Sustainable Feedstocks for the Future of Chemicals & Plastics,

29 Jul, 2021

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With the transition to a net-zero economy, as well as an intensifying pressure from regulators and consumers to reduce & replace the use of petroleum-based chemicals and products, the search for new sources of raw materials to replace or incorporate into existing system is revealing a number of greener alternatives. 

Companies are exploring innovative technologies to increase the availability of sustainable feedstocks, including carbon capture & utilization, biomass, HVO, sugarcane, beet, corn, industrial hemp, closing the loop by using plastic waste stream, & many more!

Toyota Tsusho, Mitsui Chemicals and Neste collaborate to start Japan's first production of renewable plastics from 100% bio-based hydrocarbons.
~, 20/5/21

Braskem Partners with University for Sustainable Plastic Production Using CO2 Capture and Use.
~, 16/12/20

Dow and Mura Technology Announce Partnership to Scale Game-Changing New Advanced Recycling Solution for Plastics.
~, 3/5/21

The shift to alternative and sustainable feedstock must take into account a number of factors, including the global value chain for developing new feedstock, new chemical transformation route, and processing technologies, as well as approach for reducing the amount of materials used.

Chemical companies like SABIC, Dow and INEOS are using Bio-based naphtha to blend in their petrochemical crackers as raw material for the manufacture of chemical/monomer intermediates. The mass balance approach is a tool to increase the share of renewable content used as a feedstock, & it is a valuable way to make biobased feedstocks more accessible.

Join us and our expert speakers at CMT’s Sustainable Feedstocks for the future of Chemicals & Plastics on 29 July at 14:30 CEST (GMT +2). They will share insights on the various sustainable feedstocks technology innovations, sourcing model, progress & commercialization plans.

Moderator :

•  Dr. Holger Rubel, Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

Expert Speakers :

•  Dr. Corey Tyree, CEO, Trillium Renewable Chemicals

•  Dr. Daniel Stewart, CEO, ViridiCO2 Ltd

•  Steve Mahon, CEO, Mura Technology Limited

•  Dr. Ton Vries, Managing Director, BioBTX

•  Alvin Ang, Specialist – Market Intelligence & Business Development, Braskem

•  Dr. Christian Krüger, Corporate Sustainability - Circular Economy, BASF

•  Dr. Lars Börger, Vice President Brand Owner Management,
    Renewable Polymers and Chemicals, Neste Germany

•  Glen Kayll, CEO, The Hemp Plastic Company

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Dr. Holger Rubel
Senior Partner and Managing Director
The Boston Consulting Group 

Dr. Corey Tyree
Trillium Renewable Chemicals 

Dr. Daniel Stewart
ViridiCO2 Ltd 

Dr. Ton Vries
Managing Director

Steve Mahon
Mura Technology Limited 

Alvin Ang
Specialist – Market Intelligence &
Business Development

Dr. Christian Krüger
Corporate Sustainability - Circular Economy

Dr. Lars Börger
Vice President Brand Owner Management, Renewable Polymers and Chemicals
Neste Germany 

Glen Kayll
The Hemp Plastic Company