4th LPGtrade Summit,

09-11 Nov, 2009 - Doha, QATAR

Grand Hyatt Doha

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Welcome Message from the Official Host


Ali Al-HammadiDear Colleague,


It gives me great pleasure to invite you to join us at the 4th LPGtrade Summitin Doha. The conference is held under the patronage of His Excellency Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiya, Deputy Premier & Minister of Energy & Industry of Qatar, in recognition of Qatar's major role in the global petroleum industry.


As the Host & Sponsor of the 4th LPGtrade Summit, TASWEEQ affirms its unwaivering commitment to the global LPG industry. With our leadership position comes the responsibility to help the industry grow and develop efficiently and responsibly. We believe that our active participation in this conference helps us to achieve that vision.


At the 4th LPGtrade Summit, you will hear from OPEC's Secretary General, His Excellency Mr. Abdullah El-Badri, and speakers from over a dozen producing and consuming countries on the outlook for production, demand, and key issues facing the LPG business in the coming years. The world's leading oil companies will also be discussing their outlook for the LPG business as it relates to the other major energy uses such as LNG and petrochemicals.


I welcome you and your spouse to join us in Doha where you will find Qatar's legendary Arabian hospitality waiting for you at the 4th LPGtrade Summit.


Ali Al-Hammadi, CEO, Tasweeq
Qatar International Petroleum Marketing Company Ltd.



According to Poten & Partners, Seaborne LPG markets are approaching a period of unprecedented change. Crude, gas and LNG projects, currently on the brink of completion, will contribute the largest step-up in field grade LPG supply seen in several decades. And while new gas and crude flows are designed to meet the rising energy demands of a growing global economy, future incremental LPG volumes are projected to be in surplus of current demand.


The effect is projected to be structural change in seaborne LPG trading markets. Long anticipated, but delayed, the changes are now just beginning to be seen.


Such a quantum change was seen in the 1970s, when a surge in supplies globalized the regional LPG market of the day. What will a quantum change of similar magnitude bring this time? The outcome is as yet undecided; the game is still in play. In any event, we are likely to see a major alteration of trading patterns, bringing new buyers and creating opportunities for those who move now to benefit.


CMT's 4th LPGtrade Summit offers you insights and answers to these changing dynamics, directly from the producers, energy majors and importers of the LPG marketplace. The conference zooms in with a series of senior executives' keynote presentations, setting the scene on global energy demand and projections of the future. More than 18 other industry executives on the panel will gear up to provide detailed and focused updates on key LPG markets issues - production, export, demand, shipping and etc.


Why you need to attend 4th LPGtrade Summit

  • Grasp first hand updates from OPEC on the projections of global energy demand.
  • Find out from Tasweeq, Exxonmobil & Sonatrach on their LPG marketing strategy amidst challenges
  • Gain insights on MidEast's LPG production & export capacity from Qatar, Algeria & Abu Dhabi
  • Hear from key importers from Asia, Europe& the US, on trends of demand, imports as well as their responses to the global economy and LPG pricing
  • Assess the opportunities of LPG as petchem feedstock & growth rate of the global petrochemical industry
  • Understand the co-relation or competition between LNG & LPG, and how they can be complementing products.
  • Keep track on growth of LPG usage as an alternative transportation fuels
  • Participate in the interactive discussion that tackles on the future of LPG pricing, and what to look forward to in the mid-term
  • Master the knowledge on shipping economics of LPG & freight derivatives as a tool to manage risk
  • Evaluate the importance of commodity price risk management, and how objective usage of financial instruments can improve profitability

Mark your calendar to be at this premier gathering of key executives and professionals from the global LPG industry. Sign up with your team today at www.lpgworldforum.com




Optional Activities Open to Speakers & Delegates of 4th LPGTrade Summit Only.



LPG ChallengeThe LPG Challenge (Golf Tournament)
8 November 2009, Sunday

Tournament Itinerary:

10:30 Registration in the lobby

11:15 Refreshments served in the Village

12:00 Welcome address by host and group photograph

12:15 Shotgun start

17:00 Welcome reception in the Gallery

18:00 Guests are seated for dinner and prize-giving

The Golf Tournament will be an 18 holes Championship game.


