Sustainable DAIRY Alternatives, Sustainable dairy alternatives that shape the future of dairy – from plant based, cultured to precision fermentation

Sustainable dairy alternatives that shape the future of dairy – from plant based, cultured to precision fermentation

24-25 May, 2022 - Singapore, HYBRID

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

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“Sustainable dairy alternatives that shape the future of dairy – from plant based, cultured to precision fermentation”

A recent study done revealed that consumers across multiple countries are enthusiastic and curious about using precision fermentation to create dairy protein.

Can this next generation dairy or most preferably known as animal-free dairy be the future method in making dairy ?
Plant based milk is already in phase 4 characterized by demand for greater variety  - will microalgae or potato milk be the next big thing ?
What about plant based cheese ? As consumers expectations in plant based dairy evolve, what formulation challenges do brands and new startups need to address ? Cheese especially those that are used on top of pizzas or grilled sandwiches need the melt and stretchability that plant based cheese still struggle to achieve and some fail the taste test.
This is where fermentation can come in to manipulate the flavor and help develop concentrate ingredients that are able to improve the overall taste and flavor in plant-based alternatives dairy.
To stay ahead of the innovation curve, attend the Sustainable DAIRY Alternatives event on the 24 - 25th of May and find out what are the new materials & technologies out there and can truly delivering authentic taste, functionality and cleaner label for dairy protein.


-  Leonard Chong, Scientific Fellow, Big Idea Ventures

-  Hao Kim Lu, Scientific Analyst, Big Idea Ventures

-  Elaine Lee, Scientific Fellow, Big Idea Ventures

-  Jie Ying Lee, Senior Strategic Marketing Manager - Plant Based Kerry

Genny Tan, AH&N Business Development Manager, Kerry

-  Monique Naval, Senior Analyst, Euromonitor International (Asia)

-  Priyanka Srinivas, Founder and CEO, The Live Green Co

-  Veronica Fil, Co-Founder, Grounded Foods

-  Justin Chan, Founder & Director, Snappea

-  Angelique Nicolette Teo, Co-Founder, MAD Foods

-  Eugene Wang, Co-Founder & CEO, Sophie's BioNutrients

-  Jason Rosenberg, Head Of Business Development, Remilk

-  Prof. Nurit Argov, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem / CSO, Wilk

-  Jonas Garcia, Director of Business Development, Yofix

-  Dr. Eyal Afergan, CEO, Imagindairy

-  Sean Yao, Director of Business Development, Kingdom Supercultures

-  Irina Gerry, CMO, Change Foods

-  Yip Hon Mun, Executive Vice President, TurtleTree

-  Hadas Vaknin, Founder & CEO, Nut Culture

-  Ishpal Bajaj, Founder / CEO, Kind Kones

Big Idea Ventures is solving the World’s Biggest Challenges by supporting the World’s Best Entrepreneurs. We’re a venture capital fund with startup accelerators in key locations, investing in and accelerating top performers in the new food space. Their first fund, The New Protein Fund I (size USD$50M), is investing in the most innovative companies working on plant-based, fermentation-enabled and cell-based meat, seafood and dairy products, as well as ingredients and technologies that facilitate the growth of these categories. They combine capital, mentorship and a strong ecosystem of partners to support and grow the world’s most compelling plant-based, fermentation enabled and cell-based alternative protein companies.

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Leonard Chong
Scientific Fellow
Big Idea Ventures


Hao Kim Lu
Scientific Analyst
Big Idea Ventures


Elaine Lee
Scientific Fellow
Big Idea Ventures


Jie Ying Lee
Senior Strategic Marketing Manager
- Plant Based
Kerry Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa

Genny Tan
AH&N Business Development Manager
Kerry Asia Pacific & Southeast Asia


Monique Naval
Senior Analyst
Euromonitor International (Asia)


Priyanka Srinivas
Founder and CEO
The Live Green Co


Veronica Fil
Grounded Foods


Justin Chan
Founder & Director


Angelique Nicolette Teo
MAD Foods


Eugene Wang
Co-Founder & CEO
Sophie's BioNutrients


Jason Rosenberg
Head Of Business Development


Prof. Nurit Argov
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem / CSO


Jonas Garcia
Director of Business Development


Dr. Eyal Afergan


Sean Yao
Director of Business Development
Kingdom Supercultures


Irina Gerry
Change Foods

Yip Hon Mun
Executive Vice President

Hadas Vaknin
Founder & CEO
Nut Culture

Ishpal Bajaj
Founder / CEO
Kind Kones