Recyclability Of Thermoform Trays & Legislative Updates,

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10 Sep, 2020

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Legislative measures have driven the packaging sector to adopt increasingly ambitious sustainability targets.
By 2025 at least 55 % of all plastics packaging in the EU should be recycled and today many plastic packaging manufacturers, users and brand owners have pledged to achieve this.

Further, recently ,as part of the coronavirus pandemic recovery package, the European Council has approved a new EU tax on plastic packaging wastes. This will be introduced by 1 January 2021 which calls for a €0.80 per kg levy on non-recycled plastic packaging waste, to be paid by member states into the EU budget.

Separate EU member states are establishing numerous measures - among them is the introduction of deposit schemes for plastic bottles, an intensification of separate waste collection, extended producer responsibility schemes etc.

In Europe, Germany is the world’s best recycler, compared with 25 other rich nations. Germans recycle 66% of their trash and has strict trash-disposal rules – but what happens to the trash after its collected?

Led by Paolo Glerean, PETCORE Europe is championing the sustainability of the PET thermoform recycling with a dedicated working group.

What is PETCORE doing to lay the foundation for the successful recycling of PET containers in the EU ?

CMT’s Webinar series on PET and recycling gathers 4 top experts to discuss and share the important regulatory economic, operational and technical trends in European plastics recycling.   

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