Algae World 2009,

27-28 Apr, 2009 - Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS

Van der Valk Hotel Ridderkerk

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Algae Opportunities, Production Challenges & Applications Webinar Recording Online for Immediate Access.

Posted on : 02 Oct, 2009

The Algae World 2009 webinar, “Algae Opportunities, Production Challenges & Applications” went live on 14 April 2009 at 12PM GMT, 2.00PM CEST (Central European Summer Time) & 8.00AM New York and was an intensive 1 hour discussion.


The level of interaction and discussion at “Algae Opportunities, Production Challenges & Applications” made it one of the most informative, and useful discussions on the Algae value chain that you cannot afford to miss. We had over 150 people tuning in from all over the world, and included researchers, algae business owners, investors, entrepreneurs & scientists.


At the webinar, Mr. Carel Callenbach, MD of Ingrepro BV and Mr. Marc Van Aken, CEO of SBAE Industries NV shared some candid insights and relevant answers to key questions submitted by participants. Some of the questions they addressed include:

  • What is a Continual Harvesting regimen?
  • What is the latest progress in non-chemical microalgae flocculation & harvesting technology?
  • What is the most effective & economical algal oil extraction method?
  • What are the scale-up issues for pond & reactor based systems?
  • Is it feasible to start an algal industry near a coal plant to capture CO2?
  • Is it commercially viable to cultivate algae in cold climates?
  • What are realistic algae oil production volumes with existing or near-term technologies?


… Plus many more technical, scientific, and business model related questions and answers.


Alan Schaefer, CEO ofSchaefer Bio-Engineering summed up participants’ sentiments at the webinar when he commented, “I just finished listening to the algae webinar.  I thought that is was very worthwhile.  I knew most of what they were talking about already but the webinar broadened my outlook on certain industry aspects. One can become so focused on certain channels of development such as CO2 supply, algae growing systems, harvesting, oil extraction, oil marketing, etc. I enjoyed the seminar and my thanks to all who made it possible.


If you missed the Algae Webinar, just provide your details in the form below for instructions on how you can download the webinar recording free.


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In the mean time, do not forget to sign up for Algae World 2009, and join over 150 participants from over 40 countries in Rotterdam on 27-28 April 2009.