14-15 Apr, 2011 - Shanghai, CHINA

InterContinental Shanghai Pudong

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*Next Generation Biobased Building Blocks*

"Building Synergies in Markets, Feedstocks and Technology"

Bio economy is fast taking shape with process and product developments taking place at unprecedented pace. Developments in biotransformations and biotechnology domains coupled with the realisation of vast potential of biomass have led to a surge in R&D investments.


For decades, the USD 400bn global chemical industry has relied on fossil fuels. Industrial companies are now turning to Biobased Chemicals in a bid to be sustainable and to diversify feedstock sources. World Economic Forum forecasts a USD 230bn market by 2020 with biobased chemicals accounting for 9% of overall chemical production.


Development of a bio-based economy is at an early and high risk stage. There are complex issues of microbial engineering, commercial and social challenges waiting to be resolved


Addressing the dynamics of the biobased chemicals business is CMT’s BiobasedChemAsia. The summit will be deliberating on multi-dimensional aspects of the biobased chemical markets.


As a stakeholder you will find a response to all the unresolved issues at this summit. You will network with key experts to discuss the key leverages needed for success.


Markets for bio-based products is expected to stimulate a new wave of innovation, leading to green fuels, chemicals and materials.


You will gain first hand knowledge about the complexities of managing the bio based business ranging from feedstock generation to conversion technologies to product development.


BiobasedChemAsia summit will bring on a single platform top experts to discuss, debate and deliberate several complex linkages and patterns emerging globally.


The summit will provide 360° perspective of biobased chemical industry in Asia and beyond.


Surely, an event that you

DO NOT want to MISS!


Click here for Program Agenda


You Will Network With Decision Makers:
Chemical & Polymer Producers - Biofuel Producers - Biobased Chemical &Bioplastic Producers - Agricultural Companies
- Sugar,Starch & OilseedProcessors - Oils & Fats Suppliers - Biomass Suppliers & Traders -Governmental Bodies - Policy Makers andInfluencers - Cleantech /Biotechnology Venture Capital Co - Financial Institutions - TechnologyPlatform Developers - Engineering,Procurement & Construction (EPC) Co-Chemical Storage and Logistic Co - Catalyst Suppliers - EnzymeSuppliers -LeadingResearch Centers - Analysts & Consultants - End-use companiesfrom: Personal Care & Home Care/ Packaging/ Automotive/ Adhesive/ Solvent/ Printing Ink/ Paints & Coatings/ Lubricant




BiobasedChemAsia is designed to bring forth the complexities of managing new biobased chemical value chain. The summitwill address future challenges for Asian companies even as they embark on a new path.


Register for BiobasedChem Asia


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Be Present to Hear From Chemical & Biotech Experts and Leading Consumer Product Manufacturers:


- Dow


- Braskem

- PTT Chemicals

- Solvay Chemicals

- Roquette

- Genencor

- Segetis

- Myriant Technologies

- Avantium

- LMC Intl

- Tsing Hua University

- McKinsey &Co

- Lux Research

- Pöyry

- Circa Group

- Novozymes

- Purac

- Cathay Industrial Biotech

- Henkel

- AkzoNobel


Key Sessions:

  • Focus on Biobased Building Blocks: Also known as Platform Chemicals, they are molecules with multiple functional groups that possess the potential to be transformed into new families of useful molecules. The conference will journey through some of the top 12 identified by the US-DOE: Ethanol, Furans, Glycerol, Lactic Acid, Succinic Acid, 3-Hydroxypropionic Acid, Levulinic Acid
  • Supply Sources of Renewable Feedstock in Asia: Grains, Sugar, Oils, Sugar Baggasse and Forestry Residues
  • Brand Owners’ Roundtable: Timeline and strategies relating to sustainability and biobased content
  • New Developments in Conversion Technologies
  • Status & Development of Biobased Chemical Projects in Asia
  • Perspectives of Chemical Manufacturers on the Bio Value Chain
  • Critical Success Factors and Challenges to Commercializing Biobased Chemical
  • Rise of Renewable and its Impact on the Chemical Industry in Asia


