Cellulose Fibers in Wipes & Nonwovens,

06 Apr, 2022

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“Tesco to Ban Plastic-Based Baby Wipes” ~ Feb 2022, Nonwovens Industry
“Sumo & Kelheim Fibres Develop Sustainable And High-Performance Absorbent Washable Diaper Pad” ~ March 2022, Textile World
Tesco will be the first retailer to ban sale of plastic based baby wipes, with effect from this month, and announced to develop its own-brand wipes from plant based viscose.
Consumer’s preference for nonwovens (wipes, baby diapers and feminine care, etc) made with environmental friendly sources such as cotton, pulp, hemp and bast fibers, has become a critical driving factor towards sustainable and plastic-free products.  As wipes usage escalated especially with the pandemic, the industry also face impending pressure from the government legislation like the EU’s Single Use Plastics Directive, and others in US.
Research and development for sustainability has began years before, hence the increased offerings in eco-friendly nonwoven products and packaging.  There are still ongoing needs to improve the performance/quality of the products such as flushability, biodegradability or compostaibility, and etc, as well as cost economics of production from the new fiber materials.
Join us at CMT’s Cellulose Fibers in Wipes & Nonwovens on 6 April 2022 at 14:30 CEST (GMT+2), as we gather experts to discuss on what the industry is working towards quality and sustainable nonwovens, developmental work on compostability and flushability, as well as eco-advantages of alternative fiber materials.


- Ilka Kaczmarek, Innovation Manager, Kelheim Fibres GmbH

- Arne Grünewald, Global Product Management, Lenzing AG | Lenzing Group

- Rahul Bansal, AVP & Head – Global Business Development (Nonwovens), Birla Cellulose Pvt. Ltd

- Jason Finnis, Chief Innovation Officer,
Bast Fibre Technologies Inc

- Valerie Langer, Fiber Solutions Strategist,
Canopy Planet
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Ilka Kaczmarek
Innovation Manager
Kelheim Fibres GmbH


Arne Grünewald
Global Product Management
Lenzing AG | Lenzing Group


Rahul Bansal
AVP & Head
– Global Business Development (Nonwovens)
Birla Cellulose Pvt. Ltd

Jason Finnis
Chief Innovation Officer
Bast Fibre Technologies Inc


Valerie Langer
Fiber Solutions Strategist
Canopy Planet