2nd Recycled Packaging for Food Contact, Regulatory update, traceability challenges & chemically recycled polyolefins for food contact

02 Dec, 2021 - ONSITE at Novotel Brussels City Centre, VIRTUAL

Novotel Brussels City Centre

Regulatory Update, Traceability Challenges & Chemically Recycled Plastics for Food Packaging

Within the framework of the circular economy, the demand for recycled plastics for food packaging stands to grow at an enormous rate.

Many large beverage and FMCG companies have committed to use at least 50% recycled content in their packaging by 2030 – and more brands will continue to source for high quality food grade certified recycled materials.

The biggest challenge though is – do we have enough available and suitable recycled food grade material.

With the current limited supply of food grade recycled plastics, can chemical recycling of hard-to-recycle plastics step in ?

Recycled plastics used for FCMs is regulated rather strictly in the EU as there are concerns on the health risks associated with leakage of decontaminants during the recycling process and in the final product.

New EU-specific rules would refocus on the safety of the final material addressing their full characteristics and therefore all substances that may potentially migrate into food, instead of only starting substances used and during the recycling process in the manufacture of the recycled material.

Aside from shifting focus to the final product, what are the new improved regulatory developments  to better protect consumers’ health ?

Recently the European Commission extended the timeline for finalizing any proposals to revise FCM legislation to the fourth quarter of 2022. 

However, some EU member states like Germany has decided to move forward on its own.

It appears that the lack of harmonized regulations at the EU level for many types of FCMs will continue to raise potential issues of concern to fully ensure food safety and public health.

Attend this timely meet and get clarity on latest regulation for Recycled Packaging for Food Contact.

Key highlights:

  • Regulatory update on Recycled packaging for food contact
  • 3R strategy : how to deal with the political signals for plastics packaging
  • Challenges in assessing supply chain for rPlastics for food contact
  • Keeping food grade rPET material in the circular loop - perspective from the juice industry
  • NextLoopp food grade rPP - achievements, breakthroughs and barriers
  • Recycling hard-to-recycle PET waste to food grade rPET quality
  • Chemically recycled polyolefins for food packaging applications


  • Rachida Semail, Partner, Keller & Heckman LLP
  • Sean Fischer, Regulatory Review Scientist, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, U.S. Food and Drug Administration - FDA 
  • Axel Darut, EU & International Affairs Advisor, CITEO
  • Dr. Lionel Spack, Senior Food Contact Materials Expert NQAC EMENA, Nestle Suisse SA
  • Wouter Lox, Secretary General, AIJN - European Fruit Juice Association
  • Prof. Edward Kosior, CEO & Founder, Nextek Limited
  • Maarten Stolk, Business Development Manager, Ioniqa Technologies
  • Mari Kylmala, Marketing Manager, Consumer Products, Food and Hygiene, Borealis AG

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Important COVID-19 Advisory for ALL  Attendees 
EU citizens and residents must present the EU Digital Covid Certificate.

Foreigners without EU Digital Covid Certificate need to get tested in Belgium at a doctor’s surgery, a testing centre or one of the pharmacies offering Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) to obtain a certificate that covers the duration of the whole conference. The certificate is valid for 48 hours, from the time that you took the test.  Refer to website here for the process.




Rachida Semail
Keller & Heckman LLP


Sean Fischer
Regulatory Review Scientist
Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
U.S. Food and Drug Administration - FDA


Axel Darut
EU & International Affairs Advisor


Dr. Lionel Spack
Senior Food Contact Materials Expert
Nestle Suisse SA


Wouter Lox
Secretary General
AIJN - European Fruit Juice Association


Prof. Edward Kosior
CEO & Founder
Nextek Limited


Maarten Stolk
Business Development Manager
Ioniqa Technologies B.V


Mari Kylmala
Marketing Manager,
Consumer Products, Food and Hygiene
Borealis AG (Corporate HQ)