Starch Market Outlook Under EU Green Deal,

03 Nov, 2020

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Managing Covid impacts, disrupted supply chain & uncertain grain production in EU & Black Sea region

The EU Farm to Fork Strategy, published on 20 May 2020, is at the heart of the EU Green Deal structure and this strategy closely involves the starch industry.

The strategy aims to create a more robust and sustainable food system.

Currently the starch sector is already an important contributor to an EU sustainable food system through its leadership in the EU bioeconomy across food, feed and industrial application.

How can the EU starch stakeholders further play a role for the new F2F strategy’s successful implementation ?

Is the market recovering after a year of Covid 19? How much disruption to supply chains has this caused ? Has COVID taken the attention away from other more pressing issues (crop and animal disease etc) and EU/UK trade negotiations ?

One of the ambitious targets proposed by the F2F strategy is for the reduction of chemical pesticide and fertiliser use and increased organic farming to 25% of EU’s agricultural land. However many farmers view this as unrealistic as the policy calls for dramatically increasing food production while scaling up organic farming and slashing synthetic pesticide use, all without any clear plan as to how to address agricultural pests and productivity challenges.

EU grain exports in 2020-21 are predicted  to decline according to USDA to 25 million tonnes from 28.8 million tonnes, a drop of 13% year-on-year.

Partially owing to extremely challenging planting conditions ,the big unknown for 2020-21 remains the impact of COVID-19 on the grain balances.

CMT’s 1st series of Starch Europe webinar will keep the industry connected to latest news and highlight the dynamic changes of the starch sector.

Supported by Starch Europe, Jamie Fortescue, Managing Director for the Association will represent the starch stakeholders to share the industry’s important role in the EU Green Deal and Bioeconomy strategy.

Webinar sponsor Suez Water Technologies & Solutions - will share solutions to improve water consumption and energy efficiencies in starch processing

Simon Bentley will give an update on the market with current ongoing Covid 19 – what has shifted within this year and was does it mean for the starch market trajectory.

Rabobank will give an outlook on the grains and oilseeds industry outlook in Europe and the Black Sea region.

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