Sugar Reduction Innovations,

08 Jun, 2021

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“Promising technologies, regulatory landscape & challenges in scaling up production” 

The growing number of health conscious consumers is leading to the demand for sugar reduction .  Reducing sugar is currently ranked as the No. 1 health consideration in consumers food and beverage choices.

Breakthrough solutions in bringing new ingredient technologies and innovations in sugar reduction are coming to market at a rapid pace.

Pandemic conditions have seen consumers moving away from artificial sweeteners. Natural-based non-GMO stevia have promising applications in the beverage market with surge of new global drink launches containing stevia on the rise.

Fermentation-derived sweeteners are likely to grow in the coming years but challenges remains on scaling up production for these options to be lucrative.

What are the challenges faced in using low sugar alternatives and how has recent innovations address the issues on retaining the taste and flavour to ensure repeat purchases ?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for reducing sugar in products. The biggest challenge in a product developer’s experience in sugar reduction is delivering a consumer preferred product that satisfies everyone along the value chain.

CMT’s virtual event - Sugar Reduction Innovations has lined up a key panel of speakers that will dive into the opportunities and developments in current sugar reduction technologies.

Over one week of pre-networking opportunities and the chance to set up meeting before the event – this is a useful event NOT to be missed as you network with technology developers, brandowners of food, beverage, dairy, snack, confectionery, bakeries and many more.


- Michael Halvorsen, Sr Director Business Development, Sweegen

- Paul Courtney, Director Global Food, Sweegen

- Daria Nalewajek, Application Technology Manager EMEA, Sweegen

- Dr. Harini Venkataraman, Analyst – Agrifood & Health,
Lux Research

- Dr. Ilan Samish, Founder & CEO,
Amai Proteins

- Ed Rogers, CEO /Co-Founder,

- Kristoffel Meulen, Chief Development Officer, The Hershey Company / Hershey Foods Corporation

- Eran Blachinsky, Founder / CEO,
Better Juice

- Dr. Jussi Loponen, Head of R&D, Fazer Group 

Date: 8 June 2021

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Michael Halvorsen
Sr. Director Business Development


Paul Courtney
Director Global Food


Daria Nalewajek
Application Technology Manager EMEA


Dr. Harini Venkataraman
Analyst – Agrifood & Health
Lux Research  


Dr. Ilan Samish
Founder & CEO
Amai Proteins


Ed Rogers
CEO /Co-Founder


Kristoffel Meulen
Chief Development Officer
The Hershey Company
Hershey Foods Corporation


Eran Blachinsky
Founder / CEO
Better Juice


Dr. Jussi Loponen
Head of R&D
Fazer Group