Indonesia Sustainable Biofuels,

02-03 Oct, 2024 - Jakarta, HYBRID

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1 October 2024
2 October 2024
3 October 2024
Valorising Oil Palm & Agri Waste Feedstocks
Day 1
Valorising Oil Palm & Agri Waste Feedstocks
Day 2
Indonesia Sustainable Biofuels 
Day 1
Indonesia Sustainable Biofuels
Day 2

Indonesia Sustainable Biofuels

Day 1

Meeting Indonesia’s ambitious biofuels targets from sustainable oil palm & waste feedstocks


Indonesia's Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) has set the quota for the distribution of B35 biodiesel at 13.41 million KL for 2024.

The ambitious biodiesel blending programme aims to strengthen Indonesia's energy security to increase the country's renewable energy share to 23pc by 2025.
Can Indonesia meet the supplies for its ambitious biofuel program ?

Sustainable feedstock
from Indonesia's agri & oil palm waste as well as used cooking oil are now in favour over crop based biofuels that many countries are clamping down hard on.
Recognising the abundant biomass resources available not only bolsters the sustainability of waste management in the sector, but also provides a promising solution to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Captured biogas from the wastewater (POME ) of mills serves as a renewable energy  source and at the same time significantly mitigate environmental impact.
However, Indonesia palm oil industries are largely fragmented and scattered all over - how can this challenge be overcome ?

How competitive can waste based biofuels be as compared to coal ?

In January this year, Indonesia achieved a significant milestone in renewable energy as the first commercial BioCNG (Compressed Natural Gas) or Biomethane plant officially commenced operations.

BioCNG can significantly contribute to supporting energy transition in Indonesia.

Various efforts by the Ministry has been adopted to develop BioCNG projects with the hope that it can be utilized to replace non-subsidized LPG for industrial and commercial sectors in future.

Find out more at the Indonesia Sustainable Biofuels conference that complements the Valorising Oil Palm & Agriwaste Feedstocks event.

Network with the industry to learn more on the current issues surrounding Indonesia's biofuels policies, and how to leverage on the oil palm / agri industry feedstocks for developing a robust biofuels program.

Key highlights:
  • Opening keynote speech
    Indonesia's transition to new & renewable energy - the role of the palm oil biomass sector
    Edi Wibowo, Director of Bioenergy, Directorate General of New and Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (EBTKE), Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Republic of Indonesia
  • Trade outlook of palm kernel shells and emerging new alternatives - empty fruit branches pellets
  • Zero Waste Projects – New business opportunities for biomass & potential by-products from palm oil  - Palm Oil Producers Perspective
  • Indonesia biofuels mandate          
  • Global biofuels markets dynamics            
  • Potential of used cooking oil (UCO) as alternative raw material for biofuel production
  • Can Bio-CNG play a major role in Indonesia as transportation fuel ?
  • Producing the world’s first TG2 pellet drop- in coal replacement fuel  from  empty fruit bunches (EFB)
  • Converting POME oil into sustainable aviation fuel with HVO technology
  • Converting palm residues to hydrogen & our collaboration with MPOB
  • Development of technology and solutions on  bio-methane/ bioCNG production from POME
  • Managing carbon emissions with REC (renewable energy certificates) from biogas and biomass generated from palm oil waste
    and many more.
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The conference will share a half-day session with Valorising Oil Palm & Agri Waste Feedstocks conference which will take place on 1 - 2 October 2024. More details of that conference can be viewed here:

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