5th EU Starch Value Chain, Outlook for industry beyond starch & challenges ahead.

Outlook for industry beyond starch & challenges ahead.

27-28 Sep, 2022 - Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS

Hilton Rotterdam

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27 September 2022
28 September 2022
29 September 2022
5th EU Starch Value Chain
Day 1
5th EU Starch Value Chain
Day 2
Sustainable Plant Based Protein
& Fermentation Solutions EU 
Day 1
Sustainable Plant Based Protein
& Fermentation Solutions EU 
Day 2
Sustainable Plant Based Protein
& Fermentation Solutions EU 
Day 1

Outlook for industry beyond starch & challenges ahead

CMT's 5th Starch Europe series is back this year ! Better & Stronger !

Ukraine crisis, disrupted supply chains, extreme weather conditions are weighing heavily on the region’s starch industry.

How will  the future flow of raw materials & availability play up ?

In helping EU reach carbon neutrality goals by 2050, the starch industry is working alongside farmers to further reduce emissions from cultivation of agriculture raw materials and support the adoption of more sustainable agriculture practices.

Starch World Europe has rebranded to EU Starch Value Chain to realise the full potential of starch crops including their protein and fibre value and the importance of these components in the current shift towards healthy & sustainable diets.

In addition rising consumer preference towards clean label food products is driving innovations in the food ingredients players to strengthen their image & positions and develop cleaner formulations, shorter list of ingredients with natural and high-quality products.

The European Starch Industry today produces over 11 million tonnes of starch and starch-derivatives each year primarily primarily extracted from 25 million tonnes of EU grown wheat, maize and potatoes.

CMT has lined up a great panel of distinguished speakers to share on the latest developments in the region’s starch industry.

The conference will be opened by Jamie Fortescue – from Starch Europe who will present the industry outlook in current challenging times.

Hear Lyckeby share about the amazing progress of the Crispr short chain amylopectin potato project that produces potatoes with novel starch properties with the best ever freeze and thaw stability.

Learn about the Rothamsted project that has edited wheat that can reduce levels of the naturally occurring asparagine, which is converted to the carcinogenic contaminant, acrylamide, when bread is baked or toasted.

Mung bean, Faba bean starch extraction & applications and many more.


- Jamie Fortescue, Managing Director,
Starch Europe

- Mathias Samuelsson, Head of Sales and Development,

- Prof. Nigel Halford, Principal Research Scientist,
Rothamsted Research

- Prof. Dr. Janusz Kapusniak, Vice President,
European Polysaccharide Network of Excellence

- Koen Homburg, Commercial & Technical Director, Omnia Europe

- Gregoire Decamps, F&B leader Europe, SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions

- Andre Heilemann, Director R&D, Emsland-Stärke Gmbh

- Aleksandra Wielguszewska, Business Development Manager,

- Marjut Lamminaho, Innovation & Food, Sprau® / Viking Malt Oy

- Simon Bentley, Managing Director,
Commoditia Ltd

- Dr. Kerstin Burseg Head of Research & Product Development,
GoodMills Innovation GmbH

- Janis Garancs, Managing Director,
Aloja Starkelsen SIA

- Gijs van Elst, Chief Innovation Officer, Meelunie B.V

- Tomas Turner, CEO & Co-Founder, Cultivated Biosciences

- Paul Shapiro, CEO & Co-Founder,
The Better Meat Co.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet and network with over 200 participants coming from all over the globe !

See you in Rotterdam ! For more information please contact hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg

The conference will share a half-day session with Sustainable Plant Based Protein & Fermentation Solutions EU conference which will take place on 28-29 September 2022.

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