused as fuel in its cement kilns.


The upcoming 2nd Algae World Asia on 29 Sep-1 Oct in Bangkok spotlights emerging Algal Carbon Capture initiatives in Asia, including the project undertaken by ENN in China and Holcim in India.


Dr. Liu Minsheng, Director of ENN's Bioenergy Institute, will discuss the “Feasibility and Technology of Algal Biodiesel Production Using CO2 from Flue Gas” in his eagerly anticipated session!


Also on the agenda, is the session by Mr. Ramesh Kumar Suri, Regional Geocycle Project Head at Holcim (South Asia) Ltd., on “Recycling of CO2 in a Cement Plant by Producing a Carbohydrate Fuel through Controlling the Photosynthetic Process of Algal Growth.


Explore the latest 2nd AlgaeWorld Asia >>AGENDA<< and submit your registrations and enquiries >>HERE<<.

Exxon & Other Oil Giants invest in Algae Biofuel Research.

Posted on : 21 Jul, 2009


Mid last week, Exxon announced an investment of $600 million in producing liquid transportation fuels from algae. Exxon partners with Synthetic Genomics, a biotechnology company founded by the genomics pioneer J. Craig Venter for its biofuel effort.


The investment represents a major shift in direction for Exxon which has traditionally shunned biofuels investment. The announcement came just a week after another industrial giant, Dow Chemical, declared its own investment in algae technology. Other oil majors Shell, Chevron and BP have ventured into algae biofuel much earlier.


The involvement of these top international corporations in algae biofuel sends a strong message that Algae is a viable energy option for the future!


At the upcoming 2nd Algae World Asia in Bangkok, a roundtable discussion will offer an objective overview of where the industry stands today, and what needs to be achieved for commercialisation.


Entitled, “ALGAL BIOFUELS - ROAD TO FULL-SCALE COMMERCIAL OPERATION” the roundtable discussion will touch on:

  •  How to achieve target production costs?
  • Transitioning from pilot test to commercial production - How to avoid the “Valley of Death”
  • What business models will give appropriate returns?
  • Project development risks and challenges
  • Vertical Integration or Geographical Expansion?
  • Technology Licensing or International Partnerships?
  • Forming strategic partnership in the value chain

Algae Biofuels will continue in their mercurial rise as the most ‘high profile’ algae application in the algae business today. 2nd Algae World Asia looks beyond the hype to examine the real picture, and pinpoint key opportunities and challenges.  


Those keen on participating in 2nd Algae World Asia can >>CLICK HERE<< to confirm their seats at Asia’s most influential Algae industry conference.

“Are Algae Biofuels too expensive?” Technological & Biological breakthroughs address this crucial question with innovative solutions.

Posted on : 07 Jul, 2009

Mario Tredici Video Download

At Algae World 2009 in Rotterdam, over 150 participants paid close attention to Prof. Mario Tredici as he shared onmaking Algae projects more cost-effective.

The commercial viability of Algae-based energy and biofuels projects is ultimately going to depend on economics. That is why current technological and biological breakthroughs in the sector focus on reducing costs, increasing efficiency and optimizing returns!


One of the world’s leading Algae experts speaking at the recently concluded AlgaeWorld 2009 in Rotterdam shared his findings and views on applying technological and biological know-how to reduce production costs and increase yields.


Prof. Mario R. Tredici - Top Algae Scientist from University of Florence shared findings on improving Algal Biomass & Lipidsyield.


mario trediciProf. Mario Tredici is a world-renowned phycologist who has over 30 years of Algae research under his belt. A professor of Microbiology at the Faculty of Agriculture-University of Florence, Prof. Tredici has maintained a high profile in the industry, serving as President of the International Society of Applied Phycology.


Prof. Tredici has lent his expertise on Algae to key organisations including the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, the International Energy Agency and the International Network on Biofixation of CO2 and Greenhouse Gas Abatement with Microalgae. He has also consulted and advised oil companies including ENEL SpA, Enitecnologie SpA and biofuels companies like Aurora Biofuels on Algae.


