2nd Sustainable Molded Fiber Packaging Solutions, Back-to-back with 2nd Sustainable Barrier Paper Packaging for Food Contact

Back-to-back with 2nd Sustainable Barrier Paper Packaging for Food Contact

13-14 Oct, 2022 - Brussels, BELGIUM

Novotel Brussels City Centre

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12 October 2022
13 October 2022
14 October 2022
2nd Sustainable Barrier Paper Packaging for Food Contact
Day 1
2nd Sustainable Barrier Paper Packaging for Food Contact
Day 2
2nd Sustainable Molded Fiber Packaging Solution 
Day 1
2nd Sustainable Molded Fiber Packaging Solution 
Day 2
2nd Sustainable Molded Fiber Packaging Solution 
Day 1

Zume and Solenis launch line of PFAS-free food packaging ~ 7 April 2022, Forbes
PulPac and Scandicore collaborate on ‘world’s first’ paper tube lids ~ 23 Feb 2022, Packaging Europe
HP backs ‘disruptive’ paper bottle technology with acquisition of Choose ~ 3 Feb 2022, Packaging Europe
Demand for Molded Fiber Packaging Outpaces Supply ~ 21 Apr 2022, Packaging Digest
Molded fiber packaging is gaining traction with the expanding application in the food and beverage industry.  The global growth in e-Commerce and environmental sustainability also accelerated R&D and investment in this packaging solution.
With the surge in demand for sustainable packaging solutions with protective packaging characteristics (e.g. logistics friendly), it’s not surprising that current demand is outpacing production for molded fiber packaging products.  New manufacturing capacity are coming on-stream to meet this global demand, and new partnership are also forged to further drive innovation to address demand, such as high-performance barriers and PFAS-free for food-contact packaging.
Advancement in machinery and technologies, such as molds and tooling is narrowing the price difference between molded fiber and plastic packaging products, hence making economic sense apart from being a sustainable solution.
Raising concerns on packaging waste has led to stringent measure to reduce the use of single-use plastic, hence proven to be a boon for molded fiber packaging industry, as well as alternative fiber materials from hemp, bamboo, and recycled fibres.
The above means good news for the industry, as we look forward to new technologies, expansion and new markets.
Join us and our expert speakers at CMT's 2nd Sustainable Molded Fiber Packaging Solutions on 13-14 October 2022.  The panel will walk you through the innovation and productivity technologes to ensure safety and sustainability on molded fiber packaging for eggs carton, coffee and takeaways, gadgets and appliances.


-  Massimo Ramunni, Secretary General, Aticelca

- Daniele Bussini, Head of Paper Production and Testing Sector, Innovhub SSI

- Emily Parsons, Technology Launch Specialist, Solenis

- Larry Hutchinson, Global Market Development Manager, Solenis

- Geoffrey Stijfs, Technical Sales Manager, Sappi

- Hein van den Reek, Director Business Solutions & Formables, Holmen Iggesund Paperboard - Sales Europe

- Anna Altner, Founder & CEO, The Loop Factory & Yangi

- Niels Prinsen, Senior Structural Packaging Designer, Philips International BV

- Sukhdev Singh Saini, Global Toothbrush Packaging Manager, Colgate Palmolive

- Sanna Fager, Chief Commercial Officer, PulPac AB

- Lars Sandberg, CEO, Blue Ocean Closures

- Peter Biza, Technical Support Expert, Imerys
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