News Feed

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: AkzoNobel Shares Preview on Biobased Chemicals & Renewable Raw Materials due at BiobasedChemAsia (14-15 April 2011, Shanghai)

Posted on : 04 Apr, 2011

Exclusive BiobasedChemAsia Interview


CMT recently caught up with one of many distinguished speakers due to speak at the BiobasedChemAsia conference on 14-15 April 2011 in Shanghai. In the informal discussion, Mr. Peter J. Nieuwenhuizen, AkzoNobel N.V.’s Director of Future-proof Supply Chains, shared some insights on AkzoNobel’s approach to renewable raw materials & its plans on achieving sustainability.


Peter J NieuwenhuizenIn anticipation of the BiobasedChemAsia due to convene in April, CMT caught up with invited speaker Mr. Peter Nieuwenhuizen, Director of Future-proof Supply Chains, AkzoNobel N.V., for the company’s perspective on the biobased chemicals trend. Mr. Nieuwenhuizen is among major brand owners especially lined-up to actively participate and contribute first-hand insights in a Roundtable session entitled Bracing the Green Trend – How soon? How much?”.


As the largest global paints and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals, AkzoNobel is already an extensive user of renewable raw materials (RRM). Notably, as stated in the company website, nearly 50% of its surfactants and personal care products under Surface Chemistry are derived from natural products, while Decorative Paints are now selling latex paints based on vegetable oils.


With regard to the company’s recent projects involving the use of RRM, Mr. Nieuwenhuizen said, “We are currently actively looking into the use of glycerin-based epichlorohydrine, non-BPA epoxy and others.”


Mr. Nieuwenhuizen further went on to reveal AkzoNobel’s assessment process when sourcing for biobased chemicals. “Does it have a real impact? Is the cost of using the material not much higher? These are some of the important factors we consider.”


He shared that among main challenges encountered in using biobased materials is the availability of supply. In addition to this, one has to determine comparability in terms of specifications.


At present, according to Mr. Nieuwenhuizen, consumer acceptance towards biobased products has been good as long as “there is no impact on product performance”.


Currently, RRM are not being actively marketed to consumers, but this may change,” he said.


More opinions & critical analysis from Mr. Nieuwenhuizen plus other brand owners including Henkel and Unilever will take centre stage at the BiobasedChemAsia. The conference will also feature presentations on development of biobased building blocks and supply sources of renewable feedstocks.


For more on program agenda, please visit, or contact Grace Oh at (65) 6346 9147, to register for the event.



Agri Giant Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) Ramping Up Biobased Chemical Production

Posted on : 21 Mar, 2011

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), one of the world’s largest agricultural processors has been producing bioethanol and amino acid from corn for a long time. In recent years, they have branched into biobased chemical production.


“The chemical industry has undergone significant changes in the past two decades.  Many petrochemical companies have shutdown assets or moved production to be closer to lower cost raw materials.  This trend, along with interest in sustainable technology options, has created opportunities for producing chemicals from renewable resources.   ADM has made a strong commitment to the development of new technologies and industrial products for commercial production from agricultural resources.  New efforts in the industrial products portfolio leverage ADM’s strength as a diversified agricultural commodity company.  This integrated core model includes sourcing, transporting, processing, transforming, distribution, marketing and sales.  ADM is currently launching three new commercial chemical products, propylene glycol, isosorbide and PHA (poly-hydroxy-alkanoates).” 


~ Kentaro Ono, Director of New Business Development, ADM Far East Ltd.


In August 11, 2010, ADM announced that it has begun offering its corn-based isosorbide to the market as potential alternative to bisphenol-A (BPA) in plastics and other chemical applications.


ADM’s glycerin-based propylene glycol plant in Decatur, Illinois, USA is touted to be operational by the end of the year.

Their PHA (poly-hydroxy-alkanoates) plant in Clinton, Iowa, USA, began production last year (2010).


ADM also has a collaboration with Polyone to develop biobased plasticizer.


