Food Grade RPET Asia  - Opportunities & Challenges,

14 Dec, 2020

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While rPET has been used in the US, EU and Japan for several years, the acceptance of rPET for food contact and the production of good quality food grade rPET still remains a challenge in many parts of Asia.

There is a pressing need for more improvements in Asia's waste infrastructure systems — to produce a higher-quality feedstock for recyclers.

Last year EcoBlue Thailand became the first recycling company with U.S. FDA approval for its rPET.  suitable for food-contact packaging.

Despite the challenges on obtaining high quality feedstock, how has EcoBlue been able to navigate this ?

What is the business model in Asia for recycled packaging - are there only a few trusted facilities to produce packaging with r-PET for food contact ?

The fact that we hear of more investments in B2B recycling facilities in Asia ( last year -Veolia Services Indonesia announced they will be building the largest PET, bottle to bottle recycling factory in East Java.) is a testament that there are indeed plenty of opportunities for production of food grade rPET in the region.

Is there government support to improve waste management policies and participation from private sector to invest in development of good infrastructure systems ?

Sponsored by NGR, CMT is pleased to line up the following experts.

GA Circular sharing a detailed analysis of the waste management infrastructure system in Asia and how this will change ?

NGR  on the future of PET food grade recycling in Asia.

EcoBlue a recycler’s perspective on producing food grade rPET in Asia.

Danone on their journey with the first rPET water bottle introduced in Indonesia and market response.

Suntory on their sustainability packaging goals and their commitment to using more recycled content.  

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Raimon Wong
Regional Sales Manager
NGR Malaysia Sdn Bhd 


Tam Nguyen
Head of Operations
GA Circular 


Pranay Jain
Managing Director
EcoBlue Ltd 


David Hehenberger
Product Management
Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH 


Karyanto Wibowo
Sustainability Director


Tatsuya Murase
Senior Manager, Packaging
Suntory Monozukuri Expert Asia 


Masatoshi Aihara
Packaging Engineer
Suntory Monozukuri Expert Limited