Algae World Australia,

16-17 Aug, 2011 - Townsville, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Rydges Southbank Townsville Convention Centre

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Mass Production of Algae
for Biofuels & Bioproducts


G'Day Algae World - What the Aussies Know About Algae that the Rest of us Don't?


CMT's ALGAE WORLD AUSTRALIA is a timely and topical conference that encapsulates the robust algae developments in Australia. Coincidently, Biofuels Digest also recently highlighted the myriad of algae activities down under and gave it the nickname "Algstralia".


Editor Jim Lane says:


"What do you do with a country that is basically a desert, cut off from the global biomass trade by a tyranny of distance, with a carbon emissions problem, a wealthy population, a stumbling rural economy, and the occasional political will to do something about climate change? As the saying goes: if life gives you lemons, make lemonade; if life won't even give you lemons, make algal biofuels."


And in fact, Algae ventures are thriving in Australia. Various federal and state government departments are eager to back up the growth of the industry by providing R&D grants


Cognis's world's largest microalgae (Dunaliella salina) plant at Hutt Lagoon, Western Australia and Whyalla in South Australia has been producing beta-carotene to serve the nutritional supplement, natural food colouring, and feed additive markets since 1986.

project at Kurratha, Western Australia: Has completed construction of its algal biofuel pilot plant. It is a joint venture of MurdochUniversity, Adelaide Research & Innovation Pty Ltd (the commercial development company of the University of Adelaide), and commercial partner SQC Pty Ltd. They received AUD1.89million from the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts.

James Cook University
and MBD Energy: Researching on Using Algae for Bio-CCS and Bio-CCR. R&D funded by Advanced Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre.

Algal Fuels Consortium
: Partnership of South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI), Flinders University and CSIRO to develop a pilot and pre-commercial scale facility on Torrens Island using seawater ponds, next to a gas-fired power station. The consortium won a AUD2.724-million research grant under the Department of Resources Energy and Tourism's Second Generation Biofuels program in Australia.

CSIRO Energy Transformed Flagship
: The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is Australia's national science agency and one of the largest in the world. They are focusing on the use of waste water for production of algal biodiesel


American and European companies and research groups are also at play down under, including:

teaming up with Qantas for a renewable jet fuel project.

MBD Energy's (AU)
project with OriginOil (US) and Evodos (NL) in Townsville: Testing of OriginOil's quantum fracturing and single-step extraction systems and Evodos's Algae Harvesting system at their R&D facility.

Aurora Algae (US)
received an initial AUD750,000 of a total Australian government grant of up to AUD2 million for hitting key development milestones in the construction of its Western Australia demonstration plant.

Solar Bio-Fuels Consortium
: International network consisting of University of Queensland (AU), Universität Bielefeld (DE), Universität Karlsruhe (DE), Universität Münster (DE), University ofSydney (AU) and Imperial College London (UK) and continues to expand. They are focused on photo-bioreactor design for biodiesel, methane and hydrogen production. It received AUD286,000 from the Australian Research Council.

Reminder Alert


If you are keen to participate in the AlgaeBoom in Australia, or in need of Latest Technological Achievements on Algae for Biofuels and Bioproducts...

... you MUST mark your calendar on 16-17 Augustto attend ALGAE WORLD AUSTRALIAin the beautiful coastal town of Townsville, in Sunny Queensland, Australia.


Algae World Australia at Townsville is a 1.5 days conference with an optional technical site visit to theMBD Energy & James Cook University (MBD-JCU) AlgalR&D Facility



With the theme of

"Mass Production of Algae for
Biofuels &Bioproducts"

the conference will highlight:

  • Growing algae in Australia - Ideal Location, Suitable Species & Strains for Biofuels & Bioproducts
  • Government Policies and Programs in Support of Algae Biofuels & Bioproducts
  • Waste-water based Algae Production
  • Perspective of a Power Company on usingAlgae for Carbon Capture
  • Microalgal Lipid Content & Productivitiesand its Potential Uses
  • Potential of Algae in Health, Feed andCosmetics
  • Development of Aviation BiofuelfromAlgae
  • Design and Optimisation of Photobioreactor & Open Pond Culture Systems
  • Cost Effective Algae Harvesting & Processing
  • Scaling up Algae Production - Challengesand Lessons Learnt

Featuring top algae experts from leading research institutes, and commercial companies, ALGAE WORLD AUSTRALIA is your one-stop station for Insight on algae biotechnology, Networking with industry peers, and meeting place for deal making and forming Partnerships.







