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03-04 Sep, 2020 - Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

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“Harnessing the Energy of Strong Wind” 


The South Korean government has ambitious plans for the expansion of offshore wind energy. Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy (MOTIE) announced its plan to increase the share of renewable energy from 7% in 2016 to 20% by 2030, new offshore wind facilities, targeted installed capacity of 12GW will be constructed and operational by 2030.

“Shell and CoensHexicon deal to build floating wind off Korea”
27 Jun, Recharge

“South Korean Offshore Wind Turbine Gets Type Certificate”
9 July, offshoreWIND.biz

“Equinor, KNOC and Korea East-West Power have agreed to develop a 200 MW floating offshore wind farm”
8 Jul, Evwind

“Pondera, Hanmi Global to work on 100 MW of Korean offshore wind”
3 Sept, Renewables Now

“Orsted sees market potential in Korean offshore wind power”
8 Sept, The Korean Herald


Key Highlights : 


  • Updates on the Offshore Wind Developments/Opportunities in South Korea
  • Successful OWP Partnership; Perspectives from GenCos & Developers
  • Offshore Wind Supply Chain: Tapping on Strong Local Competency & Expanding Job Opportunities
  • Financing Options & What’s Next after the RPS?
  • Floating Foundation – A Possible Game Changer?
  • Turbines, Installation & O&Ms Best Practices for Korea
  • Prospects for Energy Storage Systems (ESS) & Hydrogen Economy

해상 풍력 발전을 활용한 차세대 에너지

대한민국 정부는 해상 풍력 에너지의 이용 확장을 위한 야심찬 계획을 진행합니다. 산업통상자원부 (MOTIE)는 신재생 에너지 점유율을 2016년 7%에서 2030년 20%까지 늘리겠다는 계획을 발표했으며, 2030년까지 새로운 해상 풍력 시설을 목표 설치 용량 12GW까지 설립 및 운영할 예정입니다.

“쉘과 코엔스 헥시콘, 한국에 부유식 해상 풍력 시설 건설 결정”
6월 27일, 리차지

“한국의 해상 풍력 발전기, 형식 인증 획득”
7월 9일, 오프쇼어윈드.비즈

“에퀴노어, KNOC, 한국동서발전, 200MW 부유식 해상 풍력 발전 단지를 개발하기로 합의”
7월 8일, 에브윈드

“폰데라, 힌미 글로벌, 100MW 한국 해상 풍력 발전 작업 시착”
9월 3일, 리뉴어블 나우

“오스테드, 한국 해상 풍력 발전 시장의 잠재력 점쳐”
9월 8일, 코리안 헤럴드



주요 특징 : 


  • 대한민국의 해상 풍력 개발/잠재력 관련 업데이트
  • 성공적인 OWP 파트너십-규제 기관, KEPCO 및 GenCos의 관점
  • 공급 체인 – 조선 및 해양 부문의 강력한 현지 역량 활용
  • O&M 전략 – 개발자 및 기타
  • 금융 옵션 & RPS 이후는?
  • 플로팅 파운데이션 – 가능성 있는 게임 체인저?
  • 한국 지형과 풍력 자원을 이용한 풍력 터빈 및 솔루션
  • 풍력 발전 및 에너지 저장 시스템(ESS)의 전
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News Feed

Equinor, Korea National Oil Corporation and Korea East-West Power collaborate for 200 MW Offshore Wind Power Project

Posted on : 14 Nov, 2019

South Korea’s offshore wind capacity growth is expected to reach 6.4 GW by 2030. Major players have planned investments in the country.
Norway’s energy producer – Equinor, Korea National Oil Corporation and Korea East-West Power have formed a consortium to develop a floating offshore wind project in South Korea.
The proposed  the 200 megawatt project will be located off the coast of Ulsan, South Korea. A feasibility study is underway for the offshore wind power project, with the construction expected to start in 2022 and power production by 2024.
The market has also secured investments from other players - Macquarie’s Green Investment Group (GIG) has completed the installation of South Korea’s first floating LiDAR, marking the launch of the 1.4GW Ulsan offshore wind project. In addition, K2 Management has signed an MoU with Taean Wind Power and Dohwa Engineering for the Taean offshore wind farm in South Korea.
For latest updates on South Korea’s offshore wind power market, attend CMT's OWP Korea on 3-4 September , 2020 in Seoul.
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