Future of Biofuels,

08 Jun, 2021

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What are the Opportunities for Biofuels in Moving Towards Carbon Neutrality?

Biofuels play an important role in energy transition needs as countries move to sustainable solutions in concert with the international community. Due to changing public policies, increased government incentives and growing consumer demand, biofuels have become an advanced solution for low carbon energy, drawing the attention of oil and gas companies, the agro-industry, chemical companies and wood processing industries.

As with most global economies, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the biofuel industry globally. Although the growth in usage of biofuels appears to be stagnant, they expect the demand to grow over time as longer-term investments are made in the effort to replace low oil prices. More aviation and marine players are actively working on blending biofuels and kerosene to create greener fuel.

“Alfa Laval tests new biofuels as marine industry transitions to net-zero”
11 March 2021 – biofuels-news.com

“UECC Says Biofuel Consumption Reaches 6,000 MT in 12 Months”
26 February 2021 – Ship & Bunker

“DOE to issue funding opportunity for aviation, advanced biofuels”
18 March 2021 – Biomass Magazine

Future of Biofuels virtual event will address latest industry updates, key challenges and emerging trends within the biofuels industry.


• (Chairperson) Dharmesh Mahajan, Bio-Refineries Project Advisor,
   Ex-Honeywell UOP / PRAJ / Alfa Laval

• Paolo Corvo, Global Key Account Manager, Biofuels & Derivatives, Clariant

• Dr Julian Conway McGill, Head of South East Asia, LMC International

• Divyesh Desai, Business Development Head - Asia (New Fuels),

• Prasanna Patwardhan, Chairman and Managing Director,
Prasanna Purple, India

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Dharmesh Mahajan
Bio-Refineries Project Advisor
Ex-Honeywell UOP / PRAJ / Alfa Laval

Dr Julian Conway McGill
Head of South East Asia
LMC International  

Prasanna Patwardhan
Chairman and Managing Director
Prasanna Purple, India

Paolo Corvo
Global Key Account Manager,
Biofuels & Derivatives

Divyesh Desai
Business Development Head - Asia
(New Fuels)