African Cassava in the Age of Covid-19,

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10 Dec, 2020

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PwC estimates that Nigeria would need about 28.3 million metric tonnes of fresh cassava root planted annually on about 1.2 million hectares of land to meet the regional and country’s demand for cassava by-products and derivatives. They include ethanol, cassava-based constituents in sugar syrup, high-quality cassava flour, garri (a fine to coarse granular flour of varying texture made from cassava roots), cassava-based adhesives such as cassava starch, caustic soda, formaldehyde, hydrochloric acid and sodium silicate. What are the upcoming production and processing projects that will drive and support cassava industrialisation?

The advent of COVID-19 has pushed presented various challenges and opportunities within the cassava industry. One of the main trends caused by the pandemic is the surge in demand for bi-products of ethanol as companies rush to churn out more hand sanitizer to control the spread of the deadly coronavirus pandemic. How will this affect existing and future cassava supply?

This webinar will address questions above and provide you latest information on current scenario of cassava market in Africa, on-going and upcoming government initiatives, trade outlook, mechanization production and etc.


•  Cyril Ugwu, Regional Coordinator, West Africa, IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative

•  Bunmi Akingba, CEO,
FMS Farms

•  George Marechera, Managing Director, Agridrive Ltd / Business Development Manager, AATF

•  Richard Bennett, Founder and CEO, Sunbird Bioenergy Africa

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Time :
10:00am (GMT +0) Accra/Abidjan
11:00am (GMT +1, CET) Lagos/Cameroon/Amsterdam/Stockholm/Paris/Copenhagen/
12:00pm (GMT +2) Johannesburg/Lusaka
01:00pm (GMT +3) Nairobi/Dar es Salaam
06:00pm (GMT +8) Hong Kong/Singapore/Malaysia






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Cyril Ugwu
Regional Coordinator, West Africa, IDH
The Sustainable Trade Initiative 


Bunmi Akingba
FMS Farms


George Marechera
Managing Director
Agridrive Ltd /
Business Development Manager


Richard Bennett
Founder and CEO
Sunbird Bioenergy Africa