The BiobasedChemAsia conference is happy to welcome Mr Kentaro Ono, Director of New Business Development of ADM Far East Ltd, the latest speaker to join the speaker panel. In his presentation, he will reveal insights on opportunities for renewable chemicals, impact and needs. In particular, he will touch on chemical opportunities, technological challenges and commercial efforts being undertaken as the company expands its portfolio in the industrial chemicals market segment.


Additionally, the company is also slated to share experiences in a key Roundtable Discussion entitled “Critical Success Factors and Challenges to Commercializing Biobased Chemical”.


Click here to view more information on the program, or contact Grace Oh at for assistance to register.


U.S. Department of Agriculture Launches New Biobased Product Label

Posted on : 24 Feb, 2011


Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced the launch of a new Biobased product label as part of its BioPreferred Program. This voluntary product certification and labeling program aims to clearly identify biobased products made from renewable resources and promote the sale & use of these products to consumers.


With this added boost to the global biobased chemical industry, what will be the outlook for the sector in the coming year? What are the key strategies and plans for renewable chemicals companies in achieving commercialization for their biobased products?


To answer these questions and more, the BiobasedChemAsia summit (Shanghai, 14-15 April 2011) will gather an international panel of experts to provide first-hand insights. One may view the full agenda here.


Click here to submit online registration, or contact Grace Oh at with any questions.


Myriant to Build World’s Largest Succinic Acid Plant in Louisiana

Posted on : 25 Jan, 2011


Myriant Technologies will build the world’s largest biobased succinic acid plant at Louisiana’s Port of Lake Providence, the firm’s CEO, Stephen J. Gatto, announced on Dec. 28 in a joint statement with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.


The $80 million Myriant plant will use sorghum as a feedstock to produce up to 15,000 tons of succinic acid per year. The project received $50 million in Department of Energy funding last year as part of the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009. DOE has named succinic acid one of the top 12 biobased products with potential as chemical building blocks.


The plant will begin operations in 2012, Myriant says, and will employ 49 workers. It will be the first plant to make biobased succinic acid on a commercial scale.


Source: Chemical & Engineering News, January 10, 2011


Alif Saleh,Senior Director, Specialty Chemicals, Myriant Technologies will join other biobased industry figures in a Roundtable Discussion at the upcoming BiobasedChemAsia summit. Entitled “Critical Success Factors and Challenges to Commercializing Biobased Chemical”, the panel of experts will address pertinent issues on:


- Feedstock options

- Economics of value chain from biomass to market place products

- Choosing the right technology

- Uncovering new applications and superior material solutions

- Which business model to adopt? (open innovation, buy-in of technologies etc.)

- Managing supply chain complexities

- How to drive adoption?


Other leading biobased authorities on the panel include Dr. Karl Sanford, VP Technology Development, Genencor/ Danisco.


The BiobasedChemAsia summit is to be held in Shanghai on 14-15 April 2011. Those keen on registration may contact Ms. Grace Oh at or click here.


Just Released! Exclusive White Paper on “Biobased Chemicals: Technology, Economics and Markets”

Posted on : 22 Dec, 2010


The wait is over!

White paper which takes you into the world of bio based products is now available!


All that you wanted to learn and understand about the business of bio based chemicals is all laid out for you and you can obtain your copy with just a click.


The "Biobased Chemicals: Technology, Economics and Markets" white paper is now accessible to you as a complimentary download!

This collaborative offering by CMT and Dr Bhima Vijayendran, Senior Research Leader & Chief Research Officer at Battelle takes you into the realm of technology and business domains driving bio based chemicals.


The 19 paged comprehensive and authoritative paper will tell you all that you need to know about technology and economics of bio refinery models, providing rare insights into conversion technologies and contemporary status of different stages of bio products and more ....


If you happen to be any of the following,


? Industrial Ethanol and Bio-ethanol producer
? Chemical producer
? Plastic producers (PVC, PP, PET, PS, HDPE)
? Cleantech / Biotechnology venture capital co
? Oleochemical company
? Agricultural and soft commodity conglomerate
? EPC, technology licensors etc
? Catalyst & Enzyme provider


Then you should grab a copy now!

This paper is a curtain riser for the BiobasedChemAsia conference to be held on 14 & 15 April in Shanghai, China.

Biobased Chemicals

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