Polymer Apps in PV,

16-17 Jun, 2011 - Shanghai, CHINA

InterContinental Shanghai Pudong

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"Innovations in Polymer Materials for Photovoltaic Applications" 


Join CMT & leading industry experts at the Polymer Apps in PV conference this year, as polymer applications in photovoltaic industry enters into the next stage of advancement! This international platform gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge, participate in exciting networking as well as establish relationships with key business contacts.

Recently, more big players are placing their bets onthis growing sector, with increased investments andR&D ventures taking place…


Arkema and CEA teams from the French Institut Nationalde l'Energie Solaire (INES)have joined forces to create what is being called the first private/public mixed research laboratory in France dedicated to the development of polymer materials for various photovoltaic module technologies.


(PV-Tech, 28 Jan 2011)


The potential of polymer materials for PV has yet to be fully explored. Choose to be at the forefront of this burgeoning global market and learn how you can capitalize on it!


Not-to-be Missed Key Highlights for 2011 Program:

  • Markets, technology, economics of PVs
  • Challenges for Asia's solar panel manufacturers
  • Advanced materials for PV modules and related components
  • Industry standards & requirements for polymers in photovoltaics
  • Comparative economics of polymer substitution in PV's
  • Performance polymers for increased efficiency

Confirmed speakers

- Hanwha Solarone - Pacific Epoch - VDE GS Shanghai - Townsend Solutions - Solutia PV - TUV Rheinland (Shanghai)- Fraunhofer CSP - Arkema - Kuraray Europe plus many more.


Download Program Agenda




What Makes “Polymer Apps in PV” a



Beyond providing a macro perspective on global photovoltaic markets, this conference brings specific focus on Polymer materials for PV applications, and addresses related industry issues.


Register and attend this one of a kind event to discover:


*Outlook & Forecast for Asian Solar panel markets


*Updates on Material requirements for PV modules


*New technology developments to increase durability & efficiency of polymers for PV


*Latest Innovation in polymer materials


*Business Trends from fellow manufacturers of PV (Photovoltaic)


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Meet Face-to-Face with Senior Executives from across the Global Polymers and PV markets! Network With:

- Vice President/GM/Director for Technology/R&D
- Technical Sales & Marketing Managers
- Product/Market Development Managers
- Senior Research Engineers/R&D Managers
- Material Development Managers/Engineers
- Photovoltaic Laboratory Managers
- Innovation/New Markets Managers
- Specialty Polymer/Material Companies
- PV Module and Component Manufacturers
- Researchers and Test Institutes



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Innovations in Polymer Materials for Photovoltaic Solar Panel Applications"

Photovoltaic (PV) solar market is growing leaps and bounds with increasing demand for cleaner, renewable energy. China alone is home to hundreds of manufacturing plants churning out solar panels and modules; supplying half the world's supply of PV solar cells. PV manufactures on the other hand face crucial challenges to meet increased efficiency, performance and durability.

The role of polymers in the manufacturing of solar modules is extensive. Polymers have flexible properties and commercial availability making it cost effective and reliable. From backsheets to encapsulants to sealants and adhesives, polymers are continuously being improved and enhanced to meet higher standards and requirements.

"A small number of companies are developing plastics from sustainable resources, such as plants not used as food sources, for photovoltaic cells, which are on the verge of an explosive growth burst."

Feb 2010, Design News

"Dow Chemical will begin producing polyolefin encapsulant films for polycrystalline silicon and thin-film photovoltaic modules. The films are company's first PV encapsulant products and provide better module protection and improved electrical performance compared with traditional encapsulants used in solar applications."
Sept 2010, Chemical Week

CMT's Polymer Apps in PV is the 1st Asia summit focusing on polymeric material innovations and trends for solar module manufacturing. The conference will be a platform for PV technologists and polymer suppliers to interact and discuss pertinent issues facing the industry!

Top Reasons to Attend:

  • PV panel producer's perspective on striking a balance between cost and performance
  • Role of China in the global solar market and implications for polymeric material producers
  • Tapping on Middle East sunshine - Solar market developments and technology challenges
  • Facilitating quicker access to international market by meeting International Standards
  • Global EVA outlook and comparative economics of solar encapsulant technologies
  • Flouropolymer vs. Non-flouropolymer: Relationship of backsheet materials to performance
  • Innovations in polymeric material for sealants and adhesives, junction box, etc.
  • Developments in material characterization and properties for increased efficiency
  • Potential of biopolymers for solar cells - commercial viability & technology challenges
  • Review of marketplace and benchmark of products & technologies against other leading players
  • Expert panel of speakers from Fraunhofer - CSP, TUV Rheinland, Solutia PV, Hanwha Solarone and more!


News Feed

Silane Modified Polymers in Sealants and Adhesives for Photovoltaics to be discussed at Polymers for PV meet

Posted on : 13 Jun, 2011


Renewable energy is also a market adhesives and sealants makers are targeting, particularly the solar panel sector. Demand for adhesives in the solar panel industry is growing by 12 %/year, says Phillips. The market is valued at about $700 million worldwide, and most of the production is in Asia.

 (Source: Chemical Week, 4 Apr 2011, page 23)



At a premier Polymers for PV conference focused on the theme "Innovations in polymer materials for photovoltaic applications”  and coming up in Shanghai on 16-17 Jun 2011, Mr. John Cocco P.E., Vice President of Henkel Corporation is anticipated to provide further insights on demand for adhesive in the solar panel industry. He will share his viewpoint via a presentation on topic entitled ‘Silane Modified Polymers in Sealants and Adhesives for Photovoltaics’.


