Advancing Plastics Chemical Recycling Asia Pacific,

14 Sep, 2021

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Efficient, scalable pathways for plastics chemical recycling
- Gearing towards food grade

Licella joined forces with a group of high-profile companies like Nestlé and LyondellBasell, who have collaborated to produce Australia’s first soft plastic food wrapper made with food-grade recycled content. March 21, 2021, The Biofuels Digest

Licella is establishing a chemical recycling industry in Australia with its Cat HTR™ technology , turning waste into a resource and diverting it from landfill.

The company says that In Australia, there is the potential to build 20 to 30 commercial Cat-HTR plants.

Leading brandowner Nestle is committed to play a key role in driving demand for food grade recycled soft plastic packaging, and creating market conditions that will ensure all stakeholders throughout the value chain view soft plastics as a resource and not waste.

This collaboration with all  partners along the plastic value chain from MRFs to packaging companies demonstrates the shared vision of all  to collectively bring their individual expertise together from collecting, processing  waste soft plastic, turn it back into oil, and create the prototype Kit Kat wrapper.

In the broader Asia region, Plastics Energy collaborates with Malaysia’s petrochemical major Petronas to help drive their  business goals against sustainability development obligations.

As part of its circular economy roadmap, SCG announced its chemical recycling technology and will start up  Thailand’s first demonstration plant.

BASF and Mitsui Chemicals collaborate to commercialise chemical recycling in Japan. 1 June 2021, Chemical Engineering.

What are the key opportunities and challenges to commercialise plastics chemical recycling in the region ? How is chemical recycling defined and what are current regulatory developments ? Can chemical recycling be the solution for mechanical recycling’s shortcomings  and can it be used  in high-end applications, including food-grade packaging.

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- Claudia Amos, Technical Director,
Anthesis Group Ltd

- Steve Rogers, Head of Commercialisation, Licella Holdings

- Margaret Stuart, Head of Corporate Affairs - Oceania,
Nestle Australia Ltd

- Dr. Julien Renvoise, Global Circularity Manager Plastics,
Trinseo France S.A.S.

- Ying Staton, Head of Corporate Development,
Plastic Energy

- Dr. David Sudolsky, Founder, President & CEO, Anellotech Inc

- Shakil Rahman, APAC Region Manager, Brightmark

- Outi Teras, Head of Technology Commercialization, Chemical Recycling, Neste Corporation

- JeongSub Yoo, Green Business Devt Group Project Leader, SK Geo Centric

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Dr. Julien Renvoise
Global Circularity Manager Plastics
Trinseo France S.A.S.


Outi Teras
Head of Technology Commercialization,
Chemical Recycling,
Neste Corporation


Shakil Rahman
APAC Region Manager

JeongSub Yoo
Green Business Devt Group Project Leader
SK Geo Centric

Claudia Amos
Technical Director
Anthesis Group Ltd

Dr. David Sudolsky
Founder, President & CEO
Anellotech Inc

Ying Staton
Head of Corporate Development
Plastic Energy


Margaret Stuart
Head of Corporate Affairs - Oceania
Nestle Australia Ltd


Steve Rogers
Head of Commercialisation
Licella Holdings