6th Biomass Trade & Power Europe, Rising European industrial wood pellet demand & tightening supply from North America leading to Surge in Pricing

07-08 Feb, 2023 - Copenhagen, HYBRID

Copenhagen Marriott Hotel

“Soaring European Power and Carbon prices and bearish biomass supply lead to record surge in Wood Pellet Pricing"

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Attractive economics and spreads for wood pellet burn across Europe has boosted biomass demand this year despite record high pellet prices. High power demand and a rebound in carbon prices has been the catalyst but a shortage of wood pellet supply will likely reduce industrial wood pellet consumption in Europe.
The removal of over two-million tonnes of Russian wood pellet supply will not be replaced quickly as consumers and traders search further afield for new production. The lack of new build wood pellet production in recent years, alongside consolidation, has exacerbated the problem and driven up the spot and term pricing. Rising inflation on both sides of the Atlantic is impacting producer costings and scheduling of existing term deliveries.
Highlights of the Agenda

  • European Wood Pellet Market – Where will new supply come from?
  • European Support – Will the EU and UK extend and introduce new subsidy programmes for biomass?
  • Biomass with Carbon Capture and Storage: What is the timeline and developments?
  • Industrial versus Residential markets: Can the two sectors do more together?
  • European Heating Demand: Will the residential market recover from the lack of supply this winter?
  • The Bigger Picture: How Does Rising Coal, Gas, Power & Carbon Prices Impact Biomass?
  • Panels: Global Producer, European Utility & Trader panels.
  • Future Markets for Wood Pellets: Rising Demand Outside of the Energy Sector
  • Sustainability: The Ever-Changing Role of Wood Pellet Sustainability
  • Asian Overview: Japanese & South East Asian Markets

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