Henkel Corporation is part of the conference’s international panel of speakers due to bring specific focus on Polymer materials for PV applications, and address pertinent industry issues.


A copy of the full program agenda is available here.


Arkema's New Kynar Fluorinated Polymer Production Plant Comes On Line

Posted on : 30 May, 2011

Arkema has just brought on stream successfully and on schedule its new Kynar PVDF production fluorinated polymer plant at its Changshu site in China.


This plant helps provide for the growth of Asian customers, and better respond to global demand for PVDF in applications ranging from high performance industrial coatings, offshore and chemical engineering markets to emerging sectors like lithium-ion batteries and photovoltaic panels.


Arkema has decided to speed up the extension of this new plant by announcing in January this year an additional 50% capacity. This increase should come into effect by mid-2012.


(Source: AZoM, April 13, 2011)


Arkema is confirmed to speak at the Polymer Apps in PV conference to be held on 16-17 June 2011 in Shanghai, China. The company’s Photovoltaic & Industrial Development Manager, Anthony Bonnet, will deliver a presentation entitled “Fluropolymer or Non-Fluropolymer: Study of the Relationship of Backsheet Performance and Material Properties”, addressing the benefits of using fluropolymer for photovoltaic backsheet, performance of fluropolymer backsheet, and comparisons with other materials.


Already, the conference has attracted an unrivalled line up of polymer industry experts as early confirmed speakers.


To register your team, send an email to Grace Oh at grace@cmtsp.com.sg. Or simply click here to submit any questions on the program.


TÜV Rheinland to host Afternoon Reception at CMT's Polymer Apps in PV conference in Shanghai on 16-17 June, 2011.

Posted on : 05 May, 2011


TÜV Rheinland is the Afternoon Reception Host of CMT's Polymer Apps in PV conference, to be heldin Shanghai on 16-17 June, 2011.


TÜV Rheinland is host  of Afternoon Reception.TÜV Rheinland is a global leader in the provision of testing and certification services for PV products. It's rich experience has been accumulated over more than 25 years. The Company now serves 80% of PV module manufacturers worldwide, thus ensuring product quality and safety. ISO 17025 laboratory accredited, CBTL listed, and also accredited by OSHA as a NRTL, TUV Rheinland is dedicated to offering companies one-stop services with its unique global network backed by more than 170 experts and six world-class solar energy assessment centers in Cologne, Arizona, Yokohama, Bangalore, Shanghai and Taichung.


TUV Rheinland assists its Clients in understanding and complying with stringent international safety and performance requirements, thus helping companies to reach all of their target markets in a reliable, time-efficient manner and to gain greater acceptance amongst buyers, investors and banks.TÜV Rheinland Group has more than 130 years of experience and is headquartered in Cologne. As a leading group for the provision of technical services worldwide, it has 90 locations in 61 countries with a workforce of over 14,400. The business scope covers Industrial Services, Mobility, Products, Life Care, Training and Consulting, Systems.


Complimentary report + Inaugural Summit reveal commercial potential & key applications for PV

Posted on : 19 Apr, 2011


CMT is pleased to share with you a special GIFT – an executive summary of Global EVA Consumption, Capacity & Trade in 2010: Key Markets & Trends report, made available and offered exclusively to complement our upcoming Polymer Apps in PV Summit on 16-17 June in Shanghai, China.


Global EVA Consumption, Capacity & Trade in 2010

Whether you just want to learn about the importance of global photovoltaic markets or are looking to expand your knowledge on Polymer materials for PV applications, we recommend you download this paper to:

- gain an understanding of the markets for EVA,

- discover how HEVA is being used in solar PV applications,

- learn where the consumption of HEVA is going in solar PV applications and

- plan for projected shortfall of MEVA and HEVA by 2014 to meet growing demand.


About Polymer Apps in PV Summit


Beyond providing a macro perspective on global photovoltaic markets, this summit spotlights on Polymer materials for PV applications, and addresses related industry issues including:

  • Outlook & Forecast for Asian Solar panel markets
  • Advancements in solar encapsulants, backsheets and other module components
  • New material trends for increased durability & efficiency of PV cells
  • Industry standards and requirements to speed up time to market
  • Business Trends from fellow manufacturers of PV (Photovoltaic)

Click here to register or contact grace@cmtsp.com.sg for more information on the summit.


To request for a copy of the 28-page chapter from the 2010 EVA report published by Townsend Solutions, a key speaker panelist at Polymer Apps in PV Summit this June, simply fill in the form below NOW!

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Polymer Apps in PV (Shanghai, 16-17 June 2011) to explore latest Innovations in Polymer Materials for Photovoltaic Applications

Posted on : 28 Mar, 2011


A small number of companies are developing plastics from sustainable resources, such as plants not used as food sources, for photovoltaic cells, which are on the verge of an explosive growth burst. (Design News, 9 Feb 2010)


With reference to the above development, a top question abuzz in the global polymers industry and PV markets is: What are the latest technological innovations in Polymers for PVs, and will bioplastics play a more significant role in solar cell production in the near future?


For that reason, Polymer Apps in PV conference, scheduled on 16-17 June 2011 in Shanghai brings together an authoritative panel of experts to provide answers to above question, plus explore latest material substitution including the role of bioplastics in PV. Invited key industry professionals will provide updates on the newest innovations & trends in polymers for PV, as well as address challenges faced by Asian solar panel manufacturers and more.


The full program agenda is being finalized and will be available online shortly. To request for final copy of the agenda, send an email to Grace Oh at grace@cmtsp.com.sg. Or click here to submit online enquiry on speaking opportunities, media partnership and/or sponsorship packages.