Biomass Trade & Power Americas,

23-24 Feb, 2011 - Atlanta, U S A

Hotel Palomar Atlanta - Midtown

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Aptly themed "Pushing Forward Biomass Utilization & International Trade", Biomass Trade & Power Americas brings together experts from around the world to share insights into the latest strategic, commerical and technological factors shaping the biomass industry.

Biomass Trade & Power Americas offers a comprehensive forum for in-depth analysis of:

  • DOE's direction on biomass utilization in energy/utilities sectors
  • US & European's utilities' expectations for biomass-based initiatives
  • Changes in renewable energy policy & impact on trade
  • Opportunities in Southeast's biomass to energy
  • Identifying gaps between technological & capital investments
  • Getting in the specifics of wood pellets & wood chips for export & co-firing
  • Making economics from logistics & handling of biomass

and many more.....


Click here to download e-brochure. Note information in e-brochure updated as at 07/01/11. Refer to website for latest agenda.


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Do not miss out on chance to meet and learn from our line-up of Confirmed Speakers:


- IEA Bioenergy Task 40
(read remarks on the right)
- University of Utrecht
- Center of Innovation for Energy

- Acting Undersecretary of Energy (Invited)
- European Biomass Industry Association EUBIA

- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Office of Air Quality Planning & Standards)
- Oglethorpe Power Corp.
- Georgia Power Corporation
- Utrecht University
- Peterson Control Union Group

- Essent
- Ontario Power Generation
- KEMA Netherlands Ltd
- Canadian Bioenergy Association (CANBIO)
- Suzano Renewable Energy
- Global Green Engineered Fuels, LLC
- Bruks Rockwood
- Rollcast Energy, Inc.
- Process & Storage Solutions
- Kinder Morgan Terminals
- Georgia Biomass, LLC
- Jordan Forest Products, LLC
- USDA Farm Service Agency
- Atlantic Power
- George K. Baum & Company
- Seyfarth, Shaw Attorneys, LLP
- Idaho National Laboratory Biological Sciences Department
- Georgia Logistics Innovation Center - Port of Amsterdam
- Ceres, Inc.
- New Energy Farms
- Lewis Taylor Farms Incorporated


Photos of Biomass Pellets Trade Asia
held on 27-28 September 2010 in Jakarta
(please click here if you cannot view video)






Prof. Andre Faaij, Task Leader at IEA Bioenergy Task 40, Knowledge Partner & Endorser of Biomass Trade & Power Americas remarks:


This conference fits perfectly with the objectives of Task 40 Bioenergy Agreement of the International Energy Agency. This working group, in which 14 countries (including the US, Brazil, Japan and various EU members) collaborate with representatives from industryandacademia, focuses on development of sustainable, international bioenergy markets and trade, recognizing that availability of sustainable and affordable biomass resources is a key prerequisite for large scale bioenergy deployment.


This conference focuses on one of the ''hot regions'' in the world from this perspective, the SE of the United States, which is recognized nationally and internationally as a region where biomass potentials are impressive and industrial and logisitic capabilities are top notch. Many market players are active here, both targeting export of biomass based commodities as well as building regional capacity for energyproduction or biomaterial applications.


Despite the sense of excitement around the potentials and market perspectives, various interests must be balanced out and sustainable production and use of biomass resources and land must be secured to guarantee lasting business and sustainable biomass use for both energy and materials. High quality debate and learning from experiences from key players in the region and around the globe is therefore essential. This conference comes therefore at a very timely moment and is fully supported by IEA Task 40 which targets to stimulate debate and exchange of state-of-the-art knowledge and experiences in this field around the world."



If you wish to connect with decision-makers from all over the world at the most authoritative forum for the global biomass industry - mark your calendar to join us for Biomass Trade & Power Americas in Atlanta for the chance to participate in an unrivalled networking forum and platform to do business with:


- Biomass/Pellets Producers, Traders & Importers - Biofuels Producers Importers
- Utilities, Power, Distributed Power - Agriculture/Forestry/Plantation Companies
- Commodity Brokers & Analysts - Wood Processing Companies
- Shipping & Brokers (Dry Bulk, Biomass/Pellets) - Government/Regulators
- Pulp & Paper - Pelleting Equipment/Technologies - Biomass Pretreatment Technologies
- Enzymes/Catalysts Providers - Trade/Project Financing Institutions
- Specification & Benchmarking - Biomass/Bio-Power Associations
- Emission/CDM Traders - Environmental Engineers


"Pushing Forward Biomass Utilization & Exports"


CMT's Biomass Trade & Power Americas aims to push forth clearer directive in the sustainable utilisation of biomass in the US, Canada and South America both in the energy sector, as well as developing an export-ready commodity, and to fast-track existing commercial efforts in the biomass value chain. The conference provides clarification on the raw material availability, trade and investment opportunities of Americas' "biomass (wood pellets) to power generation" value chain.