BONUS: Optional Site Visit to MBD-JCU Algal R&D Facility


On Day 2 afternoon, delegates can opt to go for a technical site visit to the above. It is a 5,500 sq metres R&D facility located at JCU's Townsville campus. It is a pilot project that is aimed at commercialising the development of Bio Carbon Capture and Storage technology. The process consumes large quantities of greenhouse gases while producing low cost bio-oil and animal feedstock. Here's what you'll see at the test facility:

  • Various growing systems for micro & macro algae
  • Numerous dewatering, harvesting and oil extraction systems

About MBD Energy


MBD is an Australian based public, unlisted technology company. One of the world's largest mining companies, Anglo American, became a cornerstone investor in MBD in 2009 and Anglo Coal's Global CEO, Seamus French, has recently joined as a non-executive director of MBD Energy. The MBD Energy Board is chaired by former BHP Chairman, Jerry Ellis. MBD has a joint research and development facility located at James Cook University (JCU), Townsville, Queensland. MBD Energy and its JCU team are regarded as international leaders in the use of captured flue-gases as feedstock to produce algal biomass for Bio-CCS. In addition to the project at Tarong Power Station, MBD Energy currently has two similar projects underway with Loy Yang Power in Victoria and Eraring Energy in New South Wales. MBD Energy is a founding member of the Bio CCS program. The program is made up of a number of regional projects with each targeting 50 million tonnes of greenhouse gas sequestration per year by 2020.



News Feed

Algae World Australia 2011 is on fast track to becoming a high profile event featuring top algae experts from leading research institutes, and commercial companies.

Posted on : 12 Aug, 2011


Algae World Australia 2011 is on fast track to becoming a high profile event featuring top algae experts from leading research institutes, and commercial companies.


Hence it presents golden opportunity to hear from, question & interact with the more than 100 participants confirmed coming to Townsville, Queensland! Here's a qiuck look at who's attending ... ...


Delegate Profile


Delegate sector profile


Act NOW if you do not want to miss out on being at this exciting event.

Contact Huiyan at 65 63469113 or for last minute registration.


Evodos Centrifuge Reaches Positive Energy Balance for Algae Dewatering

Posted on : 05 Aug, 2011


In the Netherlands, Evodos announced that recent field measurements on its centrifugal systems machines showed that the energy requirement has dropped to below 1 kWh per cubic meter feed flow. The company said that this provides a positive energy balance in harvesting algae. Marco Brocken, CEO of Evodos says: “At energy cost of € 0,08/kWh and a 0,1% concentration (1 g/liter), the energy cost for harvesting is only Euro 0,08 per kilo of dry material. That is not only good for CO2 sequestration projects but excellent for producing fuel from algae too.” Source: Biofuel Digest, June 21, 2011 (


Algae World Australia will assemble – under one roof – expert panelists who are committed to sharing with you frank insights and useful information on:

  • Algae project developments
  • Successful business models and
  • Exciting upcoming opportunities in the algae sector

We’re talking about leaders in the algae industry like Mr. Marco Brocken, CEO of Evodos B.V.


At Algae World Australia in Queensland, you will receive the latest “insider” information straight from Mr. Brocken himself. All algae that MBD Energy produces are harvested with Evodos’s harvesters. Straight form the start.


Mr. Brocken will explain why MBD Energy has chosen for Evodos as their workhorse for harvesting. He will address the advantages of harvesting the algae alive as a completely dewatered paste and without chemicals. Insight will be given to the energy balance, that is highly positive. You will hear – first hand – the low cost per metric ton harvested and the path to harvesting on industrial scale.


Mr. Brocken will accompany you to the optional site visit at MBD Energy where he can spend more time with you on a one to one basis if desired.Algae World Australia 2011


That is just the tip of the iceberg!


At Algae World Australia, top Algae experts from across the globe will be joining Mr Brocken. They will be sharing their perspectives on other key issues central to the commercialization of your algae project.


Sounds exciting? Then 16-17 Aug 2011 needs to be marked on your calendar! Also, do remember to register for the site visit to MBD-JCU Algal R&D Facility to make the most out of this forum.


Why not sign up for Algae World Australia now and confirm your seat early?


We’ll send you a reminder closer to the date!


Picture: Mr L. Sirmans, Technical Director of MBD Energy next to one of his Evodos harvesters



Submit request for full transcript of our conversation with Andrew Lawson, MD of MBD Energy Limited here!

Posted on : 22 Jul, 2011


Few weeks ago, CMT launched its Algae World Australia series which features an exclusive site visit to an on-going algae R&D centre. Since then, we received positive feedback on Algae industry in Australia and enquiries about the MBD-JCU Algal R&D Facility.


And so, we decided to catch up with Andrew Lawson, Managing Director of MBD Energy Limited to ask for his views.


The conversation revealed few significant information and we want you to have the chance to download & read it. Simply fill up the form below to get your copy today:


AlgaeWorld Australia

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Algae World Australia brings you to the MBD-JCU Algal R&D Facility to view various growing systems for micro & macro algae

Posted on : 18 Jul, 2011


Mr Macfarlane made his call on a trip to Townsville where he met with business leaders to discuss the tax. He also visited James Cook University to view a research project that eliminates carbon dioxide by feeding it to algae. Mr Macfarlane said, the JCU research project, in which CO2-fed algae were harvested for stockfeed, offered the potential to produce low-cost electricity from coal while converting the CO2 gas emissions into useful product. The JCU researchers, led by Associate Prof Kirsten Heimann, are about to start a trial upscaling of the technology at Tarong power station, near Kingaroy, where flue gas will be fed to algae.


