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Dow and Enka Colombia partner to use monomaterials in flexible packaging

Posted on : 16 Apr, 2020

Dow, a manufacturer of resins and packaging materials, and Enka de Colombia, a producer and marketer of synthetic fibers and polymers in the Andean area – have joined hands to use recycled materials in flexible packaging production and incorporate recycled resins into different structures.
The partnership comes at a time when there is a sharp rise in food manufacturing companies looking for recyclable packaging solutions.
Enka is expected to bring to the table its expertise in recycled materials and its solid knowledge of the waste chain in Colombia while Dow will lead in with innovation and technology, specifically in the area of polyethylene, and its understanding of the packaging chain in Colombia.
Under the partnership, the companies will use monomaterials through use of compatibilizers and other resins, so that materials (including polyolefins) can be made compatible in order to be mixed and recycled together with polyethylene.
The alliance is expected to help develop raw material for flexible packaging that are produced from caps of PET bottles – which is often difficult to recycle. The use of new resins in the production of flexible packaging materials, (traditionally difficult to recycle as they consist of multiple component structure) is a step in the right direction for meeting circular economy norms.
Dow has already done some tests on developing these materials in Brazil and USA, before they signed the alliance with Enka of Colombia. The tests concluded positive technical recommendations that are defining the new solutions and sub-applications to be developed with Enka’s technical area.
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