Oleochemicals Outlook,

30 Nov, 2021

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The oleochemicals industry is witnessing an astonishing growth globally. The key driving force for this phenomenal growth is its reliance on sustainable chemicals. The demand for oleochemicals is expected to increase more and more as the movement for environmentally friendly products progresses and the cost of oil continues to rise steadily. In Indonesia, oleochemical exports are expected to rise for the third year in a row due to higher demand for cleaning and healthcare products during the pandemic. Will this strong demand for sustainable materials prompt renew interest in Oleochemicals investment and expansion?

Unilever to invest $175.4 mln in Indonesian special economic zone… to expand Marvel 2 (the factory), namely the expansion of oleochemical products and products with added value, namely soap noodles and surfactants through technological innovation.                     
8/6/21, www.reuters.com

IOI Corp has commenced construction of a new 110,000 MT/year oleochemical plant in Prai, Penang with a capital expenditure of RM220 million… The plant is to be completed by the second quarter of 2022       
11/10/21, www.theedgemarkets.com

Mega First to acquire Sime Darby Plantation’s Emery firms for RM38m     
19/8/21, www.thesundaily.com

China’s recent “dual control of energy consumption” policy has a significant impact on manufacturing companies, especially in manufacturing hubs of Guangdong, Anhui, Zhejiang and Jiangsu, forcing factories to limit power usage or pause production. In addition, rising freight rates and continued port congestion in major ports of China, Vietnam to USA are disrupting supply chain globally. How soon will the situation improve?

Join CMT’s Oleochemicals Outlook on 30 Nov 2021 at 15:30 SGT (GMT +8) to get the latest updates in the Oleochemicals value chain.


- Dr. Julian Conway Mcgill, Head of South East Asia, LMC International

Panel of Speakers:

Dr. Nithila Prabhakar, Regional Technical Manager – Surfactants, Stepan Company

- Devarakonda Sai Krishna, Managing Director – Oleochemicals,
Unilever Asia

- Dr. Peter A. Smith, Consultant, LMC International

- Dr. Sathia Varqa, Owner & Co-Founder,
Palm Oil Analytics

- Hu Qing, Lead Analyst, Drewry Maritime Services Asia

- Dinesh Sharma, Director,
Drewry Maritime Advisors

- Dr. Mike Honeychurch, Business Development Manager,
Go Resources

- Chen Min, Head of International Trade, Oleochemicals Marketing Center, Zanyu Technology Group Co., Ltd

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Dr. Julian Conway Mcgill
Head of South East Asia
LMC International

Dr. Nithila Prabhakar
Regional Technical Manager – Surfactants
Stepan Company

Devarakonda Sai Krishna
Managing Director – Oleochemicals
Unilever Asia

Dr. Peter A. Smith
LMC International

Dr. Sathia Varqa
Owner & Co-Founder
Palm Oil Analytics

Hu Qing
Lead Analyst
Drewry Maritime Services Asia

Dinesh Sharma
Drewry Maritime Advisors

Dr. Mike Honeychurch
Business Development Manager
Go Resources

Chen Min
Head of International Trade
Oleochemicals Marketing Center
Zanyu Technology Group Co., Ltd