Individual and Team participants will compete to win the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes, as well as prizes for:

  • Longest Drive
  • Nearest the Pin
  • Nearest the Rope
  • Hole-in-One

The LPG Challenge (Golf Tournament)
Hosted by


Doha Golf Club






Ras Laffan Industrial City Tour
9 November 2009, Monday


Sponsored by


Place: Ras Laffan Industrial City
Date: 9 November 2009


Tour programme:

08:30 Departure from Grand Hyatt to RLIC

09:30 Arrival to PAB (Port Administration Building)

10:00 Welcome and video presentation about RLIC

10:20 Port Tour with RLIC Public Relation Representative inside bus to view port operations

11:00 Rasgas Plant Tour

12:00 Departure to Al Khor for Lunch

12:30 Lunch at Al Khor Community

13:30 Back to Grand Hyatt Hotel

14:30 Arrival to Grand Hyatt Hotel


Important rules and regulations for RLIC entry:

  • No photography is allowed in RLIC (no cameras will be allowed – mobiles photo taking is also forbidden)
  • Visitor must submit BY 26 Oct clear COLOUR copy of passport in advance to make visit passes
  • All visitors must show original passport when entering RLIC


RLIC info: The port is situated on the North East coast of Qatar. The purpose built Port of Ras Laffan has been designed as the export facility for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG),Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG),Condensates, Petroleum products and Sulphur, derived from the processing of gas landed from the North Field Gas Reservoir situated 67 km North East of the Port. Ras Laffan will export 77 million tonnes per year of LNG and 12 million tonnes per year of LPG per year by 2011.









Gala Dinner
10 November 2009, Tuesday


Hosted by



Place: Museum of Islamic Art
Date: 10 November 2009


Reception Itinerary:

18:00 Pickup guests from Grand Hyatt Hotel by buses

18:30 Arrival at Museum of Islamic Art

19:00 A welcome note by Tasweeq CEO

19:15 – 21:00 Dinner served with Arabic entertainment

21:00 – 21:45 Tour of Museum galleries (to be confirmed)

22:00 Drop off of guests at Grand Hyatt Hotel


Gala Dinner is exclusively for Delegates and Speakers of 4th LPGtrade Summit.








Social Programme for Spouse at 4th LPGtrade Conference


CMT has arranged the following itinerary for Spouses and families of delegates and speakers attending the 4th LPGtrade Summit:


Place: Souq Waqif & Museum of Islamic Art
Date: 9 OR 11 November 2009


Revised Daily Itinerary:

09:30 Pickup from Grand Hyatt Hotel

10:00 – 12:00 Tour of Souq Waqif (with English-speaking guide)

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch at Isfahan Garden – Souq Waqif

13:00 – 14:30 Tour at the Museum of Islamic Art (special English-speaking guide provided by the Museum)

14:30 – 15:00 Drop off at Grand Hyatt Hotel

Guided tour to the Museum of Islamic Art

INFO: The foremost museum dedicated to Islamic Art and culture in the world, and showcases the complexity, diversity and vitality of art in the Islamic World. The Museum is also a center for education and information on the Arts in the Islamic world.

A Trip to Souq Waqif

INFO: A marketplace that dates back to ancient times. This magical place provides a true snapshot into Qatar’s rich cultural heritage. Participants will have an opportunity to soak in the sights and shop for traditional handicrafts and spices.






News Feed

Qatari minister reveals Qatar is to emerge as top LPG seller in world, exporting 12 million tonnes/annum in 2 years. More details were shared at 4th LPGtrade Summit...

Posted on : 01 Dec, 2009

At the recently concluded 4th LPGtrade Summit, H.E. Dr Mohammad bin Saleh Al Sada, Qatar’s  Minister of State for Energy and Industry Affairs revealed that Qatar was to ramp up LPG production from 8 million tonnes/annum to 12 million tonnes/annum in 24 months during his opening address. This means Qatar will overtake Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest LPG producer.


He also hailed the 4th LPG Trade Summit as a “perfect forum to discuss the major challenges facing businessmen in the sector of Liquefied Natural Gas in the coming years”.


4th LPGtrade Summit, held under the patronage of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Industry H.E. Abdullah bin Hamad al Attiyah, was the biggest LPG trade meet in 2009, attracting participation from over 350 of the most influential LPG executives from over 31 countries. There was also a strong presence of local and international media at the conference, many of whom paid close attention to updates from Qatar, and OPEC’s eagerly anticipated speech on the outlook for 2010.


