14th BioPlastics Market, Role of bioplastics for a circular economy: a solution or an issue?

Role of bioplastics for a circular economy: a solution or an issue?

08-10 Nov, 2022 - Bangkok, THAILAND

DoubleTree by Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok

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Role of bioplastics for a circular economy: a solution or an issue?

Sustainability, production innovation & waste management

The global bioplastics production will more than triple over the next five years (2021-2026), from around 2.4 million tons in 2021 to 7.5 million tons in 2026, according to market data compiled by European Bioplastics and nova-Institute. While the bioplastics industry has been growing steadily in recent years, nearly half of all bioplastics are currently produced in Asia, thanks to its abundance of readily available feedstocks. By 2026, Asia is expected to produce 70% of all bioplastics globally.

Earlier in 2022, Thai Wah launched its first new business in sustainable packaging. ROSECO launched by Thai Wah, is the world’s first and leading tapioca-based platform in bioplastics and sustainable packaging with a leading role in tackling the global plastics and climate change challenge from Southeast Asia.       
30/8/22, www.nationthailand.com

Angel Yeast and PhaBuilder plan PHA factory in China as biodegradable material demand grows.
26/7/22, www.foodingredientsfirst.com

CJ Bio Inaugurates PHA Plant in Indonesia.   
28/4/22, www.bioplasticsnews.com

Asian sugar king Mitr Phol to start bioplastics production.   
22/2/22, www.asia.nikkei.com

Bioplastics – both drop-ins & new materials, primarily used in packaging, are expected to become more widely used in sportswear, appliances, and automobiles in recent years. The continuous efforts of the bioplastics industry to develop innovative materials with improved properties, new functionalities and cost competitiveness have encouraged more brand-owners to switch to bioplastics as part of their decarbonization strategy.  The demand growth is driving bioplastics producers to commercialize their materials and accelerate production.

The end-of-life option of Bioplastics ranges from recycling, biodegradable/composting, chemical recycling, Anerobic digestion & more. TotalEnergies Corbion's view that mechanical and chemical recycling should become economically feasible and a commonly used end-of-life solutions for PLA-based products. It has also launched its first commercial rPLA last December. Brand-owners has various options to consider when adopting bioplastics in their strategy.

Join us and our expert speakers at CMT's 14th Bioplastics Markets Conference in Bangkok on 9-10 November 2022.  Providing the latest updates on advancements and trends in the bioplastics value chain today, this is a perfect platform for all speakers and participants to discuss ideas and opportunities, as well as network with high-level players from across the supply chain.

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Separately Bookable Site Visit to
TotalEnergies Corbion
Photo Courtesy of TotalEnergies Corbion

8 Nov 2022, Tuesday
( Max Capacity : 30 pax )


Registration to TotalEnergies Corbion site visit is subject to approval by its management. TotalEnergies Corbion reserves the right to approve or refuse participants for this visit.
The TotalEnergies Corbion plant in Rayong, Thailand, has the capacity to produce 75,000 tons of PLA and 100,000 tons of lactide per year. Luminy PLA is a biobased and biodegradable polymer made from annually renewable resources, offering a reduced carbon footprint versus traditional plastics. It produces a broad range of Luminy PLA, from PDLA through to PLLA, and most recently launched the rPLA product.

rPLA is an advance recycled PLA, which has the exact same certifications and performance of virgin PLA (including food contact), making Luminy rPLA a champion of the circular economy.

Having started operations in 2017, the key agricultural material is raw sugar from cane that is grown in Thailand. The cane sugar code of conduct is applicable to all of its cane sugar suppliers and is embedded in its supplier qualification process. Its production is certified by The Bonsucro Production Standard which covers key principles such as obeying the law and human rights and labor standards, as well as actively managing the biodiversity and ecosystem of the sourced material, thereby ensuring the sustainability of social, environmental and economic aspect of the source.

The plant is certified ISO 9001,14001,18001,45001 ,26001; Ecovadis Gold standard, and 3R Gold star.

TotalEnergies Corbion invites you to their plant and show you a world class PLA production site!  

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- Ho Ren Hua, CEO, Thai Wah Public Company Limited

- Ramesh Ramchandran, Associate Director - R&D Packaging, Sustainability, Foods, AMESA & APAC, PepsiCo

- Tan Chow Pin, Senior Director – Sales and Business Development, APAC & India, Totalenergies Corbion

- Chommanad Thammanayakatip, Principal, NexantECA

- Hugo A.J. Vuurens, VP Business Development, PHA Biopolymers, CJ Biomaterials

- Dr. George Guo-Qiang CHEN, Professor of Microbiology and Biomaterials, School of Life Sciences and Dept Chemical Engineering. Director, Center for Synthetic and Systems Biology (CSSB), Tsinghua University. Founder, PhaBuilder Biotechnology (China)

- Watid Watanyupaisan, Business Development Manager, NatureWorks

- Mounir Izallalen – Technology Associate, Renewable and Biodegradable Materials, Eastman Chemical Company

- Dr. Marcian Lee, Research Analyst, Lux Research

- Prof. Dr. In-Joo Chin, President, Korean Bioplastics Association

- Nopadol Suanprasert, President, Global Biopolymers

- Math Lambalk, Business Development Manager, Avantium

- Christianto Renata, Sales & Business Development Manager, Arkema

- Prof. Dr. Pavel Alexy, Head of R&D, PANARA a.s

- Stefan Barot, Chief Executive Officer, BIOTEC biologische Naturverpackungen GmbH & Co

- Ms. Pianpian Wu, Global Technology Application Engineer, Alfa Laval