20th LAPET Series - Circular Plastics Packaging LATAM,

13-14 Nov, 2024 - Mexico City, MEXICO

Mexico City Marriott Reforma Hotel

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12 Nov 2024
13 Nov 2024
14 Nov 2024
Sustainable Flexible Packaging LATAM
Day 1
Sustainable Flexible Packaging LATAM
Day 2
20th LAPET Series – CPP LATAM 
Day 1
20th LAPET Series – CPP LATAM
Day 2

20th LAPET Series – CPP LATAM

Day 1


Latin America represents an emerging recycling market with significant growth potential, despite grappling with various challenges in waste management. Addressing these challenges is crucial, particularly considering new transformative trends like the push for sustainable business models and legislation aligned with the circular economy.

The Mexico Recycled Plastics Market has experienced significant growth and transformation in recent years as the country seeks sustainable solutions to manage plastic waste. The Mexican government has taken proactive measures to address plastic pollution. Policies and regulations promoting the recycling of plastics, coupled with awareness campaigns, have created a conducive environment for the growth of the recycled plastics market. The first nationwide initiative to coordinate efforts from the private sector, academia, local governments, and civil society to reduce plastic pollution and hasten the shift to a circular economy is the Mexico Plastic Pact, which is being led by WWF, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and WRAP. With more than 170 countries currently negotiating a Global Treaty to regulate plastic pollution, the Mexico Plastic Pact complements international efforts to address this pressing environmental issue. The pact serves as a collaborative platform for businesses to promote substantial change backed by scientific and technical expertise.

With the 2025 plastic waste targets committed by major brand-owners fast approaching, how far behind are they in meeting their target? Are there enough recycled materials in the market to meet the growing demand? Is there adequate recycling infrastructure being developed?  What are the challenges in scaling up plastics recycling facilities? What are the financing solutions available to accelerate the recycling infrastructure? What are the alternative solutions available, not forgetting that plastics circularity can also be achieved using bio-based feedstock, eco-design guidelines & etc. What are the consumers’ sentiment towards plastics circularity?

PetStar, a company owned by Arca Continental and Coca Cola Mexico, announced an investment of US$2.8 million to triple its PET container collection capacity at its Escobedo plant in Nuevo Leon, generating more than 200 new jobs. With this expansion, the company will triple its recycling production from 6,300 tons of containers to 18,400 tons per year, equivalent to 811 million plastic bottles.
9/5/24, www.mexico-now.com

Join CMT’s 20th LAPET – Circular Plastics Packaging LATAM conference on 13-14 Nov 2024 in Mexico City to gain insights on the latest in circular plastics value chain, plastics recycling project update, technology advancement in sorting, collection and recycling, regulatory development and many more! This event will be held back-to-back with CMT’s Sustainable Flexible Packaging LATAM conference on 12-13 Nov 2024 in the same venue!  Take advantage of our bundle discount to gain insights in the flexible packaging value chain and circular plastics industry in the region.

For registration, book online at CPP LATAM or contact:
Companies within Latin, Central & South America, contact Tanya:
Email: tanya@cmtsp.com.sg
Mobile: +5255 3655 0760
Companies outside Latin, Central & South America, contact Huiyan:
Email: huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg
Tel: +65 6346 9113

Key highlights:

  • Latest update on Global Plastics Treaty
  • Circular plastics trade-flow & supply chain challenges
  • Sheets/thermoform market prospects
  • Waste materials collections & advancement in recycling technologies!
  • Mechanical & Advanced Recycling projects update
  • Embracing circular design & recycled content certification
  • Retailers/Brand-owners sustainable packaging commitment & progress

The conference will share a half-day session with Sustainable Flexible Packaging LATAM conference which will take place on 12 - 13 November 2024. More details of that conference can be viewed here: https://www.cmtevents.com/eventschedule.aspx?ev=241126