     (Source: Townsville Bulletin, 18 May 2011)



Now that AUSTRALIA has proposed carbon pollution be taxed at A$23 (S$30.20) per tonne to help battle climate change, here’s a timely opportunity to learn more about the development of algae facility and how algae can help in eliminating Co2. A limited number of places are still available for those who have not yet, sign up for the optional site visit to the MBD Energy & James Cook University (MBD-JCU) Algal R&D Facility. A special feature of the Algae World Australia conference from 16-17 Aug 2011 in Townsville, delegates can look forward to an enlightening tour of this state-of-the-art R&D facility plus exclusive insights into the dewatering, harvesting and oil extraction systems for algae.


Click here to find out more about the event schedule or contact for other details on Algae World Australia.


In the meantime, you might want to check out the following Australian news articles .....


Boeing shares on Green Deals at Algae World Australia as airlines approve algae fuel

Posted on : 29 Jun, 2011


The Air Transport Association says airlines have gained technical approval to use fuel processed from algae and other organic waste and inedible plants for up to 50 per cent of their fuel needs, Bloomberg reports. The preliminary decision by ASTM International is expected to open up the $140 billion a year aviation fuel industry to a host of new biotech and biofuel competitors and suppliers, including several algae start-ups in Australia.


ATA spokesman Steve Lott described the decision as a “regulatory breakthrough” that will be a boon to newly emerging startups. Boeing vice president of Environment and Aviation Policy Billy Glover told Bloomberg that developing a renewable fuel supply was a critical part of the industry’s strategy for achieving carbon-neutral growth beyond 2020.




Those keen to find out more on Algae biofuel for aviation should attend Algae World Australia in Queensland from 16-17 August, 2011.


Mr. Aidan Dargan, Research Task Lead of Boeing Research & Technology Australia will be sharing his expertise on the development of aviation biofuel from algae.


Besides algae biofuels, experts will also discuss the perspective of a power company on using Algae for carbon capture, microalgal lipid content & productivities and its potential uses, and potential of Algae in Health, Feed and Cosmetics, among other topics.


Click here to find out more about the event schedule or contact for other details on Algae World Australia.


Key speaker at Algae World Australia, OriginOil supplies equipment to MBD's Coal Power Station

Posted on : 13 Jun, 2011


The system will capture fuel-gas emitted from the coal-fired power station using a bio-based carbon capture storage device containing micro-algae. The micro-algae uses the captured CO2 to reproduce more algae biomass, which can then be used for fuel or plastics.


The Tarong power station in Queensland will be able to process up to 300 gallons of algae culture per minute, but is only a one-hectare site. The small station will serve as the test site for a larger planned set-up at the company's 80-hectare (197-acre) facility, according to MBD Energy.


OriginOil has been partners with MBD Energy for a few years, working to figure out how to harvest algae from coal pollution. In December the two companies announced they were developing a two-step system that would allow MBD to capture its CO2 pollution from converted coal with micro-algae and convert it into algae biomass that can be used for oil or even plastics.

(Source: Cnet News, 24 May 2011)


OriginOil, key speaker at Algae World Australia on 16-17 Aug in Queensland, is supplying an algae system to MBD Energy, the conference’s site visit facility. Hear directly from Chairman and CEO of OriginOil, Mr Riggs Eckelberry, as he shares his views on Scaling up – from the lab to the field.


MBD Energy’s  project with OriginOil  and Evodos in Townsville includes the testing of OriginOil's quantum fracturing and single-step extraction systems and Evodos's Algae Harvesting system at their R&D facility.


Click here to find out more about the event schedule or contact for other details on Algae World Australia.


Algstralia: the land of Gold from Green

Posted on : 23 May, 2011


It’s moving fast, excitement is high, and there’s a broad enough proliferation of technologies that, in essence, Australia is getting the benefit of a portfolio approach to developing advanced algal biofuels, with the economic burden lessened by international investment.


Source: (



Biofuels Digest recently highlighted the myriad of algae activities down under and gave it the nickname "Algstralia". And what better place to hold the conference? Now that 3rd Algae Europe is over, we continue on with Australia leg – CMT brings Algae World Australia to Townsville, Queensland on 16-17 Aug 2011!


With the theme of "Mass Production of Algae for Biofuels & Bioproducts", the conference will focus on topics like Growing algae in Australia, Government policies and programs, Waste-water based algae production, Development of aviation Biofuel from Algae, Cost effective Algae Harvesting & Processing, scaling up algae production, and more.


For more information on the agenda, one may click here. Otherwise contact Ms. Huiyan at now to reserve your seat or simply register online here.