Global Biofuels Summit,

22-23 Oct, 2019 - Singapore, SINGAPORE

Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay

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22 Oct, 2019 - Tuesday




Global Economic Outlook in 2020 & Beyond

  • Impact of US-China trade war & Iran-US crisis on global economies
  • Is India showing signs of slowdown?  
  • ASEAN economic performance going forward
  • Currency forecast

Jeff Ng, Managing Director, Chief Economist Asia

Continuum Economics


Neste's Sustainable Production Focusing on Circular Economy

  • Updates on Neste’s current production & expansion
  • Neste’s effort in ensuring sustainability through the increasing use of waste & residues 

Adrian Suharto, Head of Sustainability Asia



Discussion followed by Coffee


The Rise of Marine Biofuels: The Solution in the Next Decade for Marine Decarbonization?

  • Growth drivers behind this market
  • Industry leading cases
  • Prospects for Asia

Bart Hellings, Head of Innovations



Biofuels for Maritime Shipping Sector: End-User's Perspective

  • Potentials of biofuels as a long term fuel solution
  • Main barriers to the deployment of marine biofuels
  • Technical assessment of biofuels for marine engines
  • Ensuring a sustainable supply chain from field to ship
  • Future plans & expectations

Prashanth Athipar, Principal Technical Maritime, Supply Chain Excellence

BHP Billiton Marketing Asia


EV vs. Biofuels: Which is More Sustainable? - An OEM's Perspective

  • Are biofuels equal substitutes to EV?
  • Challenges to adapt biofuels - availability, infrastructure & dual fuel technology, via-a-vis EV
  • Current status & future of biofuels
  • Value chain & sustainability

Manasi Mone, DGM, Head - Fuel & Exhaust systems (Indoor Testing)

Tata Motors


Waste to Wealth- Turning UCO into Biofuels: A Case Study of Singapore


Allan Lim, CEO

Alpha Biofuels


Discussion followed by Networking Lunch


Afternoon Chairman’s Introduction


Biofuel Outlook in Malaysia & Indonesia

  • Implications of EU Ban on Palm Oil Markets
  • Regulations & mandates
  • Country requirement for sustainability
  • Market prospects for advanced biofuels
  • Renewable biomass supply

Hu Qing, Lead Analyst

Drewry Maritime Services (ASIA)


Converting CPO into Green Fuel: Indonesia’s Context

  • Demand and supply for biofuels
  • Refined Bleached Deodorized Palm Oil (RBDPO): What are the processing challenges?
  • Project updates and future plans

Agnes Wahyuana, Process Engineer

PT Pertamina (Persero)


From Feedstock to Advanced Biofuels: Decarbonizing Transportation through Commercially-ready Technologies

  • Global environment issues
  • Key market challenges, solutions & technology innovations
  • Opportunities: How can South East Asia tap into the growing advanced biofuels market?
  • On-going commercial plant projects and partnership with Exxon & Genomatica

Paolo Corvo, Head of Sales & Marketing Business Line Biofuels & Derivatives



Discussion followed by Tea


Emerging Technologies in Converting Biomass into Biofuel

  • Comparing hydrotreatment, pyrolysis, gasification, etc.
  • Cost of investments & implementation challenges in Asia
  • Future opportunities

Runeel Daliah, Analyst

Lux Research - APAC


Advanced Bio-Refineries: Success Stories & Lessons Learned

  • Innovations in converting vegetable oil/animal fats/UCO/non-food crops into biofuels
  • KSF & Lessons learned: World-class commercial production plants in USA, Canada and India
  • Upcoming projects/partnerships
  • Future growth prospects & key markets

Dharmesh Mahajan, Business Development Leader (Asia & Africa), Renewable Energy & Chemicals

Honeywell UOP


PANEL DISCUSSION: Sustainable Feedstock Supply to Meet Growing Biofuel Demand

  • Types of feedstock available; palm oil waste, algae, UCO, animal fat, municipal solid waste
  • Strategies for material sourcing at competitive prices

Runeel Daliah, Analyst

Lux Research - APAC


Allan Lim, CEO

Alpha Biofuels


End of Day One


Networking Cocktail Reception for all Speakers & Participants

23 Oct, 2019 - Wednesday


Establishing A Roadmap for Advanced Biofuels in India

  • Government policies
  • Assessing upcoming biofuel plant projects & production capacity
  • Access to funding
  • Role of technology
  • Byproducts & challenges

Milind Patke, Executive Director (Biofuels)

Bharat Petroleum


UCO in China: Market Potential, Current Collection Context & Sustainability

  • Supply demand outlook
  • Infrastructure availability for waste collection: Challenges, lessons learned & opportunities
  • Traceability challenges & digitalization of data
  • Future plans & expectations

Shutong Liu, CEO



Biofuel Applications in Heavy Duty Vehicles

  • Challenges & opportunities
  • Technical preparation to shift towards higher blend of biodiesel
  • Future expectations

David Lantz, Sustainability Manager - SEA



Discussion followed by Coffee


Catalysing Cellulosic Ethanol Production for Sustainable Supply of Liquid Fuel

  • Chinese government initiatives, program & subsidies to implement the E10 mandate by 2020
  • Implementation route map for fuel ethanol
  • Effective & cost - efficient manufacturing through innovative enzyme technologies
  • Challenges & expectations

Xiaofeng Ye, Director, Biorefining - APAC

Novozymes (China) Investment


Sustainable Aviation Fuels: How Global Markets Could Evolve?


Siegfried Knecht, Chairman of the Executive Board / VP, Director R&T

Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy / Airbus


Final Discussion followed by Closing Lunch


End of Conference

23 Oct, 2019 - Wednesday

Fully Booked!

Site Visit to Neste Singapore - Producer of World's Cleanest Renewable Diesel


Neste is the world's largest producer of renewable diesel refined from waste and residues, introducing renewable solutions also to the aviation and plastics industries. Singapore refinery was launched in 2010, and it produces exclusively renewable products.


The production capacity of the refinery is 1.2 million tons per year. At the moment, Neste is expanding its production capacity in Singapore by up to 1.3 million tons per annum, bringing the total renewable product capacity close to 4.5 million tons annually in 2022.



Depart from hotel


Arrival at Site & Welcome by Site Director


Q & A


Control Room Tour


Leave from Tuas back to hotel


Arrival at hotel



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