Reasons & Benefits of attending CMT's Biomass Trade & Power Americas:

  • Seek clarification from US Department of Energy (DOE) on biomass utilization in energy/utilities sectors
  • Grasp current knowledge of the new programs and rulings from the actual authors
  • Utilities stakeholders' perspectives on challenges/opportunities in execution of biomass-based initiative
  • Evolving US & EU Biomass/Renewable Energy Policies & Impact on Exports
  • Latest updates on Sustainability Criteria & Certification Standards for Biomass Exports to Europe
  • Find out from European utilities on the expectation for wood pellets imports & experience in large co-firing
  • Unfold NEW Trade & Investment Opportunities in Southeast's biomass value chain
  • Understand the Balancing Effort of the Emerging Bioenergy Industry with the Existing Wood Processing Sector in the Southeast
  • Find out from Financing experts on criteria & funding options available for your projects
  • Insights on Freight market & Economics of Shipping from Americas to Europe
  • Evaluate and compare Wood Chips, Wood Pellets & Energy Crops for Export & Power generation
  • Find out how Energy Crops can be utilized economically in biomass power generation
  • Assess the benefits of Torrefaction amongst all other Pretreatment/Densification Technologies
  • Attain knowledge & experience sharing on Fuel Switching (e.g. Co-firing) & Pretreament in the ONE day post conference workshop
  • Enjoy more than 10 hours of Interaction & Networking Opportunities with key stakeholders from the Americas' biomass value chain, from raw material, financing, processing, logistics, shipping and regulatory representatives, etc

Be at this exciting event and make trade happen. CMT's Biomass Trade & Power Americas offers excellent opportunity to network with global players in one venue! Sign up with your team to enjoy group discount. Register online at or email to


News Feed

U.S. EPA Delays Implementing GHG Rule for Biomass Facilities for 3 years

Posted on : 14 Feb, 2011



The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said Wednesday it will defer greenhouse gas permit requirements for biomass energyproduction for at least three years for reconsideration of the science and rulemaking.


(Source: Environment News Service, Jan 13, 2011)


According to the US EPA, the three-year delay will commence in coming July. During the next few years, the agency will study the effects of burning biomass in order to conclude whether biomass facilities are eligible to stay exempt from GreenHouse Gas (GHG) emissions regulations.


Senior biomass executives will convene in Atlanta for the Biomass Trade & Power Americas, to be held on 23-24 February 2011. The international panel will discuss latest biomass rulings and global industry outlook in the future, as well as provide clarity on wood pellets production & trade considerations.


Send any questions on registrations or program to Ms. Hafizah at



New Energy Farms Addresses Energy Crops from Utilities' Perspective at Biomass Trade & Power Americas

Posted on : 17 Jan, 2011

In the past month, both the US and UK Governments announced new schemes designed to help boost the renewable energy markets in their respective countries. For the US, the final revised rules for the Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP) have been rolled out, while the UK released details for the highly-anticipated Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Both governments hope to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions through replacement of fossil fuels and ensure more fuel security by encouraging production and use of dedicated energy crops.


Mr. Dean Tiessen, President of leading producer and supplier of biomass energy crops company New Energy Farms will join a panel of senior industry executives at the Biomass Trade & Power Americas in Atlanta on 23-25 February 2011, to address the development of energy crops – from crop to energy products, for domestic use & exports. Specifically, Mr. Tiessen will provide much-sought utilities’ perspective on this emerging biomass for energy applications.


