Sustainable Packaging Solutions,

24 Feb, 2022

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Sustainable packaging solutions are no longer an afterthought! Many government policies, including the introduction of plastics taxes, consumer preferences, and corporate standards demand businesses to implement sustainable packaging practices to reduce their environmental impact. Almost all the top 100 FMCG companies have announced sustainability commitments, with the top 10 aiming for 100% sustainable packaging by 2025.

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about brands’ sustainability efforts, particularly when it comes to packaging waste.

Companies are looking into various solutions including introducing returnable packaging systems made of metal or glass, going packaging-free and/or replacing them with lightweight alternatives, simplifying packaging, and increasing the use of recycled or compostable/biodegradable materials.  What other alternatives /solutions are available out there without compromising product integrity? Are they readily available? What is the end-of-life option for the material choice?

Spreading recycling : Mondelez looks to bring Cadbury’s recycled packaging  tech to more APAC markets beyond Australia. 8/11/21,

Unilever to switch to paper bottles for detergent, starting in Brazil. 15/6/21,

CMT’s Sustainable Packaging Solutions on 24 Feb 2022 gathers leading industry experts to share insights from regulatory updates, sustainable packaging strategy & solutions, material & packaging innovation, waste elimination & more!


- (Moderator) Marco Scialpi, Food Contact Material Global Business Development Manager & FCM Senior Expert, TÜV Rheinland

- Vivek Sistla, R&D Director & Site Leader, Unilever

- Chalermpol Hoonpongsimanont, Circular Economy Business Director, SCG Chemicals Company Limited

- Rahul Dubey, General Manager (R&D), Uflex Ltd

- Derrick Tay, Senior Manager, Sales, UPM Specialty Papers APAC, UPM Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

- Sebastian Roos, Chief Technology Officer, PulPac AB

- Dr. Clothilde Manzano, Marketing Development Manager, Parchment, Ahlstrom Munksjo Specialties

- Michelle Carvell, Director /COO, Lorax EPI

- Dr. Dario Dainelli, Owner & Managing Director, Dario Dainelli Policy & Regulatory

- Tim Moerman, Sustainability & ESG Director Europe, AB InBev

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Marco Scialpi
Food Contact Material Global
Business Development Manager
& FCM Senior Expert
TÜV Rheinland


Vivek Sistla
R&D Director & Site Leader


Chalermpol Hoonpongsimanont
Circular Economy Business Director
SCG Chemicals Company Limited


Dr. Dario Dainelli
Owner & Managing Director
Dario Dainelli Policy & Regulatory


Derrick Tay
Senior Manager, Sales
UPM Specialty Papers APAC
UPM Asia Pacific Pte Ltd


Michelle Carvell
Director /COO
Lorax EPI


Rahul Dubey
General Manager (R&D)
Uflex Ltd


Dr. Clothilde Manzano
Marketing Development Manager, Parchment Ahlstrom Munksjo Specialties


Sebastian Roos
Chief Technology Officer
PulPac AB


Tim Moerman
Sustainability & ESG Director Europe
AB InBev