Final Countdown to UK Plastics Packaging Tax,

31 Mar, 2022

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Just another month to go when UK Plastics Packaging Tax is due to take effect from 1 April 2022 and will be payable by manufacturers and importers of plastic packaging containing less than 30% recycled plastic content at a rate of £200 per metric tonne where certain thresholds are met.

Repeating on the success of our first event, the FINAL Countdown to UK PPT will dive into deeper issues and answer your particular concerns on how you will be affected by the tax, and where can you apply for exemption, how to register and report including new topics on how the  EPR sweeping across Europe will relate to UK PPT liabilities.

What is the latest packaging to date that is exempted ?

What is deemed substantial modifications ? What is the definition of 'component' within the tax ?

Who is liable to pay the tax when the  material is sold to someone who coverts it vs sold to an end-user ?

What proof is required to show the recycled content ? How will monomer/ chemical recycling fit into this ?

When you import a product that comes in a plastic packaging, that does not have any recycled content, will this be considered under the UK Plastic Packaging Tax ?

Before the clock ticks, get these questions answered and more !


- Christopher Smith, Sustainable Packaging Leader, Comply Direct

- Darren Shepherd, Regional Director,
British Printing Industries Federation

- Ellie Hanson, EPR Program Lead,
Avask Group

- Mireia Boada, Project Manager, Plastics Recyclers Europe

- Richard Holm, VAT Director,
RSM UK Group

- Grace Kirk, Tax Technical Expert,
RSM UK Group

- Dr. Geoff Brighty, Senior Advisor – Science, Policy and Regulation,
Mura Technology Limited

- Tom McBeth, Policy & Infrastructure Project Manager, RECOUP

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Christopher Smith
Sustainable Packaging Leader
Comply Direct


Darren Shepherd
Regional Director
British Printing Industries Federation


Ellie Hanson
EPR Program Lead
Avask Group


Mireia Boada
Project Manager
Plastics Recyclers Europe


Richard Holm
VAT Director
RSM UK Group

Grace Kirk
Tax Technical Expert
RSM UK Group


Dr. Geoff Brighty
Senior Advisor – Science, Policy and Regulation
Mura Technology Limited


Tom McBeth
Policy & Infrastructure Project Manager