Sustainable Fashion, Innovative plant-based materials, textiles recycling technologies & brandowners sustainability commitments

18-19 Nov, 2021 - ONSITE at Leonardo Royal Hotel Amsterdam, VIRTUAL

Leonardo Royal Hotel Amsterdam

Can recycled textiles and biobased materials be the key part of the solution for a sustainable fashion industry ?

Fashion is the second-largest polluting industry on the planet, contributing to 20% of global wastewater. Exacerbating this is the fact that fast fashion leads to a mountain of clothing thrown away every year causing a huge impact on the environment . It is reported that globally the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions, with textile production alone is estimated to release 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every year.

Consumers are ready for a change and the fashion industry is intensifying and investing in the search for sustainable materials including recycled and biobased products !

Will hemp replace mainstream textiles materials as the sustainable alternative ?

With the increased ethical treatment of animals, can recycled leather be the force for good ?

Recent attention has been focussed on mycelium as  the potential alternative material for leather. How sustainable is mycelium supply ?

Can cultivated cell-based fur and wool revolutionise the fur industry and move it away from pollutive processes of tanning and dyeing, as well as a synthetic plastic-based materials ?

Why are clothes a challenge to recycle ?

Sorting & collection of used / unsold clothing is a time consuming task made more complicated by the many blends of man-made and natural fibres used in modern garments.

Innovations are rapidly developing as  major brands across the fashion industry start to pay attention to the demand for more sustainable practices. Can current technologies turn new clothes from used clothings – ie textiles to textiles recycling ? What mechanical or chemical recycling technologies exist out there and how scalable are they ?

High carbon emissions and heavy use of water and chemicals are characteristic of the fashion industry. What are brandowners doing in their sustainability commitments to reduce emissions and become carbon-neutral by 2030 ?

Traceability in fashion businesses is a challenge to achieve as brands face huge convoluted network of suppliers.  Can technologies transform the fashion supply chain traceability ?

CMT’s Sustainable Fashion event held in Amsterdam on the 18 - 19th of November presents a strong panel of experts to share their perspectives as the industry cleans up and move forward to a sustainable future.

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  • Susan Harris, Technical Director, Anthesis Group
  • Erica van Doorn, Director, Sympany
  • Helene Smits, Chief Marketing & Sustainability Manager, Recover Textile Systems
  • Shannon Mercer, CEO, Fibretrace
  • Maarten Stolk, Business Development Manager, Ioniqa Technologies
  • Iris Skrami, Co-Founder, Renoon
  • Sylvia Calvo, Founder, Sylvia Calvo BCN
  • Brooke McEver, Product Lead & Sustainability, Unspun
  • Lisa Kennedy, Director - Business Development, Genomatica
  • Isaac Nichelson, CEO & Co-founder, Circular Systems
  • Jason Robinson, CEO, Evoco 
  • Bert Rademakers, Co-Founder, Mycellium Materials Europe 
  • Bert Van Son, Founder & CEO, Mud Jeans
  • Michael Esser, Director - Product Innovation, PVH Corp
  • Shreyans Kokra, Founder / CEO, CanvaLoop Fibre
  • Mariya Zakurnaeva, CEO, Furoid™
  • Olivier Grammont, Co-Founder, Recyc Leather
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Susan Harris
Technical Director
Anthesis Group


Erica van Doorn


Helene Smits
Chief Marketing & Sustainability Manager
Recover Textile Systems, S.L.


Maarten Stolk
Business Development Manager
Ioniqa Technologies B.V


Shannon Mercer


Iris Skrami


Sylvia Calvo
Sylvia Calvo BCN


Brooke McEver
Product Lead & Sustainability
Unspun Inc.


Lisa Kennedy
Director - Business Development

Isaac Nichelson
CEO & Co-founder
Circular Systems

Jason Robinson
Evoco Ltd

Bert Rademakers
Mycellium Materials Europe B.V

Bert Van Son
Founder & CEO
Mud Jeans

Michael Esser
Director - Product Innovation
PVH Corp

Shreyans Kokra
Founder / CEO
CanvaLoop Fibre Private Limited

Mariya Zakurnaeva

Olivier Grammont
Recyc Leather