Improving Quality & Recycling Rates with DRS,

07 Jul, 2021

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Can Deposit Return Systems (DRS) help Europe achieve circularity for all beverage packaging ? 

EU’s Single Use Plastics (SUP) Directive requires that by 2029 – 90% of beverage bottles must be collected and that PET bottles must contain at least 25% recycled content by 2025.

DRS has proven to be a highly effective packaging collection scheme and is the most sustainable way to improve the quality of the materials to be recycled back into the loop.

To meet 2025 recycling targets, brandowners and packaging companies are scrambling to secure high quality materials and hence this has created an increasing amount of interest and uptake in DRS systems across Europe.

How can DRS be implemented successfully and what are the reasons behind such best practices ? Can DRS maximise collection of ALL packaging including glass, carton , cans & PET packaging ? How can the DRS be designed to ensure a level playing field for all types of packaging materials ?

What are the important design criteria to ensure that all beverage containers are brought back for recycling ? How has Covid 19 pandemic hindered consumers to return the packaging ?

Sponsored by Insensiv, sign up for Improving Quality & Recycling Rates with DRS to find out more, as our top panel of speakers dive deeply into issues impacting the success of DRS in Europe and how it can be implemented in other parts of the world.


- Anna Larsson, Director, Reloop Platform

- Alessandro Pasquale, Chief Executive Officer, Mattoni 1873

- Eike Linnenbrügger-Mathieu, Head of Marketing & Sales, insensiv GmbH

- Vanessa Chesnot, Senior Product Policy Manager, European Container Glass Association (FEVE)

- Maarten Labberton, Director Packaging Group
  European Aluminium Association - EAA Packaging Group

- Rauno Raal, Partner/Consultant, Earth Care Consulting

- Anthony McGurk, Co-Founder, CryptoCycle Limited

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Anna Larsson
Reloop Platform


Alessandro Pasquale
Chief Executive Officer
Mattoni 1873 

Eike Linnenbrügger-Mathieu
Head of Marketing & Sales
insensiv GmbH 

Anthony McGurk
CryptoCycle Limited 


Rauno Raal
Earth Care Consulting


Maarten Labberton
Director Packaging Group
European Aluminium Association
- EAA Packaging Group  


Vanessa Chesnot
Senior Product Policy Manager
European Container Glass Association (FEVE)