Sustainable Polyolefins, Markets & Innovations, Polyolefins Markets, Profitability, Technology Innovation & Circular Plastics Transition

28-29 Jun, 2022 - Brussels BELGIUM, HYBRID

Novotel Brussels City Centre

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Polyolefins Markets, Profitability, Technology Innovation & Circular Plastics transition

The polyolefin prices have been affected by global issues such as high energy and feedstock costs compounded by Russia - Ukraine war as well as supply chain disruption. How are the industry responding & the impact on profitability? Will the recent events accelerate the transition towards renewable energy & resources, in line with EU Green Deal? Part of the transition to a circular economy is also decoupling from fossil, by using sustainable circular carbon from plastic waste, direct carbon capture or from renewable waste and residue streams, to produce olefins and polyolefin plastics.
Brands and retailers across all industries have made significant commitments to incorporate recycled content into their products, which will allow for closed loop recycling. The UK Plastic Packaging Tax also mandates that packaging companies use 30 percent recycled content in all plastic packaging components by April 2022 while the EU has set a target for recycling 50 percent of plastic packaging by 2025. All these measures are driving investments and innovation toward circular solutions, resulting in a significant increase in the demand for recyclates. Virgin resin producers from LyondellBasell, Borealis, Dow, Sabic & more are taking the opportunity to expand portfolios into circular plastics while improving their recyclates supply.
Sorting and recycling companies will need to invest in both capacity and technology in order to meet the rising demand for high-quality recycled plastics. Can chemical recycling complements mechanical recycling in meeting industry’s demand?
Borealis and Reclay Group establish a unique strategic partnership to tackle the challenge of plastic packaging waste and its recycling.  13/1/22,
Chevron Phillips chemical invests in infinity recycling’s circular plastics fund to help develop solutions to address the plastic waste challenge…. aims to accelerate the transition from a linear to a circular plastic economy by investing in advanced recycling technologies.  
Breakthrough in Food-Grade Recycled Polypropylene… NEXTLOOPP is now dispatching PPristine™ recycled PP prototype resins from post-consumer food packaging to its 43 participants for further trials.
CMT’s Sustainable Polyolefins, Markets & Innovations Hybrid conference on 28-29 June 2022 in Brussels, Belgium brings together players in the polyolefins value chain to share insights on the development and trends moving forward.
Leading Panel of Speakers:

- Cecilia Gee, Analyst /Team Lead - Energy Transition, Lux Research Inc

- Stephan Roest, Strategic Platform Leader Circular Economy Solutions (CES), Borealis AG

- Dr. Michael McDermott, Senior Analyst, EMEARC Polyolefins, Wood Mackenzie Chemicals

- Dr. Srivats Mohan, Global Packaging Capability Manager - Foods & Refreshment R&D, Unilever Foods Innovation Centre

- Charlotte de Montpellier, Senior Economist, ING Economic Research

- Tamsin Ettefagh, Chief Sustainability Officer & VP of Industry, PureCycle Technologies

- Prof. Edward Kosior, CEO & Founder, Nextek Limited

- Mark Roberts, Circular Value Chain Director, Consumer Packaging International Division, Berry Global

- Ron Abbott, Sustainability Technology Manager, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company - CPCHEM

- Marco Jansen, Circular Economy & Sustainability Leader Europe & Asia / Global Biopolymers Leader, Braskem Netherlands

- Graham Houlder, Project Coordinator & Managing Director, CEFLEX

- Dr. Francois H. Chambon, PE - Global Strategic Marketing Manager, ExxonMobil Petroleum & Chemical

- Gilles Swyngedauw, VP Sustainability, Albea Group

- Jasmin Droste, System Manager Sustainability, ISCC System GmbH

- Dr. Wolfgang Trunk, Policy Officer, DG Environment, European Commission

Alessandro Granziera, Manager Plastics Applications, TOMRA Sorting

- Rebecca Colley-Jones, Circular Economy Project Manager, Polyolefin Circular Economy Platform (PCEP)

Dr. Lizzie Smith, Senior Consultant, Anthesis Group

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