Front-of-Pack Nutritional Labelling,

09 Sep, 2021

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EU’s ‘Farm-to-Fork’ strategy includes several initiatives to improve food information to consumers, among which the proposal for a FOP nutrition labelling , a simplifled nutrition information in the front of food packaging to help consumers in making informed and healthy choice ,and also encourages food manufacturers to improve the composition of their products.

EU Commission announced that it will propose a mandatory harmonised FOP nutrition labelling system by end of 2022.

This has prompted intensified debate as member states disagree on which labelling system best help consumers identify healthier products Some argue that they are oversimplified and can mislead consumers.

What about in the case of specialist foods ? Does science based FOP labelling obligations appropriately reflect the purposes of these foods ?

What are the current regulatory developments and rules on food information ?  Which label is best suited for EU-wide adoption ? How will other schemes that have been developed over the years and accepted by the food industry – adapt to new standards if EU adopts a standardised approach ?

What are food companies advocating ? As food products are traded across borders , many support a harmonised approach across the EU.

Apart from EU, the US is rapidly developing new set of labelling rules for food information. Where do they currently stand ?

It is agreed that FOP labels should be consumer-friendly, easy-to-understand. Standardized symbols and colours need to effectively illustrate the nutrition declaration so that consumers can check, compare and choose between products.

Get updated on Regulatory compliance on FOP Labelling and hear from the perspective of food companies at CMT’s Front-of-Pack Nutritional Labelling virtual event this 9th Sept !


- Rutger Schilpzand, Strategic Nutrition Advisor, Choices International Foundation 

- Katia Merten-Lentz, Partner and Head of EU Food and Feed Law Team, Keller & Heckman LLP

- Cesare Varallo, Food Lawyer, Food Law Latest

- Federica Dolce, Eu Policy Officer, SAFE - Safe Food Advocacy Europe A.S.B.L.

- Prof. Rodney Jones, Head of Dept - Sociolinguistics, University Of Reading

- Amélie Baracat-Empereur, Director of Govt Affairs EU, HerbaLife Nutrition

- Brent Johnson, Partner, Holland & Hart, LLP

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Rutger Schilpzand
Strategic Nutrition Advisor
Choices International Foundation


Federica Dolce
EU Policy Officer
SAFE - Safe Food Advocacy Europe A.S.B.L.


Katia Merten-Lentz
Partner and Head of EU Food and Feed Law Team
Keller & Heckman LLP

Cesare Varallo
Food Lawyer
Food Law Latest

Prof. Rodney Jones
Head of Dept - Sociolinguistics
University Of Reading


Amélie Baracat-Empereur
Director of Govt Affairs EU
HerbaLife Nutrition


Brent Johnson
Holland & Hart, LLP