Advancing CO2 Utilization,

03 Nov, 2021

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“The world faces a dual challenge: Meeting growing energy demand while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon capture, utilization and storage is a key solution for both challenges.”  ~ Arab News, 27 Sept 2021

The world is working in tandem to minimize carbon dioxide emissions from current and future operations, as it looks to commercialise and scale-up CO2 utilization in various applications.

CMT’s Advancing CO2 Utilization explores the latest on policy and regulations, that can affirm growth in carbon dioxide utilization, as well as what business models and how Carbon Contracts for Differences (CCfD) can be a booster to the industry.

Spanning across a diverse spectrum, several partnership within the same industry and cross industrial clusters have been forged to look at the technology development and collaboration, LCAs and pilot plants, all with the common goal of commercialisation and decarbonisation.

Through case studies and technology exploration, the agenda showcases uses of CO2 in production of algae and protein for food, feed and biofuels, CO2 to chemicals, minerals and concretes for construction materials, and other market potentials too.

Join us at 14:00 CET (GMT +1) / 09:00 EDT (GMT -4) on 3 November 2021, together with our speakers (to-date) including: 

•   (Moderator) Claire Thornhill, Associate Director, Frontier Economics

•   Catherine Galano, Associate Director, Frontier Economics

•   Runeel Daliah, Senior Anlayst, Lux Research

•   Ryan Bourns, Business Development & Strategy Lead, Carbon Upcycling Technologies

•   Peter Howard, VP, Project Development, Pond Technologies

•   Kumiko Yoshinari, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Finance, NovoNutrients

•   Chris Stern, CEO, CarbiCrete

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Claire Thornhill
Associate Director
Frontier Economics

Catherina Galano
Associate Director
Frontier Economics

Runeel Daliah
Senior Anlayst
Lux Research

Ryan Bourns
Business Development & Strategy Lead
Carbon Upcycling Technologies

Peter Howard
VP, Project Development
Pond Technologies

Kumiko Yoshinari
Vice President
Strategic Partnerships and Finance

Chris Stern