7th Oleochemicals Outlook,

25-26 Sep, 2019 - Singapore, SINGAPORE

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"Are We Entering a Period of Lower Feedstock Prices and
Higher Oleochemical Margins?"

The global oleochemicals market is projected to reach USD 28.6 billion by 2025. The global oleochemicals market is forecasted to be driven by the need for environmental friendly alternatives to petrochemicals in various consumer applications such as personal care, detergents, and food & beverages. With on-going China-US trade tensions, what is the impact on the oleochemicals industry?



With overcapacity issues especially in Southeast Asian countries like  Indonesia and Malaysia, how soon will the market improve? Is higher margin sustainable in current low feedstock cost environment? Industry players are also looking into technological innovations and significant developments in the downstream sectors to expand growth & opportunities.



To offset slowing global demand for palm oil, Indonesia has been pushing to increase domestic consumption of the commodity, used in products ranging from fuels to soap. Last month, it  began to test biodiesel with  B30 in cars for a duration of 4 months and  plans to start testing trains, ships and heavy machinery in the mining sector using the fuel. APROBI estimated that B30 implementation would increase domestic consumption of biodiesel to as much as 10 million kl.



Malaysia prepares to boost palm-biofuel use in wake of EU limits and  plans to double its biofuel program to B20 by 2020, which mandates fuel be blended with 20 per cent palm-biodiesel. What will be the influence of biodiesel in Asia and Europe on palm oil price?



Attend CMT’s 7th Oleochemicals Outlook conference in Singapore on 25-26 September 2019 to gain insights on latest developments & network with who’s who in the oleo value chain.







Key Highlights : 


  • LMC International to analyze the Outlook for feedstock supply and prices
  • Learn  about Unilever’s journey on sustainable palm Including Sei Mangkei, Indonesia
  • Gain first-hand insights on PZ Cusson’s sustainable & strategic sourcing strategy
  • Continuum Economics shed lights on global economic outlook moving forward
  • RSPO provides clarification on new standards for sustainable palm oil – what it means for the  palm value chain
  • Deloitte SEA discusses Biodiesel outlook & its future including the impact on Glycerine market with the ramp up on biodiesel production
  • Find out from Desmet Ballestra their R&D results of the quality of UCO and animal fat for biodiesel production
  • Shanghai Union Oleochemicals provides update on China Oleochemicals market
  • Reforming the coconut & oleochemicals industry in the Philippines by Hancole Corporation
  • Lion Corporation shares development of super-concentrated liquid laundry detergent with new & smart value proposition for the Asian consumers
  • Find out from CSIRO the alternative production and supply of medium-chain fatty acid oils
  • VVF to address  conference with presentation title to be decided
  • Get update on Thailand’s glycerine and oleochemicals market outlook and palm bio-complex project
  • Gain insights on Global Oleochemicals markets – trends & profitability,  Bio-Polyol market trends, latest oleochemicals advancement in industrial applications & many more
  • Gain ample networking opportunities with industry players in the oleo value chain

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Testimonials from 6th Oleochemicals Outlook | 5-6 Sept 2018, Bali
“It was great gathering & experience.”
~ Royal Castor Products


“Informative & Well Organized.”


“Would like to be here again!”
~ Frost & Sullivan


“Very good assembly of wide ranging topics from global economy to plantations to end-users.”
~ Godrej Industries

~ DuPont


“ Great!”
~ Solvay 


“Informative & Useful.”
~ Pacific Oleochemicals


“This conference provides the way to know one of the important raw materials development.”
~ Liby Enterprise Group

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News Feed

US-China trade war leads to fall in Malaysian palm oil prices in May

Posted on : 24 Jul, 2019

The recent announcement by U.S. president Donald Trump to impose additional tariffs on Chinese imports has escalated the US-China trade war and in turn affected the Malaysian palm oil prices – that fell more than 1% on 10 May, 2019.
The benchmark palm oil contract for July delivery stood at 2,005 ringgit ($482.90) a tonne at the close of trade - a down 1.6 percent at the Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Exchange. This is the sharpest fall in prices in a week.
The week also witnessed a hit on global stocks and commodities markets after the new tariffs announcement.
Malaysia's production in April was predicted to fall to 1.64 million tonnes, down 1.9 percent from March, according to a Reuters poll. In addition, stocks were anticipated to decline 5 percent to 2.77 million ringgit.
Meanwhile, Dalian Commodity Exchange reported a 0.7 percent for Chicago July soybean oil contract and flat trading for May soyoil contract. The Dalian May palm oil contract slipped 0.3 percent.
Since palm oil and soyoil compete in the global market, palm oil prices are affected by the movements in soyoil.
For more on palm oil prices – a key oleochemical feedstock, attend CMT’s 7th Oleochemicals Outlook on 25-26 September, 2019 in Singapore.
Email Ms. Grace at grace@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9147 for more information on this conference.

Specialised Oleochemical companies plan expansion

Posted on : 03 May, 2019

The global oleochemicals market is estimated at $25.9 billion and is expected to grow in double-digits in the medium term.
With growing demand for environmental friendly alternatives to petrochemicals, several industries such as coatings, surfactants, plasticisers, lubricant additives, cosmetics, soaps, detergents, textiles, plastics and organic pesticides - are looking at oleochemicals.
Oleochemicals producers cater to consumer industries like Galaxy Surfactants that produces surfactants used by end user companies such as Unilever, Colgate, P&G, Dabur, Reckitt Benckiser, and L’Oreal for their personal care and household cleaning products. Another players - Fine Organics caters to plastic, packaging and petrochemical industries as well as food additives (emulsifiers, preservatives) and other end-user markets such as personal care and feed nutrition.
Both the companies are expanding their capacities. Galaxy Surfactants plans to increase its capacity by around 20% by the 2nd quarter of 2019 through a brownfield expansion at a cost of Rs 100 crore. On the other hand, Fine Organics targets to double its capacity in almost 1.5 years’ time and plans to focus on food additives, cosmetics additives, feed nutrition and bakery pre-mixes.
Fine Organics is one of the world’s top six companies making plastic additives and specialty food emulsifier sub-segments, while Galaxy holds around 15% market share in phenoxyethanol – a key preservative in the personal care industry.
Fine Organics sources its raw materials such as a range of vegetable oils domestically, while raw materials derived from palm and palm kernel oil are imported. Galaxy depends on palm oil, palm kernel oil and coconut oil for its feedstocks. It imports lauryl alcohol from Southeast Asia. 
Find out about oleochemicals production and market at CMT’s 7th Oleochemicals Outlook on 25-26 September, 2019 in Singapore.
Email Ms. Grace at grace@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9147 for more information on this conference.