Hassan Mohamed Qbazard, the director of OPEC's research department revealed that OPEC’s forecast for 2010 now shows positive world GDP growth of 2.7 percent, raised from an initial forecast of 2.3 percent in July. He also pointed out that volatility of prices is a permanent challenge to OPEC, while delivering assurance that OPEC will take the necessary steps to restore stability to the market.


The 350-strong audience also paid close attention to the keynotes morning session, with insights from leading influencers in world LPG trade flows, including Ali Al-Hammadi- CEO of Tasweeq, who explained that in the typical North Field content three quarter consists of LNG/gas and 7 percent LPG. “That 7 percent is giving us now 6 million tons of LPG to rise to 9 million tonnes next year and ultimately reaching 12 million tons, making Qatar one of the largest LPG producers,” he said.


Other keynotes at the conference were delivered by Dennis M. Houston-EVP of ExxonMobil Refining & Supply Co, Dr. Chawki Rahal- EVP of Sonatrach, Phil Parker- GM New Business Development of Shell Chemicals ME, Andy Laven, VP Integrated Supply & Trading of BP and Philippe Sauquet-VP of TOTAL.  


4th LPGtrade summit participants also participated in many fringe events designed to facilitate networking and interaction, including the LPG Challenge Golf tournament, the visit to Ras Laffan Industrial City, and the 4th LPGtrade Summit Gala Dinner at Doha’s beautiful Museum of Islamic Art.


The 4th LPGtrade summit team would like to thank our Official Host and Partner Tasweeq, Official Sponsor ExxonMobil, Gold Sponsor Shell, Gala Dinner Sponsors Qatar Petroleum and Tasweeq, Bronze Sponsors BP and Total, Luncheon Sponsors Conoco Phillips and Itochu, and Panel Sponsor Argus for backing this event, and contributing towards its success.


We would also like to thank our promotion partners Argus, Energy Intelligence, Energy China Forum, Gas Bazaar, Gulf Oil and Gas, MEES, RIM Energy Market Intelligence, Thompson Reuters and World LP Gas Association for their support.


4th LPGtrade Summit was a resounding success, and we look forward to meeting everyone of you at next year’s event!


In the mean time, visit this website regularly, as we post more highlights of this year’s summit, as well as updates on next year’s event.

Tasweeq CEO Ali Al Hammadi explains why 4th LPGtrade summit is important for Tasweeq in October issue of Qatar Today...

Posted on : 20 Oct, 2009


‘The Man on the Hot Seat’, Tasweeq CEO Mr. Ali Al Hammadi gave an interview to Qatar Today magazine, on Qatar’s emerging importance in the global LPG marketplace, and explained why Tasweeq supports the 4th LPGtrade Summit.


According to Mr. Al Hammadi, “We want to be perceived as a country that really wants to contribute to making a difference in the development of the LPG industry. The 4th LPGtrade Summit is a positive step in that direction, which will go a long way in communicating our commitment to the LPG business.


He also told Qatar Today why the world’s most influential LPG executives are coming to Doha for the summit, touching on the agenda, keynote speakers and special fringe events organized for the conference participants.


>>Click here to read the full Qatar Today article<<.


In the mean time, >>Find out more about the 4th LPGtrade Summit here.<<

Exxon’s Danny Houston delivers keynote address at 4th LPGTrade Summit.

Posted on : 09 Oct, 2009


Plans are heating up for 4th LPGtrade Summit and with the most exciting line up of speakers in LPGtrade summit history, including H.E. Abdullah Hamad Al-Attiyah, Qatar’s Deputy Premier & Minister for Energy and Industry, as well as H.E Abdalla El-Badri the Secretary General of OPEC, the conference is attracting tremendous buzz in the industry and the press.


And quite fittingly, the Doha conference also features insights from Mr. Dennis M. Houston, Executive Vice-President at Exxonmobil Refining & Supply Co.


After all, ExxonMobil Corporation has enjoyed a strategic partnership with the State of Qatar dating back to 1935, and currently participates in a number of oil & gas related projects in Qatar, including Ras Laffan Liquefied Natural Gas Company Limited, Qatar Liquefied Gas Company Limited, Al Khaleej Gas (AKG), and Laffan Refinery.


