Food Proteins EUROPE 2019,

17-18 Oct, 2019 - Copenhagen, DENMARK

Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers

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Biospringer’s fermentation ingredient neutralizes aftertaste of sweeteners and plant proteins

Posted on : 04 Oct, 2019

Responding to consumers’ demand for lower sugar content food and beverages as well as substitutes of animal proteins, manufacturers are using alternative ingredients such as stevia or acesulfame K in iced teas and producing soy-based milk or yogurts.
However, these alternative ingredients often leave an aftertaste and change the final taste of a product. Consumers often say they taste off-notes in stevia based iced teas while soy or pea proteins leave metallic, astringent and beany notes.
To address this, Biospringer has launched a new ingredient that can neutralize bitterness, metallic off-notes from sweeteners and the lingering effects of plant proteins.
The ingredient is produced using fermentation and is also vegan-friendly. Fermentation can also add extra nutrition to food and beverages as it is considered heathy and natural.
It enables manufacturers to address issues related to aftertaste and develop flavorful and indulgent foods as well as beverages.
Biospringer [Lesaffre Culinary Solutions] Strasbourg facility produces yeast extract for food markets, biotechnologies and animal health.
Biospringer presents a session on ’Masking Off Notes in Plant Protein with Novel Fermentation Solution’ at CMT’s Food Proteins EUROPE on 17-18 October, 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Contact Hafizah at or call +65 6346 9128 for more details on the program.