6th Biomass Trade & Power Europe, Rising European industrial wood pellet demand & tightening supply from North America leading to Surge in Pricing

07-08 Feb, 2023 - Copenhagen, HYBRID

Copenhagen Marriott Hotel


Conference Registration & Luncheon


Opening Chairman’s Welcome & Remarks


Overview of the European Wood Pellet Market

  • Expert analysis of the state of the wood pellet market
  • Insight on whether supply is following demand
  • Are new demand streams emerging from outside the energy sector?
  • A look at what has changed on the policy and sustainability front

Ms. Fiona Matthews, Associate Director, Bioenergy

Hawkins Wright Ltd.


Trading and Utility Panel

  • Expert opinions on the current state of the wood pellet market
  • Discussion on the role of biomass in the wider energy sector.
  • Insight on market reaction to the removal of Russian supply
  • Analysis of future of biomass in Europe and new policy

Dr. William "Bill" Strauss, President & Founder

FutureMetrics, LLC

Mr. Martin de Wolff, Head of Biomass, Solid Fuels / Biofuel Trading

RWE Supply & Trading GmbH. HQ

Mr. Jan Groeneveld, Biomass Sourcing Manager



Discussion followed by Networking Tea


Alternative Markets: New demand streams for biomass

  • Insight on new markets in Europe and Asia for wood products
  • How big can the demand be and what are the timelines?
  • What form will the product be and how does it compare to the industrial wood pellet?
  • Where will the supply come from and will it compete with the energy sector?

Mr. Damien Speight, Vice President & Head of Renewables

Javelin Global Commodities (UK) Ltd


Fact versus Fiction: Is the industry winning the battle against its critics?

  • Analysis on why wood pellets continue to split opinion and what the experts say
  • A look at how the sustainability credentials of wood pellets compares to other industries
  • Insight into the progress the industry has made and what comes next

Mr. Jens Wolf, VP Commercial, General Manager Europe



Networking Cocktail for ALL Speakers & Participants


End of Day One


Morning Chair’s Welcome


The Bigger Picture: How does volatile coal, gas, power and carbon prices impact biomass

  • Expert insight and analysis on the bullish surge in commodity and power markets
  • Why have carbon prices rebounded and what are implications for wood pellets?
  • How does biomass fit into the wider energy sector?
  • Can biomass have a future without subsidy?

Mr. Henry Pease, Biomass Trader / Renewable Energy Trading

RWE Supply & Trading GmbH


Global Producer Panel

  • An overview of key developments from some of the major suppliers
  • What has been the impact of inflation and how is the market dealing with it?
  • What is the role of North America today in terms of supplying Europe?
  • Is new capacity being built to replace lost Russian supply?
  • A discussion on demand for process residues in pellet production and what it means for the market
  • Can producers do more to mitigate the dramatic market swings from oversupply to undersupply?

Rachael Levinson, Biomass Research Manager

Hawkins Wright Ltd.


Harold Arnold, President

Fram Renewable Fuels L.L.C.


Discussion followed by Networking Coffee


Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS): Developments in the UK

  • Insight on UK developments and the current timelines
  • What policy is taking shape to support BECCS and what challenges remain?
  • Analysis of what it means for UK biomass demand

Mr. Jonathan Scott, Commercial Director

Lynemouth Power Limited


Sustainability: The Ever-Changing Role of Wood Pellet Sustainability

  • Expert opinion on the latest developments impacting wood pellets in Europe
  • Has SBP now harmonized sustainability in Europe, North America and Asia?
  • Are wood pellets from processed residues becoming the European standard and what does this mean for supply and cost?
  • What are latest EU Directives and how does it impact trade?

Ms. Elizabeth Woodworth, Founder & President

Wood & Co. Consulting


Asian Overview: Japanese and South East Asian Markets

  • Analysis on Japanese demand and future growth
  • Insight on how much volume is being shipped from North America to Japan
  • An overview of the supply situation in SE Asia
  • Will Indonesia emerge as the next big consumer?

Dr. William "Bill" Strauss, President & Founder

FutureMetrics, LLC


Discussion followed by Networking Luncheon


Trader Overview: Expert Analysis on Global Trade post Russia

  • Is Russia supplying to new markets or are plants being mothballed?
  • Where will new supply capacity emerge from?
  • Can SE Asia to Europe become a key supply route?
  • Are utilities open to new supply regions?

Mr. Michael Hjorth Christensen, Chief Operating Officer

CM Biomass Partners


The Baltics: Industrial Pellet Market Overview

  • What is the current situation in the Baltic region from a supply perspective?
  • How much has the region been impacted by events in Russia?
  • Analysis on feedstock costs in the region.
  • Insight into the state of Baltic forests from a sustainability perspective

Mr. Mihkel Jugaste, Chief Sustainability Officer

Graanul Invest


European Heating Demand: What is the current outlook for the market?

  • Expert analysis on the current supply and demand balance in the heating markets
  • Why has there been such a shortage in supply this winter?
  • Which countries are showing growth, and which are stagnating?
  • How is policy and subsidy impacting the market?
  • What lessons can we learn from this winter?

Mr. Pietro Di Sarno, Commercial Director & CEO Trading Division



Final Discussion followed by Networking Tea


End of Conference


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