At the 4th LPGtrade Summit, Mr. Houston will deliver his address on, “Continuously Improving the Supply Chain via Technology and Teamwork”, exploring Exxon’s long term strategy of adopting operational excellence or what the company describes as “flawless operations”.


Mr. Houston himself is located in Fairfax and has primary responsibility for managing supply, marine transportation and pipeline businesses for the Corporation on a global basis. Before the merger of Exxon and Mobil, Mr. Houston was Vice President, Supply and Transportation of Exxon Company, International, headquartered in Florham Park, New Jersey.


Don’t miss out on hearing from Mr. Houston, at the 4th LPGtrade Summit, which is less than a month away. Yes, the LPG industry’s biggest names will convene on 9-11 Nov, 2009 in Doha.


Confirm your seats >>Here<<or email Ms. Nadia Albahar at nadia@cmtsp.com.sgfor more information.


Tasweeq CEO Ali Al-Hammadi invites Global LPG industry to Qatar for 4th LPG trade Summit.

Posted on : 31 Aug, 2009


Interview Recording of Tasweeq CEOTasweeq’s CEO Mr.Ali Al-Hammadi extended his warm welcome to the Global LPG industry to join the 4th LPGtrade Summit in an exclusive interview where he discussed Tasweeq’s role in the global LPG marketplace.


According to Mr.Al-Hammadi, Tasweeq will have a greater stake in global LPG trade in line with Qatar’s increasing LPG production capacity.


Sharing on LPG production in Qatar Mr.Al-Hammadi said, “The production of LPG from the state of Qatar has been for many years, around 2 million tonnes. However, this has been ramping up. We are currently producing around 6 million tonnes, and we are a major player in the LPG market.


According to Mr.Al-Hammadi, Tasweeq’s strategy for LPG is “to sell in Asia, which is the primary market for us, but to also if necessary, deviate and sell to Western Europe and the USA. He added, We have given the commercial flexibility to our marketers”.



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Top Global Energy Companies to Sponsor and Support 4th LPGtrade in Doha on 8-11 Nov. 2009.

Posted on : 16 Jul, 2009



The 4th LPGtrade summit, held under the patronage of HE Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, Qatar’s Deputy Premier & Minister of Energy & Industry, is the most important LPG industry gathering for 2009.


The 4th edition of the globally recognized LPGtrade Summit series has seen participation from over 250 companies including ADNOC, Chevron USA ConocoPhillips, Goldman Sachs, Iran Petrochemical Commercial Corporation (IPCC), Saudi Aramco, PETRONAS, PERTAMINA, Qatar Petroleum, Vitol, Itochu, Marubeni, Louis Dreyfus, Maersk Tankers and many more is Hosted and Supported by Qatar International Petroleum Marketing Company Ltd. (TASWEEQ).


Incorporated in July 2007 via Emiri Decree Law No. 15 of 2007, Qatar International Petroleum Marketing Company Ltd. (TASWEEQ) will also be hosting the 4th LPGtrade Gala Reception Sponsor and Golf tournament functions. Wholly owned by the Government of the State of Qatar, TASWEEQ is responsible for the export & marketing of Regulated Products comprising liquid petroleum gas (LPG), refined products, condensates and sulphur.


4th LPGtrade Summit Official Sponsor is ExxonMobil, the world’s largest publicly traded integrated petroleum & natural gas company, whose strategic partnership with the state of Qatar dates back to 1935. ExxonMobil affiliates participate in a number of oil and gas related projects in Qatar, including the Ras Laffan Liquefied Natural Gas Company Limited, Qatar Liquefied Gas Company Limited, Al Khaleej Gas (AKG) and Laffan Refinery.


Also in the list of key sponsors are Qatar Shell as Gold Sponsor, BP & TOTAL as Bronze Sponsors, and Itochu & Conoco Phillips as Luncheon Sponsors. >>CLICK HERE<< to read more on all 4th LPGtrade Sponsors!


With the support and sponsorship of these key Energy companies and LPG players, 4th LPGtrade is on the road to becoming the most important LPG gathering for 2009. For more information the conference agenda and/or on Sponsorship opportunities at 4th LPGtrade summit on 9-11 Nov 2009 please contact Ms Nadia at nadia@cmtsp.com.sg and Ms. Nisha at nisha@cmtsp.com.sg respectively.