2nd Recyclable Mono-Material Packaging Solutions, Transitioning to Mono Material - Innovations & Challenges

23 Mar, 2022 - BARCELONA, HYBRID

Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona

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The current dynamics in the packaging market is leading us away from multilayer structures, towards mono material packaging. Mono-material is an emerging trend in recyclable packaging, and plastic resin producers and packaging companies across the world are pouring their efforts into developing innovative solutions while brand owners are demanding more sustainable recyclable packaging.

Conventional multi-layer plastics rigid and soft packaging are difficult to recycle because of the need to separate the different layers, and many countries lack the necessary recycling systems and processes.

In contrast mono-material packaging constructed from a single polymer type – are fully recyclable.

However as products get increasingly sophisticated, more functionalities of packaging are needed eg better barrier properties and a single material may not be able to satisfy this. The more complicated the design, the harder to recycle.

Can standardising which mono-material to use for a certain type of packaging be the solution ?

RecyClass is an EU initiative set up  to support the industry in redesigning plastic packaging to improve recycled plastic quality.

What is the latest update on the recyclability assessment ?  Does mono material structures always have perfect recyclability ?

Find out the latest innovations in mono material PE structures for dry food and also for liquid food.

How mono-material recyclable HDPE foams can replace the multilayer classic carton composite made of cardboard, aluminium and plastics.

The 2nd Recyclable Mono Material Packaging Solutions has lined up a top panel of experts in the packaging supply chain to share about the innovations & challenges in switching to mono materials while maintaining product quality !


- Jordi Garriga, Senior Innovation Manager - Food and Consumer Packaging, Klöckner Pentaplast

- Paolo Glerean, Chairman, RecyClass

- Dr. Carolin Struller, Head of R&D, Competence Centre & Lab– Sustainability Ambassador, Bobst

- Yair Gellis, VP Marketing and Business Development, Polysack Flexible Packaging Ltd

- Rosemarie Wuite, Business Developer, Vita Nova

- Steven Davies, Chairman, BOPET Films Europe

- Markus Fellinger, General Manager Viscotec, Starlinger & Co. Gesellschaft m.b.H. / Viscotec

- Dr. Chantal Semaan, Application Technology Manager Consumer Products, Borealis

- Neil Court-Johnston, VP, Strategy, Zotefoams PLC.

- Fabiano Rimediotti, Process Specialist, Nordmeccanica SpA

- Birce Selen Erturgay, R&D Packaging Manager - Foods, Unilever

- Lorena Gutierrez, Industry Sales Manager, Nurel SA (SAMCA Group)

Samuel Pardo, Senior Innovation Manager, Klöckner Pentaplast

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Jordi Garriga
Senior Innovation Manager
- Food and Consumer Packaging
Klöckner Pentaplast


Fabiano Rimediotti
Process Specialist
Nordmeccanica Vacuum Division


Markus Fellinger
General Manager Viscotec
Starlinger & Co. Gesellschaft m.b.H. / Viscotec


Paolo Glerean


Dr. Carolin Struller
Head of R&D
Competence Centre & Lab
– Sustainability Ambassador


Yair Gellis
VP Marketing & Business Devt
Polysack Flexible Packaging


Rosemarie Wuite
Business Developer
Searious Business


Steven Davies
BOPET Films Europe


Neil Court Johnston
VP of Strategy


Dr. Chantal Semaan
Application Technology Manager Consumer Products


Birce Selen Erturgay
R&D Packaging Manager - Foods


Lorena Gutierrez
Industry Sales Manager
Nurel SA (SAMCA Group)

Samuel Pardo
Senior Innovation Manager
Klöckner Pentaplast