At Algae World 2009, Prof. Tredici gave an attention-grabbing presentation on algae oil production, which obtained one of the highest ratings from participants.


Prof. Tredici provided insights on lipid productivity of selected algae species under various conditions and explained why algae oil yield is superior to most food crops.


He also pinpointed the strengths and weakness of biofuels production from algae oil. 

His research findings, supported by clear-cut numerical data, made the audience sit up and take notice!


Find your answers by accessing Prof. Mario Tredici’s AlgaeWorld 2009 presentation at NO COSTS!


As a run-up to the upcoming 2nd AlgaeWorld Asia 2009 conference, we’re releasing the video recording of Prof. Tredici’s speech to give you a view into issues dominating the Algae industry today!


The AlgaeWorld video also represents the type of relevant facts and timely insights that we guarantee at 2ndAlgaeWorld Asia 2009.


Just fill in the form below, and we will revert on how you can access the video immediately.

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Here’s to your Success with Algae,

Ummu Hani
General Manager - Promotions
Centre for Management Technology

PS:On that note, don’t forget to confirm your participation at 2nd AlgaeWorld 2009, which convenes on September 29-30, 2009 in Bangkok, THAILAND!


Visit http://www.futureenergyevents.com/algae/for more information on how you can Sign UP & Reserve Your Seats at 2nd AlgaeWorld Asia 2009 right away!

International participants at Algae World 2009 in Rotterdam shared their reviews & testimonials

Posted on : 03 Jul, 2009


We would like to extend special thanks to our speakers and delegates for supporting  Algae World 2009; along with our event partners and supporting organizations, you have helped make Algae World 2009 a resounding success!


Algae world 2009 convened on 27th-28th April 2009 in Rotterdam. Conference delegates & panelists came together to discuss and exchange ideas on moving beyond and overcoming technical, organizational and financial challenges, as well as triumphing over the uncertain years ahead.


The Financier Panel’s review of the Impact of tighter credit markets on cleantech private equity investment, Financing models and Investors/Lenders Risk Appetite was the most closely watched presentation at the conference. The timely panel discussion addressed current uncertainties, pinpointed investor expectations and offered practical advice on building a commercially sustainable algae business model.

Top Algae researchers Prof. Dr. Rene Wijffels, Head Bioprocess Engineering at Wageningen University & Research Centre and Prof. Mario R. Tredici, Agrarian Biotechnology Department, University of Florence (Università degli Studi di Firenze) shared the latest R&D in Algal production and yields enhancement, providing a sneak preview into the future of the industry.


Other industry leading Algae companies also shared their insights on opportunities and challenges of algae production, giving participants invaluable insights on economics and technologies of various production and conversion systems, managing an efficient value chain, algae market potential and applications, technological innovations, techniques of algal oil extractions and other essential issues that will catapult algae into the next level of commercialisation.


In short, Algae World 2009 was a fast-paced, informative, inspiring, insightful, interactive and truly rewarding experience for all who participated.


At least, that is what the over 150 top Algae executives who attended Algae World 2009 are telling us!


EBRU shared that Algae World 2009 was “a great ‘point-of-reference’ from which to gauge/progress and innovation within the area of Algae field.


Other testimonials:


"Provided a good range of opportunities and challenges across the range of algae" Blubayou Management ltd

"An informative, question raising forum" Bord na Mona Plc

"An excellent overview of the issues relating to entering into the algae industry" New Horizon Capital

"More understanding about Algae industry" Energy research and development institute

"The speakers are excellent" National Feedlot Corporation

"Up to date information with technology & understanding" IDDS


With many opportunities for networking, an excellent panel of Algae industry experts, and a Bonus Site Visit to Ingrepro BV’s algae facility in Borculo, Algae World 2009 was a truly memorable experience for all involved!


As the Renewable East’s representative summed up, “Algae World 2009 was a first class networking event, with highly relevant insight from leading experts in the field.


Do you want to be a part of the Algae World 2009 experience? Then make sure you mark your calendars for the Asian leg of the conference, which will convene on 29-30 September in Bangkok. Contact us at injleep@cmtsp.com.sg for more information on 2nd Algae World Asia!