20th Asia Coatings Markets,

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27-28 Oct, 2020 - Bangkok, THAILAND

Emerging Opportunities within the Sustainable Coatings Market





  • Asian Economic Outlook Post Covid-19
  • Paint Manufacturer & End-User’s Perspective on Coatings Trends in the Circular Economy
  • Focus: Southeast Asia, China, India
  • Low & Zero VOC Coatings, the New Normal : Technology Advancement in Waterborne,
    UV-Cured, Bio-Based & Renewable Materials
  • Growth Forecast - Industrial & Automotive, Architectural, Packaging, Wood Coatings
  • Advancements in Functional Coatings:
    Antimicrobial, Intumescent, Solar Paint
  • Closing the Loop on Paint Waste through Recycling
    and Reuse

Testimonials from 19th Asia Coatings Markets Summit : 


“It is the perfect platform for coating trend sharing, which brings us innovation in the future community”
~ Jotun


“An event that has maintained high quality of speakers, presentation contents & topics that are relevant, with downstream connectivity. Great!”
~ Eastman Chemical


“It was interesting agenda, not only provide update technology, but also connect coatings to global concerns such as climate change, architecture mind, economic outlook & digital wave.”
~ Vietnam Paint & Printing Ink Association (VPIA)


“Great value & time for connecting with industry”
~ PT. Propan Raya


“Nice & Interactive. I will look forward to know about South Asia market trend”
~ Berger Paints


“Different from the norm. Great insights & interaction”
~ Clariant


“More informative this year & lots of take away”
~ Wacker Chemicals

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News Feed

KCC Uses Low VOC Solvent-Free Coating for Hyundai Heavy Industries’ Ship

Posted on : 11 May, 2020

Marine coatings specialist – KCC is using a solvent-free coating – applied on Hyundai Heavy Industries’ 325,000-ton very large ore carrier (VLOC). The VLOC is built by Hyundai Heavy Industries for Polaris Shipping.
The solvent-free coating is capable of lowering volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions thus prevent air and environmental pollution. The solvent-free coating is also safe to use indoors as it reduces hazards such as choking, explosions and fires. The coating also enhances the efficiency of shipbuilding by allowing users to create coatings of various thicknesses by coating an object only once.
South Korea’s Ministry of Environment last year announced a revision to the enforcement regulations of the Atmospheric Environment Conservation Act – that requires installation of air pollution prevention facilities or the use of eco-friendly solvent-free paints above a certain percentage, when painting a ship. Further the Korean government also aims to raise the percentage of solvent-free paints to 60 percent by 2024 from 20 percent in 2020. In such a scenario, KCC is confident that its eco-friendly solvent-free paints will be a standard at shipyards in the country.
More on marine coatings trends and developments will be discussed at CMT’s 20th Asia Coatings Markets in Bangkok.
Email Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9113 for more details on the program.

Taiwan limits VOC in coatings, Singapore looks at cool paints, heat reflective materials for green buildings

Posted on : 27 Feb, 2020

Taiwan has issued a standard requiring coatings producers to limit volatile organic compound (VOC) in construction and industrial maintenance coatings.
The standard is applicable to five types of coatings which includes  categories A and B – indoor wall and ceiling coatings; and categories C1-3 – outdoor wall coatings.
Published last year, Taiwan’s Environment Protection Administration (EPA) has mandated that manufacturers or importers have two years to comply with the provisions and three years to sell existing stock.
The standard requires coatings manufacturers or importers to list the chemicals on the safety data sheet, product catalogue, packaging or container within the two-year period – in Chinese language and supplemented by English or other foreign languages, as necessary.
Meanwhile Singapore has introduced a new standard to produce “super low energy” buildings. This requires buildings to use spray-on solar panels, smart aircon, and heat-reflective paint to reduce energy consumption.
A way of making buildings green is to minimise heat entry and reduce the energy needed for cooling by up to 12 per cent. This can be done by orienting building entrances away from direct sunlight, coating exteriors with cool paints and heat reflective materials, and designing for natural ventilation.
For the latest updates on sustainable coatings, attend CMT’s 20th Asia Coatings Markets on 18-19 August, 2020 in Bangkok.
Email Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9113 for more details on the program.