Sustainable Food Trends & Production,

15 Sep, 2021

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The global food system is under increasing strain as a result of the effects of climate change, changing diets, and increased demand for limited resources with a rising population. As these threats continues, consumers want to know where their food comes from and how it is produced. The importance of sustainability within the food industry cannot be ignored. Companies are working to reduce their carbon footprint at every stage of the food supply chain as well as adopting innovative and responsible farming practices & technologies to meet these challenges.

The impending shift to a more sustainable food system presents new opportunities for new products and markets. Plant-based food, cultivated meat, and fermentation investment has increased significantly and is gaining traction among startups and major corporations. What is driving the plant based market? What is consumers’ perception towards cultured meat?

Financing climate smart agriculture and future foods projects – what do financiers look for? Can ESG & Sustainability agenda drives investment returns? What are the challenges and opportunities out there?

Food waste reduction is critical for addressing food insecurity and mitigating climate change. A growing trend to address this issue is the practice of upcycling foods in order to achieve a zero-waste supply chain.

CMT’s Sustainable Food Trends & Production – Financing, Responsible Sourcing & Innovation virtual event brings together industry experts to share insights on the opportunities and challenges in achieving sustainable food production, emerging trends & innovations!

Moderator :

•  Axel Legrand, Senior Consultant - Strategy & Transformation, BY.O Group & APEXAGRI

Key Speakers & Panellist :

•  Andi Sitti Asmayanti, Associate Director Sustainability, SEA, Mondelez International

•  Carrie Chan, Co-Founder & CEO, Avant Meats

•  Saurabh Bajaj, CEO, Eat Just Asia

•  Tim Ingmire, Head Of Research, Development and Quality, Quorn Foods

•  Dr. Tunyawat Kasemsuwan, Director, Global Innovation, Thai Union Group

•  Aurélie Gupta, Investment Officer - Manufacturing Agribusiness and Services, IFC

•  Christian Cadeo, Managing Partner, Big Idea Ventures

•  Jean-Yves Chow, Senior Vice President, Agri-food and Retail Sector Coverage Lead, 
    Mizuho Bank Limited

•  Prof. Michelle Colgrave, Protein Mission Lead, CSIRO

•  Dr. Pablo Juliano, Group Leader - Food Processing and Supply Chains,
    Agriculture and Food, CSIRO

•  Anais Riffiod, Director, APEXAGRI

•  Laila Wilfred, Sustainable/Responsible Sourcing - Palm & Rubber,  Olam International

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Axel Legrand
Senior Consultant - Strategy & Transformation

Carrie Chan
Co-Founder & CEO
Avant Meats

Saurabh Bajaj
Eat Just Asia 

Tim Ingmire
Head Of Research,
Development and Quality
Quorn Foods 

Dr. Tunyawat Kasemsuwan
Director, Global Innovation
Thai Union Group 

Aurélie Gupta
Investment Officer -
Manufacturing Agribusiness and Services

Christian Cadeo
Managing Partner
Big Idea Ventures 

Jean-Yves Chow
Senior Vice President, Agri-food and Retail Sector Coverage Lead
Mizuho Bank Limited 

Anais Riffiod

Andi Sitti Asmayanti
Associate Director Sustainability, SEA
Mondelez International 

Prof. Michelle Colgrave
Protein Mission Lead

Dr. Pablo Juliano
Group Leader - Food Processing and Supply Chains, Agriculture and Food

Laila Wilfred
Sustainable/Responsible Sourcing -
Palm & Rubber
Olam International