Building Smallholder Capacities in Africa,

26 Nov, 2020

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Enabling farmers access to finance, quality agri inputs, technologies and end markets 
Over 60% of Africans make their living from agriculture and 80% of them are in small scale farming. It can be said that smallholder farming supplies more than half of Africa’s food needs.

As a group, smallholder farmers are among the poorest and most marginalized in the world.

Africa’s smallholder farmers face many challenges preventing them from scaling up their participation in the market- including insecure rights to land , lack of access to quality inputs and financial services, inadequate support from research, and post harvest loss caused by poor rural infrastructure, inability to access quality seeds and mechanization.

Covid-19 lockdown and social distancing policy have created “choke-points” for the local food supply system in Africa and further compounding the misery for farmers as they are not able to go to their farms to plant / harvest their crops and consumers are fearful of buying food from local food markets for fear of contamination.

Wise investment strategies can transform small scale in highly productive and sustainable farming systems.

There needs to be collaborative action-research programs and to engage with policy advocacy to build resilient, equitable and sustainable futures for smallholder farming communities

Attend CMT’s first webinar series on Building Smallholder Capacities in Africa and participate in active discussions with stake holders, agribusiness community, financial providers, impact investors, non-profit social organisation. What is being done ? What has worked ? What can be improved ?

Proudly sponsored by Olam, who is very much present in Africa – Mr Srivathsan – the MD for Africa will deliver an opening keynote speech Moderated by Ranveer Chauhan – MD of Akwaaba Ventures – who is very knowledgeable and passionate about Africa and the agrisector and comes with more than 30 years of experience.

Hear from the panel of experts speakers who will each address their ideas, share their experiences and contribution in bringing a positive impact to the lives of African smallholders

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•  (Keynote Speaker) Venkataramani Srivathsan, Managing Director & CEO – Africa & Middle East, Olam

•  (Moderator) Ranveer Chauhan, Director, Akwaaba Ventures

•  Vanessa Adams, VP Strategic Partnerships / COP Partnership for Inclusive Agricultural Transformation in Africa, AGRA

•  Ad Rietberg, Director, Agri-wallet

•  Madelon Pfeiffer, Region Manager - Africa, Rabo Foundation

•  Henk Van Duijn, Program Director, 2SCALE

•  Samuel Dzotefe, Manager - Agribusiness and Forestry, International Finance Corporation

•  Rutger Groot, Chairman East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer Supervisory Board Member
    East-West Seed Group

Email if you require more information and/or wish to register.

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(Keynote Speaker)
Venkataramani Srivathsan
Managing Director & CEO –
Africa & Middle East


Ranveer Chauhan
Akwaaba Ventures 


Vanessa Adams
VP Strategic Partnerships / COP Partnership for Inclusive Agricultural Transformation in Africa


Ad Rietberg


Madelon Pfeiffer
Region Manager – Africa
Rabo Foundation 


Rutger Groot
Chairman East-West Seed Knowledge
Transfer Supervisory Board Member
East-West Seed Group 


Henk Van Duijn
Program Director


Samuel Dzotefe
Manager - Agribusiness and Forestry
International Finance Corporation