For more information on the conference or for registration, click here or contact Ms. Hafizah at


US Sees Surge in New Biomass Projects - more details at Biomass Trade & Power Americas

Posted on : 14 Dec, 2010


Several states across America have seen a boom in new biomass-related projects:


“Nova Scotia Power and NewPage Port Hawkesbury are proceeding with the 60-megawatt biomass co-generation facility recently approved by the Nova Scotia Utility” (PR NewsWire)


“The province and St. Mary’s Paper have reached a ten year, 30 megawatt Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) that will enable the company to build a $175 million biomass fuelled co-generation plant, creating 555 jobs announced David Orazietti, MPP.” (


“Two biomass power conversion projects in Wisconsin are progressing, one already operating and the other just beginning its transformation.” (Biomass Magazine)


Government initiatives such as the revised BCAP are encouraging growth in plants converting to biomass. However, to benefit from investment opportunities in renewable energy, one has to consider 2 key concerns - funding options and logistical issues.


These issues will set the tone for the first Biomass Trade & Power Americas summit in Atlanta on 23-25 February 2011. The summit also analyses how the global landscape of biomass trade is set to evolve as the US takes on a more prominent role in biomass generation.


For more information on the program, click here.


Just released! Video Presentation by RWE Essent's Peter-Paul Schouwenberg

Posted on : 16 Nov, 2010


Video Download for Biomass Trade & Power AmericasTo supplement the Biomass Trade & Power Americas Summit in Atlanta on 23-25 February 2011, CMT invites you to download for free, an on-demand soft copy of a video presentation entitled


“Sourcing of Sustainable Solid Biomass for large-scale co-firing in NW Europe”


delivered by Peter-Paul Schouwenberg, a Senior Officer, Regulatory Affairs with RWE Essent.


This exclusive video and slide presentation offer critical insights on:

  • What steps European biomass industry should take to reach its renewable energy targets
  • Role of government towards reaching these goals
  • Why you should invest in new technologies
  • Standing of wood pellets in comparison to other upcoming feedstocks for biomass fuels
  • Solving logistical issues in global biomass trade, especially export to Europe
  • Certification system

and more… Simply fill in the form below to download your complimentary copy now

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Else, click link here to >>Register for the Biomass Trade & Power Americas Summit<<


Contact Hafizah at with any queries.


US Department of Agriculture Publishes Final Rule for Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP)

Posted on : 08 Nov, 2010


The Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP), which was first launched by the US Department of Agriculture as a pilot national biomass incentive program in 2008, has since been published with additional rules and reactivated this month. Under the finalized rules, the US government will resume funding for up to 75% of producers’ costs in the establishing of a wide variety of biofuels. Materials that qualify for the scheme range from wood chips and crop residues to switchgrass, woody plants, algae and animal and food waste.


Through the implementation of the revised program, the US hopes to promote production of fuel from renewable sources and meet renewable energy demands. With the government’s boosted support for biofuels, questions below remain:

  • Will this majorly change the role of the US as a key biomass supplier to Europe and the World?
  • Are existing and future market demands expected to be sufficient to absorb the increased influx of supply?

The Biomass Trade & Power Americas to be held in Atlanta on 25-26 February 2011 invites all top stakeholders to participate and critically analyze the impact on global trading. The program agenda for the conference is soon to be finalized and updated shortly. Those with enquiries on early registration or for more program details can email Hafizah at

Biomass Trade & Power series announces Americas dates and venue

Posted on : 04 Oct, 2010


After a successful first Biomass Trade & Power conference in Rotterdam earlier in March which attracted over 150 attendees from 26 countries, CMT and ardent supporter, IEA Bioenergy Task 40 are proud to announce Biomass Trade & Power Americas to be held in Atlanta on 23-25 February 2011.


2011 Biomass Trade & Power Americas will feature experiences from experts plus discussions on the latest regulatory, strategic, economics including technological factors shaping the US’ biomass industry and utilisation.


Some of the key Program Highlights include;


But for now, check out the details below on the participant mix and feedback from the last Biomass Trade & Power, Rotterdam in March 2010



Delegate Profile at Biomass Trade & Power, Rotterdam in March 2010



“Truly impressed! I have no pre-conceptions but the honesty of the speakers and mix of participants provided a medium for understanding across the biomass complex.” Dong Energy


“A valuable contribution to realising the biomass market through clear communication of the practical realities:” E.ON Climate & Renewables


“Good topics, useful networking, business chances.” Eco-Frontier


“Very well organised, high quality topics and topics.” Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development


“A good opportunity to meet important players of biomass. Growing market!” Kema Consulting


“Biomass a powerful opportunity” CCI Italy